Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fashion Wish List for Summer 2008

I have a huge wish list right now, mainly because I have been very poor since coming back from Japan (I am finding it hard to keep jobs, I had a call centre job which I quit because I hated every minute, then I had a child care job which I loved but got fired from. Now uni starts soon and I cant find a job that suits my timetable)

Anyway here is my current wish list:

Glitter Jelly High Heels

I actually had these exact shoes when I was 13. I got them the first time I was allowed to go into the city all by my self from Sportsgirl (like topshop but crapper). My mum hated them and made me throw them out a few years later. If only I didn't throw them away, I could be wearing them now...(I think they were a size 9, I'm a 10 now, so maybe a tight fit but I could do it)

Doc Martens with a heel

I know that the grunge look has been around for a while now (Thanx to Chloe's Paulo Melim Andersson Fall 2007 collection)

but I'm still obsessed with it. I bought some black Docs at Savers, but they are too big for me and hurt like hell. Plus I felt really stumpy when I wore them, that's why I think a heel will help to glam up the look. In my last post I mentioned that friends inspire my style. Well yet again I am wanting what my friends have. Tabuchi, the owner of Spank and one of my best friends in Tokyo wore Doc style boots nearly every day with glow in the dark shoe laces.

Native Indian Feather Headdress

I love wearing giant over sized things in my hair...much to Henry's annoyance.

The red bow was a gift from the Spank girls.

I have wanted a small toned down feather headdress for ages. My American artist friend in Japan, Hillary, is part native American, and a lot of her art is inspired by her heritage. So yet again her art and style is influencing mine. What is with this?

Clear Wayfarer Glasses

I need to replace my out dated and ugly red glasses (from my post about whats in my bag). I want huge black wayfarers so I can look totally nerdy. Everyone had these in Japan, and you can get them with your prescription lenses for only $80. In Australia a new pair of glasses will set you back $300 or more. The reason I never did it in Japan was because I didn't have my prescription with me, and I cant speak enough Japanese to do an eye test there. These are going to have to wait a long while...unless I get the scholarship for education costs I applied for. (Hey I cant see white boards without glasses and I wont wear my red ones so it is an education cost!!!)

It seems that all I want is accessories...What's with that?


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