Thursday, May 9, 2013

Snake charmer

 photo Verner02_zps8c8763b6.jpg
One of my all time favourite Australian labels was the Melbourne brand TV by Monika Tywanek & Ingrid Verner. TV had a strong cult following and even showed at Australian fashion week in 2009 (back when it was still called RAFW). I have featured the brand on my blog a lot over the years (here, here, here & here) and I was even lucky enough to go behind the scenes on one of their last look-book shoots with the still relatively unknown at the time Samantha Harris. They sadly parted ways in 2011 but the V in TV, Ingrid Verner, is back with her own eponymous label; Verner. Staying true to TV's heyday, Verner has those familiar playful prints and unique silhouettes that TV epitomised but it has moved towards a more quirky aesthetic, if that was even possible. I picked up this Verner dress at a recent sample sale here in Melbourne and its fast become one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I can't wait to see what Verner do next.

Outfit details
Dress Verner
Resin spike necklace Kate Rohde from Edition X
Lilac cateye glasses Bespecd Minsk in Lilac
Killer python resin bangle Eat Me Do
Cat face bag Fashiondacci
Neon fish socks Gift
Glitter jelly heels Juju glitter heels from Topshop

 photo Verner04_zpse28215d8.jpg
I am so in love with my new specs from Bespecd that the lovely Bespecd team sent me. If you're a glasses wearer then you'd know that finding glasses that you like and that are affordable is an almost impossible task so when I saw Bespecd's amazing new season collection full of so many frames that I loved all priced at $95 including prescription I was beyond excited. I chose the Minsk in Lilac but I was also tempted by the Porto in midnight black, the Nara in both the rose pink and the speckled tortoise and the Treviso in white marble, but pretty much all of them caught my eye and I'll probably end up buying a few more pairs very soon!

 photo Cat-bag01_zps4361ee20.jpg
Getting in on the cat bag trend I picked up this beauty at Fashiondacci here in Melbourne. Fashiondacci have redesigned their online store so it's easy to navigate and this bag is currently available but selling fast. Cho kawaii!

 photo Eat-me-do01_zps7ac1cc58.jpg
My Clara H Nails are holding up well nearly 3 weeks in. Have you got your nails done with my Fashion Hayley x Clara H Nails $50 deal? Don't forget to instagram your nails tagging me @fashionhayley cos I wanna see the fabulous results.

 photo Eat-me-do02_zpsb5516623.jpg
I've been following local Melbourne jewellery label Eat Me Do's work for a while now as they've been growing and expanding their line. The label's offerings are all based on food, with fruit, coloured popcorn, ravioli and even broccoli turning up as colourful wearable  and realistic jewellery pieces. When I saw the killer python bangle I knew I had to have it as it looked just like the popular Australian lolly plus its only $40!

 photo Verner05_zps5a9bf214.jpg
I have no idea where I got these cute fish socks from but I feel they were a Christmas pressie last year. I'm sooooo happy to finally have clear glitter jelly heels back in my possession. I have a fond memory of buying my first pair when I was 12. I saw them at my local Sportsgirl when shopping with my mum but they had sold out of my size and the Melbourne Central store was the only place that still had them. I begged and begged my mum for them until she was fed up and said I could go into the city on my own for the first time ever and buy them for myself. So into the big scary city I went, straight to Sportsgirl to buy my clear glitter jelly heels. Unfortunately I grew out of them in my teen years but I have never forgotten them, heck I blogged about wanting a pair back in 2008 so to finally have a pair again is a dream come true. I got mine from Topshop but ASOS have them in occasionally too (they sell out fast).


  1. I LOVE absolutely everything about this outfit! xxx

  2. Looks like you're a huge fan of jelly heels. They're cute indeed!! Super in love with your necklace and snake bracelet <3 <3

  3. I love this outfit, you look amazing! That dress is fantastic, and I really love your new glasses.

  4. Ha, just bought that cat bag m'self. You look great!

  5. You always look fantastic! :D


  6. amazing look! the jellies and nailart are just amazing!!!

  7. Loving the green and this outfit is fun, makes me smile and your hair!

    Sleekit x

  8. love your blog and your distance to fashion :)
    Best regards from Poland


  9. Oh they are such very lovely glasses! I'm after a new pair at the minute as my current ones are just far too dark for all the wigs I wear with lolita, so something pastel is definitely in order!

    That bangle is absolutely amazing!

  10. Loving every single item, and YOU, ahhhhhhh
    Gorgeous always, dear Hayley.

  11. Your hair and your glasses are AMAZING! Going to go check out the glasses now, I mean, 6 pairs of prescription glasses aren't enough. For me anyway! :P

  12. I love these shoes too and I giggled to see you with the same bag like I have. I had to order mine directly from Japan. The killer phyton is a star as well and the jewellery from Eat Me Do is just perfect. Lots of love, xxxx

  13. I'm loving the cat bag. Can you tell me what is it made out of? It looks like plastic but I'm guessing possible just a cotton tote?

  14. eeeep your nails are the best! Found these awesome eichi matsunaga ones here in japan (you would LOVE if you haven't seen them already) but too much of a spaz to put up with them :(

  15. Man I almost picked up that cat bag myself from Fashiondacci, now I've seen you wear it I wish I had Hayley!

  16. OMG those socks, that cat face bag, killer python bracelet and sparkly jellies! Lets not even talk about that necklace I have been coveting for ages... You are made of my fave accessories.

    PixelHazard | Bright Green Laces |

  17. Always a fan of the quirky socks and sandals, but that kate rohde necklace and the cat bag really top off this outfit. Any excuse to incorporate cats into an outfit is a good one :) I've only just discovered your blog but i'm in love with it already. Keep doing what you do girl. Straight to the blogroll.

    love outside is colours

  18. OMG i love this outfit! I really really adore that dress!! And with your crystal necklace it's just sooo beautiful! Ugh ugh want want want!! I just came back from Japan, Hayley, and I understand why you're in love with the beautiful country!


  19. Hi Hayley :D

    Is that Muchacha Achachumu bag? :D


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