Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Arid Garden

Skin care is a relatively new obsession for me, especially as I'm heading deeper into my thirties (yikes what, how did that even happen?) I'm desperately trying to reverse the damage caused by the sun, thank you to living in Australia! I am lucky that my skin only really gets hormonal breakouts around that time of the month so I don't really have to worry too much about those, but I do have some light scarring from my teenage years. Also wrinkles! Let's talk about those little buggers slowly creeping onto my face. My forehead is actually heavily wrinkled, I think it's from squinting all those years I didn't have glasses but needed them. Luckily I don't have to worry too much about those because they're hidden under my fringe haha! I do worry though, and I like to slather it up with night creams, moisturisers and daily sun protection! So when the folks at Activeskin got in touch with me to send over some samples I was very excited as I love testing out new skin care products to see what will and won't work on my skin. Activeskin is your one stop shop for all things skin care and below are my top pics from their vast range!

The perfect daily cleansing foam that works brilliantly with my Clarisonic. Removes excess makeup, oil and dirt for a really deep clean and is frangrance free which is perfect for my sensitive skin!

Lightweight and oil free this moisturiser is great for those with oily or combination skin as it combats oil whilst also moisturising the dry areas.

Sunscreen is such an important part of your daily skincare regime, I never leave home without it. I love this sunscreen as it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and greasy afterwards which makes it perfect for under my makeup.

I swear by my Clarisonic, have been using it for nearly two years now and see an incredible difference in my skin. However mine is the plain old white one, seriously considering upgrading to the pink because we all know what pink means to me!

Me and my newly refreshed skin went on a fabulous outing to the beautiful Arid Garden in Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens on the weekend. Cactuses, unlike your skin, don't need a whole lot of water or care in order to thrive so it is kind of an ironic place for a photo-shoot about moisturising haha!

However my dress was covered in this beautiful cacti print by local Melbourne label Rouda that I picked up at the recent Magic Designer Sale. Sign up to their facebook page to find out when the next sale is on, but basically it's a twice yearly sale of local designers old season stock. I always find something amazing at the sale, this year I bought the Poms Jewellery ring and bangel in this post as well as the dress and I spent a total of $180 which is a bargain considering the dress alone was originally well over that at full retail price! I do love a bargain!

Outfit details
Dress Rouda 
Pink pom pom earrings, ring and bangle Poms Jewellery
Purple backpack Shop in Noosa
Navy blue tights City Chic
Pink heels ASOS

Giving some good skin thanks to Activeskin!

I found this cute little lilac backpack whilst in Noosa at the end of last year for $10. I regret not also getting it in the pink but I'm pretty sure I'll find a cute little pink backpack in Tokyo next month (I'm headed there after Vietnam, eeep can't wait!). My new Poms ring and bangle are so cute they kill me!

Still getting much wear out of these seriously comfy heels. Definitely taking them with me to Tokyo!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Show Day!

If you follow me over on instagram or snapchat (fashionhayley on both!) then you'd have seen that I went to the Royal Melbourne Show on Saturday night with a few of my friends. When I found out there was an after 5pm ticket for only $20, half the price of the full day I decided I just had to go this year. The show is an Aussie tradition, every city has one, as do lots of country towns. It's full of rides, animal shows, fireworks, food and drink tastings, craft and baking competitions and showbags which are themed bags full of chocolates and lollies and novelty toys. The Royal Melbourne Show is basically a big country fair only in the city. As a kid the show is a magical place, full of fun and wonder. Well now as an adult who hadn't been in maybe 10 years I can safely say it's lots of fun for us too! HELLO cocktail bar in the Winning Tastes Pavilion. Yes I managed to get pretty drunk and fall both into and out of a ride getting in and out of the cart, you see it kinda swayed and well I just tumbled out, face planted then rolled down the metal entryway, a very embarrassing moment and I have a lot of bruises from that incident. Luckily I didn't spew after all the cocktails followed by roller coasters but I did forget to take more photos other than these just of my outfit, sorry about that but I was just having too much fun. I'm definitely going to go back next year, maybe for the full day because 4 hours was just not enough time to see and do everything.

Outfit details
Patchwork print dress Gorman
Floral denim jacket City Chic (old season)
Rosette Brooch Lightning Heart
Pink tights Kardashian Kolkection
Pink Brogues Topshop
Ice Cream earrings Doodad and Fandango

I wore my new favourite Gorman dress, I thought the fun patches print was kinda ideal for the bright lights of the show. I love the fit on this dress, I'm really loving wearing more tight fitted clothes these days - a cute hint of my belly and curves. I think my belly looks really cute so I'm really into showing it off, reminds me of a Bei Bad Girl drawing.

I love my new Kanken backpack! I got it in the peach pink colour as the blush pink which is more pastel has been sold out for months and I couldn't wait any longer. I'm loving this one so much that I think when the pastel is back in stock I'll buy it anyway because this bag just fits so much stuff and is so lightweight and cute and well pink haha!

Blissed out and hyper on too much sugar in my very fitting and super cute Doodad and Fandango ice cream earrings! Oh what a super fun day!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Today I Am

#TodayIAm - doing it my way!

Fashion for me is all about having fun, ignoring all the so called fashion rules and doing it my way, If I feel like wearing a giant pink pom pom dress like the one I wore to fashion week recently - well then I'm going to do it. Likewise if I feel like pairing a basic tee with a fine silk floral print skirt - well I'm going to do that too! I don't believe in fashion rules, never have and never will. I always wear what makes me happy and for me that is bold bright colours, mostly pinks, and all the accessories all at once. Some so called fashion crimes I've committed over the years include - socks with sandals - check! Mixing prints - check! Wearing too many accessories - check! Being plus size and wearing horizontal stripes - check! There's many many more and there will continue to be many more as I ignore the haters and wear whatever I please. I just love dressing up and playing with fashion way too much to ever stop. The creative process of slowly collecting all the right pieces for that perfect dream outfit is what I live for - shopping at markets, op shops, designer sales and yes even my local Westfield. Today I am doing it my way just as I always have and always will. I'll never stop being me and I hope that I can inspire you to experiment and play with fashion too.

Outfit details - All from Westfield Doncaster
White tee Nude Lucy from Glue Store
Pink floral skirt Gorman
Head scarf Mimco
Blue sunglasses Le Specs from Glue Store
White bag Mimco
Blue clip on earrings Mimco
Pink enamel bangle Mimco
Pink pom pom Gorman

I love me a good turban and this Mimco scarf was too pretty to resist and I love how it looks with the amazing blue clear framed sunnies by Le Specs from Glue.

I love the beautiful botanical floral print of this Gorman skirt so much, I want to own so many pieces in the 'Birds and Bees' print from the new SS15 collection but for now have settled on this stunning pink silk skirt. Of course the pink is what sold me on this piece.

As someone who doesn't have their ears pierced I just LOVE when a brand offers up clip on earrings in it's collection. These Mimco blue gem clip on earrings are so elegant and sparkly!

Hello pom pom keyring! You had me at first sight and I just had to style you on my new white Mimco pouch bag, jazzing it up to make it more me!

Thank you to Westfield for bringing me on to this fabulous #TodayIAm campaign, I love the concept behind it - being true to yourself and who you are! Kelly Osbourne is a great style ambassador for the brand, I'm very excited that Westfield is celebrating unique personal style and style at any size - both of which are my passions! Let me know in the comments your thoughts xoxo

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pink Holiday

I'm really excited that in just under a month I will be travelling around Vietnam with my bff Lauren and husband Henry for three whole weeks! This is all of our first time visiting Vietnam or South East Asia for that matter so we're really looking forward to seeing the vast beauty of the country, experiencing the history and culture as well as eating all the yummy food (although Lauren is a vegan and I'm a vegetarian so not sure exactly how easy this will be for us, lucky ol' Henry can and will eat anything so he'll be fine haha!) We're travelling all over the country too - from Phu Quoc to Hanoi and in-between, staying in small beach side towns and big cities, saying I can't wait is an understatement and a half! I've been slowly collecting clothes that I think will travel well and be good in the humidity but still in my usual bright, fun and mostly pink style. This Gorman dress was a no brainier really, the perfect length for those windy days where anything shorter and your knickers are on show the whole day. The cute pink manicured hand print really sold me on it, as did the breathable cotton fabric which I like to live in come hot weather. All in all it is the perfect dress for the warmer weather and I can't wait to wear it in Vietnam #cantwait!!!

Outfit details
Dress Gorman
Pink t-shirt Dimmey's for $2.50
Pink basket bag H&M
Pink squid earrings Captain Mueller
Pink sandals Jelly Belly
Pink sunnies Craig & Karl for LeSpecs
Bangle Tsumori Chisato

I was searching for the perfect pink tee to wear underneath the dress for sun protection for ages. It had to be the perfect matching pink or I wasn't going to get it. On my way home one day I popped into my local Dimmey's, which is a small chain of discount stores in Melbourne, and this pink t-shirt was just sitting there all on it's own with a $2.50 sticker on it. Of course I snapped it up as it was the exact shade of pink that I was after. Super lucky, it obviously was meant to be!

Pink t-shirt Dimmey's for $2.50
Pink squid earrings Captain Mueller
Pink sunnies Craig & Karl for LeSpecs

Still obsessed with this basket bag. Expect to see it a lot come summer!

Pink basket bag H&M
Bangle Tsumori Chisato

Jelly sandals forever and ever!

Pink sandals Jelly Belly

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Pottering Around

Eeep so sorry about not blogging in a while, I was sick with gastro for what felt like forever then I got sick with the flu right after that so I'm a little behind on everything. Trying to catch up now with this quick outfit post I took on the weekend on my way to the Brunswick Flea Market. I wore my new favourite pot plant print dress from Lazy Oaf which I think is going to be perfect to wear on my upcoming trip to Vietnam, a fun update to the classic maxi dress with it's super adorable pink print! Of course I teamed it all with pink accessories and my slightly still pink hair. Pink hair just washes out way too fast, I think I'm too lazy for the upkeep so I'm going to be staying blonde for now. I do love how my pink hair looks though, just wish it lasted longer than 7 days at a time on me.

Outfit details
Dress Lazy Oaf
Pink basket bag H&M
Pink pom pom earrings Poms Jewellery
Pink heels ASOS
Pink sunnies Craig & Karl for LeSpecs

I picked up the fluffy pink pom pom ring and bangle at the recent Magic Designer Sale by Poms Jewellery. I've wanted both for ages, so happy to score them in the sale!

Pink pom pom ring and bangle Poms Jewellery

These heels are so comfy! I wore them to the graduate show at MSFW this year and had no issues even though there was lots of walking and standing that night. I actually vlogged that show over on my soon to be updated weekly YouTube channel so be sure to check that out and subscribe, it would mean so much to me!

Pink heels ASOS

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