Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fun in the Sun!

Getting away from Melbourne for a few days last week to the beautiful Sunshine Coast was a much needed break and I'm already missing the lazy days by the pool. I have had a lot of changes to my life recently, namely Henry and I have mutually decided to end our relationship, or as Gwyneth would say we have decided to consciously uncouple. We are both happy and at peace with our decision and looking forward to what the future brings. He will always have a special place in my heart and I am hopeful that we will continue as friends. The Sunshine Coast was the perfect place to regroup and focus on myself in the wake of this situation and I'm really glad I got to enjoy some much needed fun in the sun with friends. Of course I went all out with the #pinkcore poolside pieces as my love of pink just never ends!

Outfit details
Beach Kaftan City Chic
Pink floral bikini Azalea Swim
Pink basket bag H&M
Pink thongs Honeybees $2 of each pair sold goes to bee research!
Blow up doughnut Third Drawer Down
Sunglasses Tsumori Chisato
Ice cream earrings Doodad and Fandango

Please oh please take me back!

Blow up doughnut Third Drawer Down
Sunglasses Tsumori Chisato
Ice cream earrings Doodad and Fandango

I just love this pink floral bikini by independent Australian swimwear label Azalea Swim. I'm all about the #fatkini this year and this one is just so cute. I love love love the cute little frills. Azalea Swim cater up to a size 18 which is perfect for inbetweenies like me.

Pink floral bikini Azalea Swim

Not having Henry as my usual outfit photographer is going to take some getting used to. I really wanted to showcase just how bloody awesome these Doodad and Fandango ice cream earrings really are, hopefully you can tell. I've been wearing them everywhere since I got then. I want so many things from their collection, would make the best Christmas pressies!

Blow up doughnut Third Drawer Down
Sunglasses Tsumori Chisato
Ice cream earrings Doodad and Fandango

Ok I'm kinda against shopping at H&M but I do pop in to have a look from time to time, usually on my way to the Strand Arcade's boutiques such as Gorman's Weekend store, Fat or Funkis. Anyway I was doing just that when I chanced upon this cute pink basket bag and I just had to have it even if H&M are highly questionable ethically and I prefer to shop local whenever possible. I can't be perfect all the time guys! This was only $10 which is both good and bad, good for my pocket but bad knowing just how little the people making it would receive. I feel so much guilt but I figure I do more than my bit and one bad thing is allowed. Don't hate me.

Flower bangle House of Cards
Pink basket bag H&M
Rings | Red acrylic ring MOMA NYC | Pink gift bow ring Tokyo's Tokyo at Omohara Tokyu Plaza | Pink resin crown ring Keep Resin

Oh look here! This is me doing my bit, haha. These awesome cute thongs/sandals are by Honeybees Australia and $2 per every pair sold goes directly to bee research. Bees are currently endangered and with them they will take our flora, fauna and a third of our diet if they do die out. So saving the bees is a really important cause, why not get some cute poolside shoes at the same time?

Pink thongs Honeybees

Shop the look!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lobsters and Crabs at Brighton Beach

My love for the label Gorman is very well documented on my blog so it will probably come as no surprise to you all that I have bought yet another Gorman dress, and how could I not? I  mean this amazing lobster print dress with it's faint pink polka dot fabric is just about the cutest dress to ever exist, well, EVER! I just love it so much. I love it even more now as I was actually wearing it when Lisa Gorman herself recognised me in the street the other night (of course I got a selfie with her which you can check out on my instagram). What an awesome pinch myself moment that was!

Outfit details
Lobster dress Gorman
Pink sunglasses Craig and Karl for Le Specs
Pom pom earrings Bubbles Harajuku
Flower bangle House of Cards
Circle bag Chip Chop! for Sportsgirl
White jelly sandals Jelly Beans

Henry and I headed down to Brighton Beach after work the other night with a little picnic to watch the sunset and to take some bikini photos for the City Chic blog. The backdrop was actually perfect for what I was wearing too. I mean hello matching orange and red bathing box, how cute are you?

AND this super happy crab was just too perfect to not pose next to. A perfect meeting of the crustaceans with my super cute lobster print dress and Mr Happy Crab on the bathing box. I do love these Brighton Beach bathing boxes ever so much, such a fun place to sit and watch the sunset on a hot summers day.

I need to stop using this bag so much, it's in all my recent blog posts pretty much. I just can't quit it though, it's so useful and fun and quirky which are all good qualities.

Flower bangle House of Cards
Circle bag Chip Chop! for Sportsgirl
Rings | Red acrylic ring MOMA NYC | Pink gift bow ring Tokyo's Tokyo at Omohara Tokyu Plaza | Pink resin crown ring Keep Resin

Same with these shoes. So perfect for the beach!

White jelly sandals Jelly Beans

Friday, November 28, 2014

All the Pink, All the Time!

Since buying this House of Holland dress on sale on ASOS a little while ago I've been practically living in it. It's just the most comfortable soft jersey fabric you can imagine which perfectly skims over my lumpy bits rather than clinging to them which is perfect for the hot weather we've been having (well occasional hot weather - this is Melbourne we're talking about here!) What drew me to the dress however was not the soft fabric, as with shopping online I of course had no idea it was just this soft, rather it was the amazingly bold pink cloud print that I instantly fell in love with. My never ending obsession with the colour pink and wearing it head to toe just never dies. So this is yet another #pinkcore all pink outfit that has fast become a favourite in my wardrobe.

Outfit details
Dress House of Holland on sale (now sold out but similar styles still available and on sale today!)
Pink sunglasses Craig and Karl for Le Specs
Pink pom pom earrings DIY
Flower bangle House of Cards
Circle bag Chip Chop! for Sportsgirl
Metallic pink sandals ASOS

Sometimes my hair likes to stick out all crazy like this, thanks hair!

Pink sunglasses Craig and Karl for Le Specs
Pink pom pom earrings DIY

This bag is the actual best!

Flower bangle House of Cards
Circle bag Chip Chop! for Sportsgirl

Gah my feet look horrible up close, why do I do this to you people? The shoes are cute though x

Metallic pink sandals ASOS

P.S. I'm having an epic GARAGE SALE tomorrow from 9am with a few of my friends and neighbours. Clearing out old season clothes with a mix of vintage and designer pieces. Sizes range from size 6 through to plus size. Will be a great day for it so hopefully see you there xxx

Garage Sale
Sat 29th November
233 George St, Fitzroy

Monday, November 10, 2014

Future Beauty Party People

Brisbane sure put on a show for the opening night of Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion at #QAGOMA. The super kawaii Harajuku style girls were back looking as cute as they did during the morning media preview getting swamped for instagram selfies by attendees.

DJ Alex Murray-Leslie from Chicks on Speed played the best most perfect tunes for the night.

Attendees dressed the part, wearing as many avant-garde as possible.

 I loved this ladies Soot bag. Soot is a local Brisbane label by Edwina Sinclair, a recent fashion graduate from QUT who was selected to showcase her graduate collection at #VAMFF's Graduate Showcase, which is where I first saw her work. Her pieces are stocked at Monk House Design in Melbourne as well as in the #QAGOMA store itself in Brissy. Definitely a designer to watch and I was lucky enough to visit her design studio while in town, more about that in my next blog post!

Oh my! AWalter Van Beirendonck necklace!

This dapper chap was wearing head to toe Comme des Garçons!

Leigh Buchanan from Project Runway Australia season one!

Fabulous fashion!

Soot designer Edwina Sinclair looking amazing in a red polkadot Comme des Garçons dress with her mum in matching spots wearing a dress by Melbourne label Alpha60.

I was maybe a little drunk by this stage but if I remember correctly this lovely lady told me she had made her dress at the very last minute. One of the best dressed of the night for sure!

It was great to see Melbourne pals Frances and Paul at the opening. They're long time supporters of my blog, even bringing me back presents from their travels to Tokyo. They're both wearing awesome Comme des Garçons pieces and looking fabulous.

Thea Basiliou owner of uber cool Brisbane boutique Blonde Venus playing it up with DJ Alex Murray-Leslie from Chicks on Speed. Both look incredible.

This fabulous dress was a DIY creation.

This is what I wore to the opening night celebrations. Like I said in my previous post I was really struggling with finding the perfect outfit for the opening. From the moment I got the invitation I started searching for something avant-garde enough to really stand out come opening night. Ideally I wanted to wear a Japanese designer but finding something both Japanese and in my size was proving difficult. That's why when Sam from Symantha Rose jewellery offered to lend me a piece from her own wardrobe by Japanese designer Balmung I jumped at the chance, especially as the Hachi the designer for the brand is an old friend of mine from my Tokyo days. Sam had no idea that I was friends with the designer so it was all just so perfect and meant to be. The oversized metallic Balmung top reminds me of the 'flatness' section of the exhibition and continues on from that particularly Japanese concept of deconstructed shapes that conceal rather than flatter the body that were initially explored by Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto in the 1980's that also feature heavily throughout the exhibition. Wearing something by one of the new generation of designers who are expanding upon those original ideas and who happens to be a friend of yours to an opening of an exhibition celebrating the history of Japanese fashion felt very surreal that's for sure.

Outfit details
Metallic gold top Balmung
Black vinyl skirt ASOS
Silver bag Decjuba
Siler tabi socks Avantgarde Harajuku
Black geta flatforms Melissa 'Style'
Black pom pom earrings The Bright Young Things on Etsy
Black 3D printed bangle Studio Batch
Gold bangle Estelle Dévé
Black lipstick Lime Crime Black Velvet Velvetine

Metallics on metallics was my theme for this look.

Silver bag Decjuba
Black 3D printed bangle Studio Batch
Gold bangle Estelle Dévé
Rings from left to right | Red acrylic ring MOMA NYC | Pink gift bow ring Tokyo's Tokyo at Omohara Tokyu Plaza | Pink resin crown ring Keep Resin

The ultimate Japanese combination of a modern take on traditional tabi socks in metallic silver by hip Harajuku sock and tights boutique Avantgarde and Melissa's contemporary take on the traditional geta shoe.

Siler tabi socks Avantgarde Harajuku
Black geta flatforms Melissa 'Style'

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion at QAGOMA

My love of Japan and especially Japanese fashion is well documented on this blog, but just how well known it was outside the realm of my little internet bubble I wasn't really sure. So when the Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art #QAGOMA contacted me to invite me to the their exhibition celebrating 30 years of Japanese fashion as a guest of the gallery because they were aware of my love for Japan and Japanese fashion I was in total shock. This was the most perfect and exciting invitation to ever grace my inbox in over eight years of blogging. Being recognised as someone who has obsessively followed, blogged and documented Japanese fashion for all these years was an amazing feeling. The exhibition, Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion, opened to the media on October 31st and I was there for both the media preview and opening night celebrations. Walking through the exhibition during the media preview I got so overwhelmed by everything that I saw and I started to tear up, I just couldn't believe I was seeing all these wonderful pieces in person. The exhibition covers four distinct themes that embody Japanese fashion - 'In praise of shadows', 'Flatness', 'Tradition and Innovation' and 'Cool Japan'.

'In praise of shadows'
Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons - Autumn/Winter 2009-10

This first section explores the use of black, texture and light. When the names we take for granted now such as Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto first debuted in Paris in the early 1980s they caused such a stir within the fashion world the phenomenon was sensationalised as 'Japan Shock'. Essentially the designs rejected the body conscious silhouette of the time creating formless, shapeless and often colourless pieces that aimed to conceal rather than expose the body. This same emphasis on black and deconstructured shapes continues to inspire and influence the new generation of designers in Japan.

Yohji Yamamoto - Spring/Summer 1998-99 (white) | Yohji Yamamoto - Spring/Summer 2003 (first black dress)

Comme des Garçons (Rei Kawakubo) - Autumn/Winter 2012-13

Flatness looks at the pieces inspired by the traditional dress of Japan, the kimono and also origami and Japanese art and graphic design. An interesting and uniquely Japanese concept behind some of the pieces is that of  'ma' which is formed by the empty space when wearing a kimono.

 Ohya (Hiroaki Ohya) - Spring/Summer 2000

'Tradition and Innovation'
Japanese designers are known for their groundbreaking construction techniques. Designers such as Issey Miyake collaborated closely with textile designers to develop his own unique fabrics. This section of the exhibition explores the relationships between the traditional and innovative and the ways Japanese designers continue to play with convention by deconstructing both traditional Japanese dress and western clothing.

 Yohji Yamamoto - Spring/Summer 1995

Comme des Garçons (Rei Kawakubo) - Spring/Summer 2007

Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons - Autumn/Winter 2000-01

Koji Tatsuno - Autumn/Winter 1993-94

Noritaka Tatehana as worn by Lady Gaga

'Cool Japan'
Cool Japan explores the vibrant youth subcultures that have become synonymous with the streets of Harajuku. From Gothic Lolita to the Decora style of the mid-late 1990's (which is currently having a resurgence in popularity in Harajuku itself thanks to Tumblr) this section was by far one of my favourites. Harajuku trends work at a frantic pace and there is always something new coming from the scene. Unfortunately in Harajuku some of the more well known subcultural phenomenons such as the goth loli style are all but dead as compared to ten or even five years ago you just don't see them as often. That being said decora is definitely on the way back as I noticed on my last visit so nothing ever completely dies, no matter how much my friends who lived through it the first time wish it could. One of my closest friends in Japan is actually in the very first FRUiTS book in her full 1990s decora style, she wasn't even aware it was in a book until she saw it on a trip to the USA and she was so embarrassed because even at that stage it was a good six years later and her style had evolved (she was one of the Spank! girls) so decora was well and truly over by then (2006 or so). Most people have an idea of Harajuku that is very heavily influenced by that book not realising that those photos are now at least fourteen years old and those people are now mothers, fathers and maybe even salarymen! Harajuku is of course still a vibrant place but a lot of the tribes are dwindling - this is a topic my friends who are the designers, street style stars and shop owners that make Harajuku what it is and I always end up discussing until the wee hours of the morning when I'm over there. Many blame it on the sudden influx of western chain stores such as H&M and Forever 21 which is interesting as the very same thing is now happening here with casualties in Australian independent retail already occurring (RIP Alice Euphemia). Anyway I could rant all day about the changing face of Harajuku fashion, it's obviously my passion (lol)

 Baby The Stars Shine Bright

 Comme des Garçons

 Ne Net - Autumn/Winter 2009-10

Oh how I love Ne Net! This collection is from around their peak period design wise, I find a lot of their recent collections far more watered down and commercial but I will never stop loving them. Their runway show back in 2007 was one of my first ever fashion shows and I will never ever forget how amazing it was.

'Six Key Designers'
 Issey Miyake

 Jun Takahashi Undercover - Autumn/Winter 2000-01

 Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons - Autumn/Winter 2004-05

 Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons - Spring/Summer 2003

Comme des Garçons (Rei Kawakubo)

Not pictured in the 'Six Key Designers' section are Yohji Yamamoto and Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi for mintdesigns.

Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion
1 Oct 2014 - 15 Feb 2015
QAGOMA Brisbane

There is a great program of events such as the Future Beauty Uplate series featuring talks, live music, Japanese food and bars. Also Future Fashion Sundays featuring talks, workshops, special events and much more. Check out the full program to plan your trip!

#QAGOMA had arranged for some very fabulous Harajuku girls to be at both the media preview and opening night celebrations. Super kawaii!

What I wore to the media preview. I was having such a difficult time trying to find something amazing to wear for both the media preview and opening night. I really wanted something that would stand out from the crowd and that also had a tie in with Japan. So when I was talking to the lovely Sam from Symantha Rose jewellery about my conundrum and she offered up two amazing pieces from her own personal wardrobe for me to borrow I couldn't say no. Especially when one of them was by Berlin label Starstyling the designers of which I met last year in Tokyo at my friends shop Wut Berlin which I blogged all about here. Too perfect!

Outfit details
Dress Starstyling 
Pink sunglasses Craig and Karl for Le Specs
Pink pom pom earrings DIY
Street Fashion Kids necklace Lactose Intoler-Art
Flower bangle House of Cards
Circle bag Chip Chop! for Sportsgirl
Metallic pink sandals ASOS

Another bag that can fit my super bulky dslr #score!

Flower bangle House of Cards
Circle bag Chip Chop! for Sportsgirl
Rings from left to right | Red acrylic ring MOMA NYC | Pink gift bow ring Tokyo's Tokyo at Omohara Tokyu Plaza | Pink resin crown ring Keep Resin

This necklace means so much to me and I just had to wear it to this event. Brandon from Lactose Intoler-Art and I have been friends for a very long time, drawn together by our love of Japanese fashion and street style back on MySpace of all places. I've been a long time supporter of his work and seeing him follow his dreams, currently living in Tokyo and creating pieces that are being worn by both of our street style star idols is incredible. His illustrations have now walked the catwalk at Seoul fashion week in a collaboration with Singapore based label Revasseur and he just recently launched his own collection of street style inspired sports wear which was featured on TokyoFashion.com. I love you Brandon!

Street Fashion Kids necklace Lactose Intoler-Art

Metallic pink sandals ASOS

Super kawaii! Thank you so much to the team at QAGOMA for having me up for this wonderful exhibition. I am beyond thankful and left feeling well and truly inspired. Thank you x