Sunday, July 3, 2016

Purple Rain

This year is my 10th year of blogging, which is actually crazy to me. I can't believe that it was 10 years ago, on September 1 2006 that I began this blog. As the anniversary draws ever closer I feel myself reflecting on what an incredible 10 years it has been, although it really doesn't feel like it's been 10 years since I moved to Tokyo and had the best year of my life. The years following saw my blog grow in ways I never expected nor could have imagined when I first began, and my life change in so many ways over the years, which is especially true of the past year. There's been so much change recently that I have been neglecting my blog, but I'm hoping to change that now and post more frequently. These photos were actually taken over a month ago but the outfit is still a firm favourite. I love all the purple hues that bring the look together.

Outfit details
Denim jacket Vintage from WC Harajuku
Dress House of Holland
Tights old season City Chic
Flatform shoes Gorman
Backpack A shop in Noosa
Earrings ASOS
Bangle McKean Studio Tokyo City Bangle

I actually wanted this dress for ages, as I actually saw it in one of House of Holland's Tokyo stockists late last year but they only had size 8 in store. I finally took the plunge and bought it when ASOS had a sale around Easter. So yeah I've had it a little while now but only just getting around to blogging it.

Dress House of Holland

I'm slowly adding patches to my vintage denim jacket I bought in Tokyo. Can't wait until it's fully covered.
Denim jacket Vintage from WC Harajuku
Patches Vintage from Tokyo, Skinnydip via ASOS, Ohh Deer via ASOS, Save Yourself Shop

I got my first ever tattoo recently by my friend Tessa, an apprentice tattooist doing amazing work. I feel bad that all I wanted was a small love heart on my index finger when her beautiful botanical flowers are where it's at, but who knows I may still decide to get one of those, but for now I am content with my cute little love heart, a nice reminder to love myself after the tough couple of months I've had. Btw how awesome are my pom pom eyelashes by Shu Umera I picked up in Tokyo?

Tattoo Tessa Claire
Earrings ASOS

I adore this Tokyo bangle by Sydney design dyo McKean Studio. It features all my favourite elements of Tokyo, from swan boats to Tokyo Tower and Mt Fuji. Wearing it brings back so many fond memories of my favourite city in the world.

Bangle McKean Studio Tokyo City Bangle

These Elke Kramer x Gorman collaboration flatforms are just so freaking incredible. Purchasing them was a no brainer. It started to rain at this point in the mini #ootd photo shoot so please excuse the droplets of water - not ideal or professional blogger looking at all.

Flatform shoes Gorman

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Last weekend I went on an amazing road trip with a guy from tinder (lol) down to the Macedon Ranges, staying in the nicest hotel room I think I've ever stayed in as it had a huge spa with an amazing view out over the mountains which you can see over on my instagram. The next day we woke up and got brunch in Woodend before making our way over to Hanging Rock for the day. I was still a little sick from my bout of glandular fever which had flared up my asthma so I was only able to climb up to the halfway point but that was beautiful enough. I wore my new (to me) Kuwaii dress from the kinda recent Magic Designer Sale which I thought would look stunning beside the rock formations for my photos, and I was right!

Outfit details
Dress Kuwaii
Pink leather jacket Gorman
Pink skivvy Uniqlo Heattech
Earrings Kitsu
Navy tights City Chic
Pink backpack ASOS
Pink brogues Topshop

I got so many compliments in the town that day, I forget sometimes that my extreme pink matchy matchy style stands out in the sea of black and grey that everyone in the world seems to wear. Give me bright colours any day!

I felt so free! It's so nice to see some nature every once in a while.

Not going to lie, kinda vibing myself without glasses recently.

Earrings Kitsu

Pink pom pom Kmart but it broke so my friend Jack Mannix gave me a safety pin from his ear #punkrock
Pink backpack ASOS

I've been a fan of McKean Studio's work for a while and had been waiting for them to release a Tokyo version of their city bangles, so when they finally did and it included my favourite things in the word - swan boats - in a pastel purple'y pink I just had to buy it. It's so freaking awesome!

Pink waves ring Frapbois Tokyo
Pink flower ring Paris Kids Harajuku
Bangle McKean Studio Tokyo City Bangle

I've worn these shoes to death!

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Twoobs with my bff!

 When the lovely sister duo Jess and Stef from the wildly successful How Two Live blog messaged me to ask if me and my bff wanted to each have a pair of their new shoe line Twoobs I jumped at the chance. The sister's have a pretty similar aesthetic to me - bright, fun, colourful and playful with a love of high platforms and their new shoe range reflects that. My bff Lauren, otherwise knows as Laurie Luxe, is a HUGE fan of orange, just about as much of a fun of the colour as I am of pink so it was perfect that the shoes came in both our favourite colours. Twoobs are made with besties in mind, you can never have too many shoes or friends. However I'll only ever have one bestie, Lauren means the world to me so it was great to be able to share something with her from my blog. Thanks Jess and Stef (。♥‿♥。)

Outfit details

Laurie Luxe
Top Ginkgo from Vietnam
Floral pants Vintage
Watch From Japan
Orange platform shoes Twoobs Tishy//Tash

Fashion Hayley
Top Camille Walala x Gorman
Skirt Eat Me Do
Heart lollu pop earrings WC by Wakatsuki Chinatsu Harajuku
Flower bangle Materiel Design
Rings Paris Kids Harajuku
Pink platform shoes Twoobs Amanda//Mavis

 Bffs 4eva!

 #orangecore VS #pinkcore

Our Twoobs! We both love them, so comfy, so bright and such a good platform height!

 Always laughing with this one!

All of the smiles!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

200 Years of Australian Fashion at the NGV

 200 Years of Australian Fashion opened at the NGV the other week and I was there to capture it all. Honestly it's an amazing exhibition, I wish I blogged it sooner but I've been working full time and sick on and off with tonsilitus, so just way too exhausted to sit down and edit photos and write. I need to be in the mood to blog and I just haven't been feeling it. This year marks my 10th year as a blogger and whilst I love all the opportunities my blog has given me I must admit I'm going through a little bit of bloggers block. My life has changed so much in the last few months, I lost my "instagram husband" (who was obviously more than just that to me) which has made taking outfit photos kinda difficult. So that is why there has been such a huge break between posts. I have a lot of content to come though so stay tuned, but for now let's take a look inside this fabulous exhibition.

The exhibition spans from the 1800's through to now with some stunning pieces on display.

The always incredible Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson in their Flamingo Park themed room in the exhibition. I am a long time fan of Jenny Kee and the fact that she knows my name and once phoned me blows my mind haha.

Another iconic Aussie designer who knows my name is Jenny Bannister, again this blows my mind, and also oddly I have also spoken to her on the phone.

Dion Lee.

Romance was Born next to Discount Universe. Some of you who have followed my blog for a while will know that Nadia and Cami of Discount Universe are old friends of mine and it was so lovely to catch up with them at the media preview. Love their work and how far they've come and it's just so exciting to see where they're headed.

So incredible.

200 Years of Australian Fashion is at the NGV Australia until 31 Jul Open 10am–5pm daily

What I wore:

Outfit details
Dress Shuh from their pop up at the Limedrop shop this month
Earrings Kitsu
Tote bag Sunday Social
Silver platform brogues Seed Heritage
Pink socks Found in my drawer no idea where I got them

So terribly excited to be wearing squiggles!

 Nail Art by Sayuri at Clara H Nails (more on that soon!)

I love these shoes soooooo much!

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Jumping In

 Why hello there blog readers, so sorry to have neglected you for so long. I feel like I say that way too often recently, but in my nearly 10 years of blogging I don't think I have ever gone so long between posts. A lot has gone on in my life recently, a whole lotta changes. If you've been watching my snapchat (fashionhayley) or following my instagram then you'd know what Henry and I split up for good whilst I was in Tokyo. After 14 years together he broke up with my via facebook chat (!) but truthfully as horrible as that was to go through it was a long time coming and for the best. Also the way he did it made it a whole lot easier to move on from because honestly if someone can be that horrible to you after 14 years then are they really worth crying over? I don't want to waste any more of my life or energy on someone like that, and luckily 2016 has already shaped up to be an amazing year for me in terms of growth, my blog and work and also for friends and family and it's only mid Feb! I started the year with a bang at an incredible warehouse party in Fitzroy full of my friends and it's been a non stop party ever since. Single Hayley started dating and having fun. I found an amazing like-minded housemate to move in, I knew she was the right one as when we skype met she was wearing earrings I also own! I also have started an amazing job working for a top brand's online team and I absolutely love it. Seriously, just one month ago all these things seemed impossible, I thought I'd never find a job, would have to move to a sharehouse or maybe stay with family as I was left with no furniture when Henry moved out but somehow it has all come together so perfectly I have to pinch myself. My life is almost as perfect as this amazing Gorman jumpsuit I picked up at their recent sale. How freaking incredible is it? I basically died when I tried it on cos hello how perfectly does it fit me?

Outfit details
Pink jumpsuit Gorman
Pink t-shirt Uniqlo
Iridescent pink bag Maude Studio
Bag tassel Frill and Frank
Red sunnies Miu Miu Glitter Noir's
Earrings Hokuro from Harcoza in Tokyo
Necklace Vintage Comme Des Garcons from RagTag in Tokyo
Pink heels ASOS

 I am currently obsessed with the colour combo of red and pink (。♥‿♥。)

Red sunnies Miu Miu Glitter Noir's
Necklace Vintage Comme Des Garcons from RagTag in Tokyo

Wondering around Daikanyama I stumbled across the most amazing boutique - Harcoza. They sell independent Tokyo jewellery and clothing designers, all of whom are amazing. I fell in love with these earrings by Hokuro and had to go back to buy them because they just wouldn't escape my brain. They get compliments every time I wear them - totally worth it!

 Earrings Hokuro from Harcoza in Tokyo

I was so obsessed with my soft pink Maude Studio bag I just had to get the bolder brighter hot pink too. This bag is just so perfect for my "throw everything in except the kitchen sink" lifestyle of carrying all the things all the time. It's like Mary Poppins carpet bag - it just fits everything in it with room to spare. The cute tassel was a gift from the lovely people at Frill and Frank and I absolutely adore it. The perfect little something to jazz up your bag.

Iridescent pink bag Maude Studio
Bag tassel Frill and Frank

I live in these shoes - so comfy yet stylish. I'm on the hunt for similar shoes of the same height as they're perfect for clumsy can't really wear heels without breaking my neck me. Please let me know if you see anything!

Pink heels ASOS

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