Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Win a $1000 shopping spree thanks to Berlei

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 photo Berlei01_zps38e41005.jpg

Berlei sent me a few pairs of their new Dig-Free legwear to test out on a $500 shopping spree that was on them. The thing with the tights is they're not like other tights, they have a special smoothing waistband and are designed without a front seam, the idea being that they smooth out your lumps and bumps and don't need to be adjusted all day. Now I didn't actually believe their spiel before I tried out the tights because my experience of tights is that the packet always lies. Extra Tall means doesn't go up past my knees and no rip means they tear within seconds of me putting them on. Also how many of you ladies are always pulling at your tights the whole day? The only fix being putting on an extra pair of knickers over your tights to help them stay up? This is actually why I'd stopped wearing tights in recent years as my husband complains to no end when I'm constantly stopping to pull them up (it could also be living in Sydney meant it never really got cold enough). Anyway I was surprised, no shocked, that these tights did actually stay up, there was no digging around at all for the whole day!!! I wanted to test out the other smoothing spanx like benefits to full effect so I wore a dress I've avoided since buying even though I love it because I felt frumpy in it. Well again they worked as advertised, I didn't feel exposed, like my belly was on full view jiggling all over the place, because the tights held me in. While I am quite confident and body positive I do still want to look my best and when I feel exposed in an outfit I tend to avoid it. But now I can wear this cute strawberry print dress throughout winter with these new tights, my only wish was that they came in colours other than black or even some fun prints or designs.

 photo DagmarRousset01_zps4db2e849.jpg
I decided to visit some of my favourite independent Melbourne boutiques on my $500 shopping spree. Top on my list was Dagmar Rousset on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. You may remember I blogged about them at their previous location in Brunswick but in my time away they opened up in Fitzroy and have become a much loved fixture in the area, hosting French lessons and local artists exhibitions.

 photo DagmarRousset02_zps14060afd.jpg
Clothing by cult labels such as PAM, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Andrea Crews, Kinoak and ALL knitwear line the racks.

 photo DagmarRousset05_zpsb98d956c.jpg
Drooling over some PAM.

 photo DagmarRousset04_zpsb18ad412.jpg
Yay colour!

 photo DagmarRousset03_zps9a2a60d8.jpg
It really is such a beautiful space that Julia Pound has created. Her love of colour and quirky design is evident in every nook and cranny of the shop. A must visit when you are in Melbourne!

Dagmar Rousett 157 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

 photo LadyPetrova06_zps2e1b9655.jpg
Visiting Lady Petrova is like stepping into a little girls bedroom with its cute pastel toned clothing and sparkly -well everything. I've been a Lady Petrova fan since way back and its always nice to stop by and have a chat with the lady herself. Located down Scott Alley, just off Flinders Lane, the store is a welcome spot of kawaii and colour in the city.

 photo LadyPetrova05_zps383693a0.jpg
Petrova has some amazing new designers in at the moment, like these awesome sequin pieces by House of Cards.

 photo LadyPetrova04_zps1361b792.jpg
These shoes omg.

 photo LadyPetrova03_zps97bb9e43.jpg
This is where I buy all my Lime Crime cosmetics too, and boy do I love Lime Crime.

 photo LadyPetrova08_zpsdc50f68f.jpg
So much cute in one room.

 photo LadyPetrova07_zpsf52a4a7b.jpg
I bought the cutest clutch from Lady Petrova, here she is ringing up the sale.

Lady Petrova 3/237 Flinders Ln Melbourne VIC 3000

 photo Corky01_zps08e1290c.jpg
I've blogged about Corky Saint Clair a fair amount but I truly love it down there. Yes down, as the store is located in the Degraves Subway, its like a dungeon down there. Chris the owner is a great friend of mine, I never tire of his hilarious stories of crazy customers or his buying trips abroad.

 photo Corky04_zps51a4cd8f.jpg
The jewellery is all hand made either by Chris's own in-house label Corky or by local and international jewellers.

 photo Corky02_zpsa53c3018.jpg
Loving the eyeball pieces.

 photo Corky07_zps7ae687fa.jpg
Look at the cute colourful bunting necklace.

 photo Corky06_zpsb3a49d63.jpg
Some great pieces for your home too!

 photo Corky08_zpse548848f.jpg
Statement making unique necklaces.

 photo Corky05_zps77105922.jpg
Chris working away on a new piece for me.

Corky Saint Clair 3 Degraves St Subway Melbourne VIC 3000

 photo Lenko05_zps41c54a04.jpg
Lenko is where I go for bright streetwear and fun accessories. I love how the shop supports local up and coming designers but has a mix of the more established too.

 photo Lenko06_zpsfd6e0857.jpg
Bright clothes by Somewhere, Lazy Oaf, Limedrop, Evil Twin and more there is always something on the racks that calls out to me.

 photo Lenko01_zps4d86bb86.jpg
Eat Me Do jewellery looks so life like, like you could just suck on those gummy bears.

 photo Lenko02_zps94149e58.jpg
Madly in love with this Lazy Oaf dress.

 photo Lenko03_zps5744c23c.jpg
Symantha Rose jewellery is my latest obsession.

 photo Lenko04_zps22c30ee2.jpg
The ever lovely Dana ringing up my purchases.

Lenko 5/37 Swanston St Melbourne VIC 3001

 photo Berlei02_zpsed6efbb5.jpg
I bought so much on my shopping spree, I can't wait to share with you over the coming weeks. Here is what I wore on my shopping spree.

Outfit details
Strawberry sundae dress Pulp Kitchen
Leather biker jacket Vintage
Tights Berlei Dig Free
Pink jelly heels Juju Babes
Pastel pink satchel $2 shop find

 photo Berlei04_zpse0649a45.jpg
Sunglasses Miu Miu Noir's from Vision Direct
Nekclace Fashiondacci
Flower headband DIY
Lipstick Lime Crime Velveteen gloss in Suedeberry from Lady Petrova

 photo Berlei03_zps0c2e83e1.jpg
So much shopping!

 photo KarenWalker07_zpsafde8a80.jpg
I love the look of tights and my jelly heels, perfect way to keep wearing my beloved jellies throughout winter.

 photo Berlei05_zpsc6929855.jpg

I had so much fun on my shopping spree and now YOU can WIN a $1000 shopping spree to spend on whatever you like PLUS some Berlei Dig Free Legwear for yourself!

Simply share your favourite 'off' day go-to outfit in the comments below. 

Read the competition terms and conditions. Competition closes Friday 10th May 5pm AEST

Good luck xoxo.

This is a sponsored post for Berlei but all opinions are my own.


  1. The tights look perfect, and I just adore you and everything you wear, dear Hayley.

  2. I love your outfit! The strawberry dress is so cute. I wish I could enter the contest, but sadly I am not Australian.

  3. Que bonito lugar, salud por tus nuevas adquisiciones. Gracias por compartir. Te dejo muchos abrazos y te invito a ver las Portadas más famosas de mayo y espero que me cuentes cual es le que más te ha gustado. Besos todos

  4. Oh my goodness how I would love to win this!!! I LIVE in black tights and being a plus sized gal I struggle to find perfect fitting ones!

    Okay so my off day go to outfit is a gorgeous black dress which is mostly made from comfy soft material and so flattering as it has a cute polka dot panel at the top. It instantly makes me feel hot!!

    I love wearing it with my animal print beret (to hide any bad hair moments haha) and always use my tattoos as my other go to accessory to make me feel good :)

  5. I have the same problem with tights, especially the plus size ones. Too often they roll down or come too low in the crotch area! I'm keen to try these new pantyhose big time, I'm yet to find a perfect brand.

    You run such great comps!

    My curent favourite "day off" outfit is this amazing galaxy dress:

    It's ultra comfy for winter and so awesome. Dressed up or down, it's become a staple. And pantyhose go well with it - when they don't roll down!

    I pair it with studded trainers and one of my "space rock" crystal necklaces made of pyrite.

    Best market/shopping outfit!

    x marta (

  6. The strawberry dress looks fab, especially with the pink hair and jelly shoes. Those tights sound like the flipping holy grail. My favourite go-to outfit is a flared skirt dress, colourful beads, slash of bright lipstick and winged eyeliner, and boots or clogs. Easy but bright and fun.


  7. those shoes at lady petrova! i am drooling. this looks so fun! :)

  8. Ohhh the Lady Petrova store is so beautiful! And those shoes are my favourite Miistas, the Ursulas <3 Sadly I can't enter the competition, as even more sadly I'm not from Australia, but those tights do seem like a fab idea.

  9. I LOVE the idea of front-seam free tights, and the fact they hold you in a little! I also have to say that dress is amazing and I'm glad you decided to wear it cause WOW!

    My 'day off' dress is the magenta lace skater dress from ASOS. It's just so comfy, and I can throw it on and know it suits me. In summer it gets paired with sandals, or my jellys & in winter its stockings, boots and my pleather jacket!

  10. You lucky thing! I actually CAN NOT wait to get my paws on some of those Dig Free stockings. Dream come true 4 my chubby butt.
    Here is a polyvore set of my casual going to the park or a cafe outfit:

    Not a lot of colour, but I tend to get fashion freaky on the weekends. :)

  11. I love that you enjoyed this product for tights, because I constantly have problems with plus size tights!

    My "off" day outfit is usually a colored pencil skirt and a crop top, worn with jellies (like yours, but mine are blue!) or sandals! So comfy and perfect for walking around!

  12. I love this! Those stores seem incredible, Hayley! Plus I love your review of those tights, I always have problems with the tights I own. I totally agree with your comment that "no rip" tights usually seem like they rip right away!

    My favorite "day off" outfit is a colored pencil skirt with a light, breezy crop top, worn with sandals or jellies (like yours but blue!) It's perfect for the summer days here, and so comfy! I usually throw on a statement necklace if I want to seem at all dressed up. xo

  13. What a killer giveaway.
    My "off" day outfit is all about comfort. Ponti pants (fancy word for...tights!), long white top, cardie, sandals and a killer necklace. Easy to wear out to get jobs done, and good for day time naps.

  14. I wear my vintage pineapple print dress with my green suede loafers. I'm a vision in fruit.

    Fickle Red Riding Hood

  15. Such a great assortment of quirky shops - Melbourne you are wonderful. I wandered into the underground Degraves arcade on my list visit but everything was shut *sad face*.

    My "go to" weekend uniform (for the cooler months anyway) are leggings (not tights as they always fall down and it drives me nuts) and a tunic...I have a million tunics so I'm set to go. My favourite one at the moment is from Sunny Girl and it as a geometric pattern on it with a PVC cuff on the sleeves and neck.

  16. Looking awesome Hayley! My go to outfit without a doubt is a knee length baby doll cut dress with tights a boots. No matter how big I feel on the day the baby doll cut makes me feel like my good assets are showing and my others are a bit more hidden. Plus it's a classic cut. Pick ME!

    Jessica Lawson

  17. On my off days I can't go past black leggings, a black mullet hem dress and my favourite pashmina. Comfy without being too underdressed.


  18. You took me on a virtual tour of Melbourne in that post - I can literally picture all those stores and each time I have visited them on my holidays over east :-) Such rad stores!

    On another note, I LOVE your strawberry dress! It looks so awesome on you and definitely fits in well with your pink wardrobe :-)

    And finally, my 'go to' off day outfits are:
    When I have to be seen in public - my high waisted black leather look leggings (no pulling up of these bad boys either!), an oversized jumper (so my lady bits are all covered), a collared blouse and some flats.
    When I am not venturing out of the house - my grey trackies, my long sleeved striped tee, a cosy jumper and some fun bed socks

  19. Gorgeous outfit Haley! Always a delight to visit your blog. My go to off day outfit is a black cotton dress and long leopard cardigan with flat studdes boots. I usually wear my hair open and no make up (always have sunnies in my bag though haha)
    Xxxx Astrid

  20. Now this is how sponsored posts should work - a really good way of giving some awesome exposure and support to local businesses as well as the big brand sponsor. Love your work here!

    Having fled Melbourne for the Gold Coast I have had to re-brand myself from the oldest hip-hop street urchin in town, to a sort of boho hipster housewife from hell. Right now (like, literally this minute as I sit here in high rise splendour) my favourite day off outfit (and let's face it, every day is a day off for me) is a bright lemon yellow heavily embroidered sixties shirt dress (sleeves taken off, skirt whacked up to indecent length), one of those guatemalan belts, and ankle boots, my extremely trusty RWB renaissance garden tote bag and about forty miles of surfie chick hair in all directions.

  21. I'm pretty simple on my off days, usually black skinny jeans with a band shirt and shoes and accessories with studs... obsessed with studs!

  22. Off days are my favorite! I usually wear a cotton sack dress, tights and a big woolen cardigan with my massive hair in a bun.

    Great competition and thanks for years of awesome plus size fashion.

  23. I wear my vintage dress (with flowers all over!). It's way too pretty and requires no effort in looking good with anything! It's the best dress to wear if I'm feeling down! :)
    xo Maria

  24. Does Lady Petrova do plus size clothing? If not she totally should! Anyone know?

    My off days involve wearing a wrap dress, tights and patent leather boots with a cardi and duffle coat. When I'm working at home the boots are switched with slippers :)

  25. Great tights! Lucky you! :)

  26. What a fun day! I'm really quite jealous over here!

  27. i have stopped wearing tights because if this very face i have stopped wearing some dresses which can't be worn without tights as well because of this.
    my favoutite off day outfit - graffitied shirt, high waist jeans/shorts, flatforms/red sneaker high tops, round black reflective sunglasses, my yellow sling bag, hint of kajal on the eyes and something on the lips. i think for the 40 degree weather this seems good enough.

  28. Such a cute post! All the shops were simply to "dye" for!!!
    My current favorite off day outfit is: denim overalls and a denim button up! that's right double denim!!! I finish my look off with a cat beanie and my vintage sketchers! Uber kawaii (^.^)

  29. all the shops you visited at completely lust worthy!!! i shall to make visits!!!
    my off day out fit is: denim overalls and a denim button up! yes i'm talking double denim! and i'll finish it off with my vintage sketchers and a cat beanie!

  30. what a wonderful post the shop is amazing i love the clothes of what i can see. You look great girl. I adore your style.

  31. I have a 'Trust me, you look great' outfit that works every time, an amazing navy floral vintage dress that I bought for only $5 at an opshop 2 years ago. I wear it with any thick black tights I can get my hands on and either my glitter jellies or some patent shoes for that extra sparkle. This outfit goes really well on any day that I wake up sad/sick/mad because it makes me feel sharp and I know I look great in it.

  32. My go to outfit on a day off is all about grounding myself and getting back to earth! It’s a little but hippy but oh so relaxed! If it is warm, you’ll find me flouncing about the house in flowing skirts and colourful shirts; when the weather is cooler, I’ll rug up in layers of my warmest leggings, snuggly slippers and cosy knits!

  33. My go to/off day outfit is completely casual: black tee, black polka-dot jeans, leather jacket, pleated scarf and statement necklace.
    It's my fuss free combo, I never worry about the fit or comfort because the look just works, there's no fiddling or adjusting and people always say how great I look cos I do truly feel relaxed and confident, win!

  34. By "off" day I assume you mean a day you're not doing anything. Which means bed and tv. So pjs hahahah.

  35. Tights are a huge part of my wardrobe, I normally go for colour or pattern but a great pair of black opaques can do wonders, must try these out.
    If I'm feeling off I generally pull out the brightest outfit in my wardrobe and it makes me feel better!
    This is a great post Hayley, you look fab.
    Sleekit x

  36. Just realised you meant 'day off' outfit! Well my answer would pretty much be the same.
    Sleekit x

  37. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the tights! Made even worse by the fact that in Queensland, it is often waaaaaaay to hot to put YET ANOTHER set of underwear on over the top. The tights you reviewed sound like my own personal dream come true!

    My 'off day' go to outfit is as follows: a gorgeous, stretchy Charlie Brown tunic which instantly makes me feel more dressed up than I am but is so unbelievably comfortable (we're talking pyjama style comfort), a pair of wedge heeled sandals (so much kinder to the balls of my feet!), a chunky 60s style alice band to tame the tresses and a thick cuff or bangle for a bit of swagger. Viola! I feel stylish, funky and comfortable. Interestingly, I always seem to receive more compliments wearing this no-fail, go-to combo than some of my painstakingly-thought-out 'formal' (read: styled to within an inch of their life) outfits. Hmmm...

  38. My go to outfit is this beautifully soft frenchy-chic knit paired with my black skinny jeans and cutout ankle boots. Casual but also cool - I gain a whole new level of confidence! :)

  39. I love wearing my amazingly soft frenchy-chic knit paired with black skinny jeans and cutout ankle boots. Casual but cool - I gain a whole new level of confidence :)

  40. my favourite day off outfit would consist of my favourite gorman dress with some socks and my favourite pair of clogs. this outfit it always my favourite to wear out, comfy and stylish all in one go :)

  41. australia is the place to be! they have really fashionable things, makes me sad that im in europe now :D

  42. My go to is my faithful dark denim jeans and my TopShop stripey knit, with my favourite black Camper flats. I always feel comfortable and somewhat stylish in this, even when my baby boy has been dribbling down the front of me, which lets face it, is almost always!

  43. My go to is a pair of dark denim jeans, a TopShop stipey knit and a my favourite black Camper flats - I know I will be comfortable and at least somewhat stylish in this outfit, even if my baby boy has been dribbling down the front of me - which let's face it, is more than likely! (Stripes hide a certain amount of sins!!)

  44. It has to be my beloved navy pants, a colourful shirt and my oh so fancy red flats.
    This go-to outfit always makes me feel all is okay and brings a smile to my face.

  45. My current go-to looks something like this.....

    Summer/Indian Summer (hello Sydney weather!): Old denim boyfriend-cut-offs, white leather ankle boots, tee or singlet + kids cropped jacket with white & black leopard-print scarf and dainty silver neck + finger candy ;)

    Winter: Black waxed-cotton skinnies, ankle boots (see above), tee, slim cardi in black or tiger-print & the black Bec and Bridge cropped saddle jacket + scarf (see above) for extra toasty points! Oh, and dainty or chunky (mood-depending!) gold neck + finger candy :)

    Sunnies: Marc by MJ blue & black sunnies
    Bag: River Island black, tassel shoulder bag
    PLUS: white iPhone, Lavera lip balm aaaaand the omnipresent mop of currrrly hair!! :D

  46. On days when I wake up feeling rubbish I turn to the classics. Here's my interpretation;

    x x

  47. My off day outfit (/ go to outfit when I am having a fashion crisis) is my high waisted black jeans (oh so comfy), white and navy striped over sized tee and animal print anorak to complete the look. And for my feet a pair of ankle boots :)

  48. My day off outfits seem to revolve around my gorgeous new slacks, with some blue and white stripes in there somewhere. Obsessed.

  49. My go to outfit on my day off is shorts with tights underneath then a cute t-shirt. Thick tights in winter, lace ones in summer. My favourite tees are product ones from Uniqlo with logos of Japanese companies like House Curry!

  50. My off day go to outfit is a vintage sheer purple and pink maxi from the 70s that I bought at Glebe markets years ago. No matter how grey or uninspired I'm feeling, putting on this dress makes me smile and feel like a hyper-colourful member of Fleetwood Mac.

  51. My "off" day is almost every day! I love dressing casually. I go-to items are a sack type dress which I can dress up or down or layer for winter. I love wearing it with a faux leather motorcycle jacket, tights and booties. Off day for me has to be something versatile which I can adjust to take me to different occasions and events.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Totally digging the jellies and the necklace. Adorable!
    Coming from Perth means the weather is always warm so my 'day-off' outfit has to be practical as well as stylish. I usually chuck on a full-piece bathing suit with loose pants and thongs or jellies. Team that with some sunnies, bike, and a backpack and I'm off. :)

  54. I have tried these stocking on my trip overseas and they are pretty good.

    My "off-day" outfit is a circle skirt and t-shirt combo, one is casual and the other always look lovely and both very easy to wear.

  55. I'm in love with those platformshoes! They're amazing!

    On diraît que c'est la mode

  56. OMG Hayley, this dress! It's perfect, I need it too! Why do you have so many cool shops in Australia and we have nothing like this over here? It's so difficult to find colourful fashion here. I wish I could come over and shop with you. Thinking about the shops in my city just makes me sad and that's why I would love to win your competition.

    Ma perfect day off outfit is very colourful. I have a new job and I need to dress down a little bit at the moment during the week, till they get used to my quirky style. Therefore a day off means for me to be myself and dress as vibrant as I love. At the moment I am in love with jungle prints, my pink metallic skirt, platform shoes and the most sparkling sunglasses I have ever seen. You can see the outfit here:

    My mail is

    Lots of love, gorgeous woman :-******************

  57. Looks like you had a great day! Your outfit is killing it. I love that you wear a lot of pink but it always looks different and edgy!

    My favourite 'off' day outfit has got to be PJs! No matter how much I love dressing up, there's nothing like lazing around in some cosy pjs all day :)


  58. I have so much envy for your jelly shoe collection! I can't wait to get some of my own!

    To me the perfect outfit, to turn an 'off' day good, is something that makes me feel like a glamorous and sophiscated version of myself. To me that means my black knee length pencil skirt, a graphic button up sleeveless top (my favourite is a violet purple one in a digital print) and some wedged heels that elongate my legs and make me feel like a queen. Plus if I'm really not feeling it, some a beautiful set of matching bra and knickers can make the biggest different to how you feel. No one else can see them, but you just feel so much sexier and more confident.



  59. To turn an 'off' day into a 'great' day, I pep myself up by supporting and promoting local Australian fashion. Rocking some awesome threads, turning heads and being super comfortable is a wonderful way to brighten up any dreary day! Wearing any of my favourite pieces from Black Milk Clothing is my foolproof way to turn my frown upside down! Put some stretchy nylon on and you shall see..........

  60. Leggings and a long t or tank. I'm boring!

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  63. Oh god, why do i not live in Melbourne anymore. Definitely need to schedule a visit ASAP. Dagmar Rousset looks AMAZING all over and i'm totally on board with your Symantha Rose obsession, everything there looks out of this world. You are clearly a shopping master, taking notes.

    love outside is colours

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  65. You look fabulous.


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