Tuesday, May 14, 2013


 photo Illuminati01_zpsc03569b0.jpg
I spotted this iridescent tote bag from across the street and rushed inside Sportsgirl to buy it. I've been in need of a new everyday bag that fits all my crap as well as my bulky SLR so finding this was a godsend. I've only seen iridescent clutches, and I really don't need any more clutches (just ask Henry) so the fact that this is a useful and practical tote as well as being iridescent is why I rushed to buy it. Whenever I'm out shopping with Henry and I spot a bag I like, his first comment is "will your bloody camera fit"? You see, if I wear a clutch bag Henry always ends up having to carry my camera and its his most hated thing in the world (well you'd think so at least with the way he complains about it). So you could say this bag is a relationship saver too.

Outfit details
Leather biker jacket Vintage from Vintage Sole on Brunswick St
Pleather peplum top River Island from ASOS
Illuminati pencil skirt Freak of Nature from ASOS 
Melting Chanel logo necklace Fashiondacci
Lilac specs Bespecd Minsk in Lilac
Iridescent tote bag Sportsgirl only $39.95 (looks like its not online yet, it was new in store today)
Black lace frill socks Sydney's China Town (similar here)
Black biker boots Old season ASOS (similar here, here & here)

 photo Illuminati02_zps21cca4a9.jpg
Arggg I hate all my flyaway hairs, anyone have any tips for how to control them and stop them from happening? My hair is so fine and there isn't much of it so I really don't need these breakages. My Bespecd glassed have been getting so many compliments which is a first for a pair of prescription specs for me so I couldn't be happier with them. The melting Chanel logo necklace from Fashiondacci reminds me of things I'd see on the streets of Harajuku. It's also rather ironic seeing as my style is the opposite of that old Coco Chanel quote "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off".

 photo Illuminati03_zps19379e86.jpg
The Freak of Nature skirt from ASOS reminded me of prints I would wear in the 90's, in particular these popular singlets that I remember every teenage girl having. Thus I couldn't pass up getting the skirt although I worried about sizing but the 14 fits me perfectly.

 photo Illuminati04_zpsa890435f.jpg
Look how awesome the iridescent nature of this tote bag is. So much metallic rainbow goodness.

 photo Illuminati05_zps03e9a16c.jpg
These ASOS biker boots are a few seasons old but are proving perfect for the rainy weather Melbourne has been having.

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  1. Inspiration everytime, dear Hayley

  2. Another awesome look :) The pattern of that skirt is super :3 Also great new hair <3
    x, Lara

  3. oh my god this is the most perfect outfit ever


  4. I only just discovered your blog the other day but OH MY GOODNESS I am obsessed. Your sense of style is so badass- I'm in love! Don't even get me started on how awesome your bag/hair is *swoon* xxx

  5. Your skirt is fantastic!!


  6. awesome outfit and the first pic is grand! it looks like you have a halo around your head! the skirt is awesome and the bag as well... can we just say the whole outfit is a win ;)

  7. Love the boots, Hayley - perfect for Melbourne and great with your outfit.

    Re: flyaways, try Brylcreem. Cheap and cheerful, from your supermarket and it works a treat to smooth down those wanton hairs.

  8. Great outfit Hayley: love the shoes. For flyaways, try Brylcreem: works a treat.

  9. damnnnnn girl i dig everything you wear SO HARD <3
    i have a wishlist from all the ridicz clothes you wear and now this bag is gonna get added to it!

    ps. i still havent written you an email thanking you so very much for all your japan tips from when i emailed you back in Feb - IOU one long email with a massive thanks coz your tips helped so much. You da best fashion hayley : )

  10. Didn't even notice your flyaways, too busy checking out that tote!

    Sleekit x

  11. YES shiny awesomeness! Although I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as too many clutch bags I will concede that it is certainly useful to have something that fits more than cards. I may break my no-Sportsgirl rule for that...

  12. those glasses are to die for!

  13. Hahahaha oh how I love men! As much as we think they don't give too much of a shit about this blogging thing we do, they really do... aka they carry your cameras for you, they remind you about the fact that you need to carry your camera in your bag, and (in my case) they give you pointers on how you should be posing. Bless their cotton socks, they are the best!

    Speaking of "the best" - your bag... OH MY GOD. I think I might take a cheeky stroll down to Sportsgirl in my lunch break!


  14. I saw that bag in Sportsgirl on Tuesday, but didn't look at the price cause I'm 'trying to save', but it's actually cheaper then I thought it was! As always, LOVING this outfit!

  15. Hi, I love your hair colour and the eye glass a lot, it remembers me Lady Gaga.

  16. Swooning over that iridescent bag. I just want iridescent everything.


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