Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Milling About

 I'm currently in beautiful Tasmania for Christmas as my mum moved down here about two years ago now. She lives in a small town close to Launceston, however my flight landed in Hobart because of plans that fell through so we had to drive the 4 hour journey from Hobart to my mum's house which meant we stopped off along the way. Our first stop was Oatlands, a picturesque village which wikipedia says is "considered to have the largest number of colonial sandstone buildings in any town in Australia" which probably is true as there are a lot! The main attraction of the town is Callington Mill which was built in 1837 and is the only mill of it's type in operation in Australia. It's a pretty place to explore with a cafe, garden and their own brand of flour made on site! To be perfectly honest with you I didn't wear this outfit on the plane, but as we had my suitcase in the car and the location was so stunning I made a quick outfit change in the car and my mum took these snaps for me.

 Outfit details
Dress Camille Walala for Gorman
Sunglasses Tsumori Chisato
Pink basket bag H&M
Earrings Kitsu Bloom Hoops in Baby Pink
Pink heels ASOS

Such a pretty spot!

I'm so in love with this dress and the whole Camille Walala for Gorman collection. I used to live next to a huge Camille Walala mural in Fitzroy, in fact I used it as the location for outfit photos in the past. I was pretty bummed to miss out on the collection's launch whilst I was in Tokyo and the chance to meet Camille in person but oh well, these things happen. I was hoping and praying that the pieces I loved wouldn't sell out before I got home as I wanted to try them on before I bought them and I'm so happy I was able to get this dress, it was apparently the last left in my size in the state so I was very lucky. I just love the print and the cut, it will be great all summer long and then paired with tights and my pink leather jacket for winter - YAY!

My mum really got into the photography haha.

These Kitsu earrings are my LIFE right now. All Kitsu jewellery is hand made ethically in Melbourne. These earrings are the thing of dreams. The designer was able to make me specially made clip on ones as I don't have my ears pierced which was so lovely and I wore them daily in Tokyo to many many many complements.

Earrings Kitsu Bloom Hoops in Baby Pink

Pastel pink forever!

Pink basket bag H&M
Bangles both Tsumori Chisato
Rings from left to right | Ruffle pink rin FrapboisPink gift bow ring Tokyo's Tokyo at Omohara Tokyu Plaza, Pink daisy ring Paris Kids

Not going to lie, kinda hate that the pink has rubbed off all over these shoes. But they were cheap so what you gonna do?

Pink heels ASOS

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Daikanyama Punyus Kicks

 One of the first things I did when I got to Tokyo was hit up Punyus, which if you've been following my blog you'd know I am obsessed with. Punyus is basically Japan's only fashion forward plus size store. It's not really all that plus size though, it goes up to about an AU 20 which is a USA 16 depending on the item. They have four sizes - size 1 which is like an AU size 6-8, size 2 which is an AU 10-12, size 3 which is an AU 14-16 and size 4 which is like an AU 18-20 (for the equivalent in USA sizing just minus 2 from each, UK sizing is the same as AU). I picked up these wicked tartan culottes that I'd been eyeing off in their online store as well as the cute white shirt I'm wearing and a Narutomaki jumper which I've shared on instagram. Above the ankle culotte style pants are a huge trend over here in Tokyo right now for winter teamed with cute socks and flats. I'm not a big pants wearer but I couldn't resist giving these a try and I'm glad I did, I got stopped in the street for photos a few times in this outfit - follow my snapchat @fashionhayley to get a glimpse into my daily life here in Tokyo and maybe you'll see just how often that happens (If I manage to remember to snapchat it haha) I guess I stand out with my pink hair and bright clothes?

Outfit details
Pink leather jacket Gorman
White shirt Punyus with DIY iron on patches from vintage stores around Tokyo
Red tartan culottes Punyus
Watermelon socks Gorman 
Pink Brogues Topshop
Backpack Fjallraven Kanken

 This shirt was actually just a plain white shirt from Punyus. The cut is really nice, it has these puffy sleeves I love but didn't photograph for you. Anyway I felt it was just too plain for me so I collected a few iron on patches from vintage stores in Koenji and had a little DIY session in the morning before meeting my friends for lunch in Daikanyama. It made me 10 minutes late but was oh so worth it don't you think?

 My flower ring and heart ring are from Paris Kids, a store in Harajuku where all jewellery and accessories are Y324. Well guess what? They now have an online store that delivers worldwide!

My Fjallraven Kanken backpack is still coming in handy this trip. They seem to be popular around Tokyo too, I'm always spotting them.

I will never stop loving these old season watermelon socks from Gorman! They look so cute paired with my pink brogues and red tartan pants - my new obsession is red and pink together.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Snapshots from Vietnam

I'm kinda failing as a blogger recently/always. I always plan on taking lots of amazing photos and blogging heaps when I'm on holiday and then what happens is once I'm there I just want to live in the moment and experience everything for myself and not sit down and edit hundreds of photos. I also had planned on vlogging my Vietnam trip but my travel companions weren't comfortable with being on youtube so that plan was quashed right away. I don't know how other bloggers/vloggers do it to be honest. Anyway I decided to share with you some of my fave snaps from my recent Vietnam trip. Above is Henry and I trying out kayaking for the very first time in beautiful Halong Bay.

So incredible!

Kmart pineapple bikini top | City Chic highwaisted bikini briefs | Tsumori Chisato sunglasses | Tempt hat
We kayaked to a private beach where we spent the morning swimming.

City Chic kaftan
Such a beautiful spot.

We then kayaked back to our boat where we jumped in and out of the water all afternoon Beyonce on holiday style!

Bespecd glasses | Kitsu earrings | Dimmeys pink tshirt | Gorman dress | Kmart sneakers 
Oh gosh take me back, cruising around Halong Bay was breathtaking! We did the 2 night cruise which I'd really recommend as our 2nd day where we went kayaking and to the private beach was the best thing we did in Vietnam.

Vintage dress from Retro Star | Julie White head scarf  | Tsumori Chisato sunnies | Saltwater sandals
Phu Quoc island was the other highlight of our trip. Total paradise.

I wore my Julie White scarf as a turban basically every day in Vietnam. Can't wait until I'm back in Melbourne for summer to wear it again (currently in freezing cold Tokyo for another month, not that I'm complaining as I love it here too - just wanna wear the scarf again!)

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tokyo Swan Boat

Ahh Japan I love you and your love of all things kawaii. Where else will you see Hello Kitty road work signage? Or a super cute alien bunny rabbit called Pipo-kun as the mascot for the police? Or hot pink swan boats? I found first discovered these swan boats on my first trip to Tokyo back in 2003 (back before the internet was useful so I really did just stumble upon them with no help from google) and I've loved them ever since. There are lots of swan boat locations throughout Japan but these are my personal favourites located in Ueno park. I knew that's where I was heading that day so I wore a cute pink outfit to match, getting squeals of "kawaii" from Japanese people passing in other boats made it all worthwhile, lol. Whilst in Hoi An Vietnam last month I had the local tailors make me this cute pink coat. I had wanted a more pastel pink colour but this was the closest that they had available and I'm kinda happy it's a bright pink now - it stands out more. Hoi An is famous for it's tailor made clothes, if you're going to Vietnam I'd really recommend visiting Hoi An and getting something made and staying in the town as it's honestly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

Outfit details
Pink coat Tailor made in Hoi An Vietnam
Flower dress Super Lovers
Pastel pink tights We Love Colors plus size tights
Flower hair clip A girl in the street in Tokyo
Black and clear backpack Jelly Bunny in Malaysia
Pins Gorman
Pink Brogues Topshop

Kiss kiss

Flower bangle Tsumori Chisato | Pins Gorman | Pink gift bow ring Tokyo's Tokyo at Omohara Tokyu Plaza | Pink flower ring Paris Kids Harajuku

I bought this bag during my one night stop over in Kuala Lumpur on my way over to Tokyo from Vietnam. After nearly a month of virtually no shopping in Vietnam as our days were filled with beaches or exploring temples, discovering I had booked a capsule hotel located within a shopping mall in KL was quite the pleasant surprise. It sounds sad but I almost cried when I saw this cute bag in the store window. I guess I missed shopping? But guys the bag is amazing - it has sequins inside the clear pocket part that MOVE AROUND! So yeah my tears were justified - it's a thing of beauty lol.

Black and clear backpack Jelly Bunny in Malaysia

I bought this dress on my first shopping day in Harajuku at the Super Lovers store in LaForet, it was just too cute to pass up. Every time I wear it I get Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls stuck in my head.

Flower dress Super Lovers

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hello from Hoi An

If you've been following me over on my instagram or my snapchat (fashionhayley for both) then you'd know that I'm currently in Vietnam with my bff Lauren and hubby Henry. It's been so hot and humid that I've found it hard to take photos during the day as that's when I'm at my most sweaty (not a good look, trust me!) Luckily Hoi An comes to life at dusk with all the pretty lanterns turning on and the streets crowded with street food and night markets. As I was taking these photos for my blog this lady came up to me and forced me to hold her bananas for a photo for some money, I don't know how she carries that thing on her shoulders all day it's pretty heavy! Hoi An has so far been one of my favourite places we've been to in Vietnam, bike riding around the old part of town filled with tailors or beside rice paddies with Water Buffalo roaming free, getting dresses and coats made at the aforementioned tailors, eating delicious local street food, visiting the beach or swimming in my resort's pool - it's been a lot of fun. That was until today when I saw a snake slithering up the path right in front of me at my hotel. I'm absolutely terrified of snakes, and it's the first time I've ever seen one outside of a zoo type situation and yes I do live in Australia! Anyway I saw it and immediately ran in the other direction back towards the pool where Henry was reading on his pool lounge. I jumped onto his lounge chair and started crying hysterically that I'd seen a snake. The staff at the hotel noticed that I ran and came to see what was the matter so I told them I saw a snake and they started looking for it, calling over the manager and other staff. Guess where they found it? Right beside the lounge chair I was sitting on, so I jumped up and onto the edge of the pool as they kicked at it and made it leave the hotel grounds. They told me they couldn't kill it because of their Buddhist beliefs, which is fair enough, I am a vegetarian after all, I don't want it killed either, just no where near me would be great thanks! Apparently it was harmless and not poisonous, but to me a snake is a snake I am terrified of them no matter what, it's not exactly a logical fear. It was kinda hilarious that it was me the snake slithered in front of then chose to sit next to - the girl who is absolutely bloody terrified of snakes - it was all my worst nightmares come to life!

Outfit details
Pom pom dress House of Holland
Head scarf Julie White
Earrings Kitsu
Sandals Saltwater Sandals
Backpack Fjallraven Kanken

The tailors couldn't believe how colour coordinated I was. It's just a happy accident that all my beloved brights match perfectly. I am absolutely in LOVE with this Julie White 100% silk Pavlova print scarf. It's the most beautiful print all designed and made in Australia. To top it all off Julie is an absolute sweetheart who I met at the recent Finders Keepers Market which is one of the best things about art and design markets I think, meeting the people behind the designs. I've also been wearing my Kitsu Bloom Hoop earrings in baby pink all the time! The designer made me clip ons and you too can make a special order of clip ons if you need, which is always a bonus. I love pairing the scarf and earrings together, I think they look so cute as a twosome. I actually filmed a packing for two climates video over on my youtube channel, explaining how my bright wardrobe does all work together and how I'm packing for my three month trip, one month here in hot and humid Vietnam followed by two months in Tokyo during winter with snow!

In front of the Japanese Covered Bridge in Hoi An, such a beautiful spot.

Hoi An is breathtakingly beautiful!

The Japanese Covered Bridge must be seen to be believed, so beautiful!

As pushy as these candle sellers are they really are stunning at night to see floating down the river.

I will miss your lantern covered streets Hoi An, until next time xxx