Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bold Shoulder

I have been pretty obsessed with off the shoulder everything this summer so as soon as I saw this dress by Boom Shankar pop up in my instagram feed as in an ad I knew I had to get it. Somehow all my google search history came to bite me on the arse as the dress of my late night searching dreams was right there in my feed with a shopable link. Ahhh the times we live in hey? Anyway I do indeed love this dress and algorithms or whatever computer magic they used aren't all bad as I did find this dress with their help. Thank you computer magic!

Pink off the shoulder dress Boom Shankar
Pink sunglasses Miu Miu from Shadstation
Earrings Kitsu
Pink unicorn brooch Kate Spade
Happy bangle Kate Spade
Pink flower ring Naomi Murrell
Pink angel wings ring Vintage store in Tokyo
Circle bag Chip Chop
Pink heels Camper 'Paradise' heels

A girl can never own too many pairs of sunglasses and my latest addition to my collection are these amazing dark pink Miu Miu's from Shadestation. I will forever love bold and wacky sunnies.

Pink sunglasses Miu Miu from Shadstation

Oh boy this is my newest and most favouritest jewellery EVER. Look at that Happy balloon bangle and unicorn balloon brooch from Kate Spade and don't tell me they don't bring a smile to your face. I lusted after them for about a month before I caved and bought them. They're just so bloody amazing I couldn't resist. The flower ring is another new addition and it's by Adelaide designer Naomi Murrell - and guys it is reversible! Who even knew that was possible? Multi-functional jewellery - I dig it!

Earrings Kitsu
Pink unicorn brooch Kate Spade
Happy bangle Kate Spade
Pink flower ring Naomi Murrell

My housemate did such an amazing job taking these photos, thanks so much Harry ✿♥‿♥✿

Circle bag Chip Chop

These shoes are so effing cool, gah can not deal I love them so much!

Pink heels Camper 'Paradise' heels

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Dream Dress

If you follow me on Snapchat (fashionhayley) then you would know I tried on my dream dress on Friday and just had to buy it immediately, then wear it two days in a row because I love it that much. The dress in question is the one I'm wearing in this post, a white broderie anglaise lace dress with bell sleeves and a two tiered short skirt from Seed Heritage - to be perfectly honest it is actually my dream wedding dress, exactly what I imagine wearing if I were to ever get married again, like EXACTLY what I always dream of for that occasion. Anyway, as I am not getting married any time soon I thought, you know what, I can damn well wear this dress anyway and in a way marry myself by treating myself to a dress that makes me feel this happy. Everyone on my Snapchat told me to buy it while I was trying it on and even though I didn't need their reassurance it did definitely cement my decision. I wore it to the new collection launch of Twoobs as seen on my instagram on Saturday, then on Sunday I wore it to my Snapchat meet up picnic which is when I took these photos with the amazing help of Natalie who has an awesome comic book she just released. The picnic was really a lot of fun, it was so lovely to meet people who watch my snaps every day.

Outfit details
White lace dress Seed Heritage
Earrings Hokuro from Harcoza in Tokyo
Sunglasses Miu Miu red glitter 'noir'
Pink flower ring Paris Kids Harajuku
Bangle McKean Studio Tokyo City Bangle
Pastel pink manicure Goddess of Nails & Beauty at Emporium, shellac nail colour OPI 'Mod About You'
Pink Lipstick Savvy Ultra Matte in 'Rodeo Drive'
Crossbody bag Sammy Dress
Pink sandals Princess Highway
Pink parasol Ishka many many years ago, similar here and here 

While Natalie and I were taking my blog photos this cute little sausage dog named Audrey waned to join in on the fun.

A little too fast for my pat haha.

What a cutie! My heart still breaks with missing my dog Hachiko as my ex won't let me see him, but chance encounters with cute dogs at the park do perk me up.

I have had my pink parasol for so many years but it never gets old, it always looks so fun and chic.

Earrings Hokuro from Harcoza in Tokyo
Sunglasses Miu Miu red glitter 'noir'
Pink Lipstick Savvy Ultra Matte in 'Rodeo Drive'
Pink parasol Ishka many many years ago, similar here and here

Look how beautiful the lace is up close, I just adore this dress so much!

Pink flower ring Paris Kids Harajuku
Bangle McKean Studio Tokyo City Bangle
Pastel pink manicure Goddess of Nails & Beauty at Emporium, shellac nail colour OPI 'Mod About You'
Crossbody bag Sammy Dress

These shoes are my new favourites, so comfortable and practical yet still quirky and cute.

Pink sandals Princess Highway

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Horizontal Stripe Love

 I'm pretty into stripes at the moment, especially colourful horizontal ones. We all know that according to the "fashion rules" horizontal stripes are a big no no if you're a little curvy, and well I disagree. You can wear whatever the hell you want always and forever, and I for one think that horizontal stripes look amazing on curves. I'm not afraid of my belly being on show, in fact I think it can look pretty sexy. So as soon as I saw this dress over at ASOS I knew I wanted to have it on my curvy body!

Outfit details
Dress ASOS
DIY pink iron on patch denim jacket City Chic
Pink tote bag Sunday Social
Earrings Hokuro from Harcoza in Tokyo
Cat bangle Tsumori Chisato
Red tights H&M in Tokyo
Pink Brogues Topshop

Just thinking about how cute I look in horizontal stripes!

Boob pin Handy Studio, Hungover patch by Skinnydip via ASOSMelody pop patch Eat Me DoBarbie pin Barbie store in Harajuku, Fresh to Death Rosette Brooch Lightning HeartPeace out Bitches patch Save Yourself ShopI heart Spank! badge Spank in TokyoGirl Gang patch by Ohh Deer via ASOSIced Vovo pin Kitiya Palaskas x Frankie Magazine collab, Tokyo swan boat pin McKean,StudioPink hair girl patch Susanna Rose Sykes via Save Yourself ShopAt least you tried patch Save Yourself Shop, Pink tote bag Sunday Social

I don't wear this awesome earrings I got in Tokyo nearly enough. Tokyo is the land of cool clip on earrings, if like me you don't have your ears pierced then I can't recommend shopping in Tokyo enough.

Earrings Hokuro from Harcoza in Tokyo

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Tropicana Win a $100 Gorman Voucher thanks to Poki Games

Boom it is suddenly so hot in Melbourne that you sweat out of places you didn't even think were possible, so out comes my mini skirts and bare legs combo so I can get through the day. It's always such a shock to the system that first day of non tights wearing to see your legs in all their pasty white winter glory out on display. I love this retro floral print skirt I picked up for $20 from the Clear It pop up outlet store on Swanston Street, I am really vibing retro floral's for this Summer and am on the look out for true blue vintage pieces but this modern take will have to do for now. It reminds me of this awesome wallpaper that my nana used to have in her kitchen when I was growing up. Her whole kitchen was orange, black and white with this bold retro floral wallpaper along one wall, it was very very cool. I bought my Comme Des Garcons t-shirt on my last trip to Tokyo but only just discovered it buried in one of my drawers - which reminds me - I am having a HUGE WARDROBE CLEAR OUT at the Evelyn Market this Saturday the 26th Nov from 12pm - 6pm. Come on down, have a bevvy and grab yourself a bargain!

Outfit details
Tropicana hair Blondies of Melbourne
Pink heart t-shirt Comme Des Garcons
Retro floral skirt Revival via the Clear It Outlet
Pom pom earrings Snowfs Pom Poms
Pink backpack Fjallraven Classic Kanken In Pastel Pink
Pink heels Camper 'Paradise' heels

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How freaking AMAZING is my new Tropicana rainbow pink, peach and yellow hair by Blondies of Melbourne? I can't believe how much like a Calippo icypole my hair looks. Most definitely the coolest hair I have ever had! Oh and I have recently been using a pink eyeliner I bought in Tokyo to fill in my brows, what do you think?

Tropicana hair Blondies of Melbourne
Pink heart t-shirt Comme Des Garcons

My love of pom poms is never ending and these earrings are just the most adorable things ever.

Pom pom earrings Snowfs Pom Poms

This backpack is surprisingly roomy, I always use it when I stay over at friends houses.

Pink backpack Fjallraven Classic Kanken In Pastel Pink

Oh gosh, these shoes are the most beautiful shoes I think I have ever owned. They're so comfortable too thanks to Camper's amazing quality shoe making and an ultra modern innovative design. I am obsessed!

Pink heels Camper 'Paradise' heels

WIN a $100 Gorman Voucher thanks to Poki Games 

 I have always loved playing fashion games, from playing with paper dolls as a kid to a Barbie CD-rom game when I was a bit older, they've always been lots of fun to me. Obsessing over matching details, finding the right shoes for the occasion and getting my characters hair and makeup just so is a fun way to spend an afternoon if you ask me. I was surprised to find there there is a wide variety of free online fashion games at Poki, but of course my favourite has to be Shopaholic Tokyo. I mean how could I not love it when the opening paragraph basically describes me, why yes I am good at shopping and I do love to party, how did you know? ✿♥‿♥✿

 The game doesn't look like any Tokyo streets I've ever seen but the shops and styles available inside do look pretty much exactly like Tokyo. You'll find modern Harajuku style kimono's, Gothic Lolita looks, high school uniforms and punk rock styles all feature. The challenge of the game is to dress your character in the correct style for an event.

My first challenge was Lolita style, so off to Sweet Rose I went in search of the perfect Goth Loli ensemble to win the round.

 Of course I went with pink. I collected all my finishing details at the shops along the street and got ready for my close up.

When you've completed your look a street style photographer comes and takes your photo - just like in Tokyo!!! I won my round so I took home a $500 prize and accepted my next challenge - a high school girl style challenge. Follow my snapchat to see what I created @fashionhayley.

WIN a $100 Gorman Voucher thanks to Poki Games
The prize
To enter Simply comment on this post with your favourite Harajuku style subculture. Mine would have to be Spank-kei because my good friend Tavuchi invented it and it's amazing to see how popular it has become outside of Japan in recent years. Imagine inventing your own cult style and having people all over the world idolise and copy you, it's pretty cool!
Contact details Don't forget to leave your instagram handle or email address so I can contact you if you win!
The winner will be chosen at random using
Competition is open to Australian residents only.
Competition closes Monday 28th November 2016 at 5pm AEST.
Winner will be announced that evening via Snapchat and contacted via email.

Good luck xoxo

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pink Panther

Upping my pinkcore all pink all the time game with this 100% pink look. I bought these happy and sad face pink Lazy Oaf pants at the start of winter from Save Yourself Shop in Fitzroy but quickly discovered they're more suited to warmer weather wear so they were pushed to the back of my wardrobe during the colder months. I was so excited to be finally able to wear them out again now that it has slightly warmed up here in Melbourne, and even more excited as I now have this awesome DIY pink iron on patch denim jacket to pair them with!

Outfit details
DIY pink iron on patch denim jacket City Chic
Pink t-shirt Hot Potatoes $2 shop on Sydney Road
Pink emoji pants Lazy Oaf via Save Yourself Shop
Flower sunnies Maude Studio in marble pink
Earrings Kitsu
Pink backpack Fjallraven Classic Kanken In Pastel Pink
Pink heels ASOS

I love my butt in these pants!

These awesome ott sunnies are perfect to go with my ott all pink & all the things look. I live for being ott!

Flower sunnies Maude Studio in marble pink

This is my latest DIY project, the instructions for which are over on the City Chic blog. Essentially I dyed a white denim jacket pink then ironed on some cute patches I had collected then hand stitched them in the corners to firmly affix them to the jacket as I sadly lost one the first time I wore the jacket out. I bloody am obsessed with this jacket though, it's the perfect lightweight jacket for spring and now looks super cute and personal and it gets never ending compliments.

Boob pin Handy Studio, Hungover patch by Skinnydip via ASOSMelody pop patch Eat Me Do, Barbie pin Barbie store in Harajuku, Fresh to Death Rosette Brooch Lightning Heart, Peace out Bitches patch Save Yourself Shop

I heart Spank! badge Spank in TokyoGirl Gang patch by Ohh Deer via ASOSIced Vovo pin Kitiya Palaskas x Frankie Magazine collab, Tokyo swan boat pin McKean,Studio, Pink hair girl patch Susanna Rose Sykes via Save Yourself Shop, At least you tried patch Save Yourself Shop

I really need some new shoes lol. So scuffed and old now but so comfy.

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