Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sneaky Peak at TV's Winter 10 lookbook

At 10am on Saturday morning I got a phone call saying I was invited down to the TV AW09/10 Lookbook shoot with Ryan Lobbo Styling, Nick Blair photographing and Samantha Harris modelling and would I be interested in coming??? Hell Yes I said as I raced to find a taxi as fast as I could. I'm so glad I did go down even if the night before I was out dancing till 3am with Yvan. I mean how beautiful is the collection? Not to mention the model, Sam, she was so perfect for this shoot, she was flown down from Sydney just for TV! The designers, Monika and Ingrid were very hands on at the shoot giving each look their own personal eccentric touch with a bit of flurro rope here and an improvised turban there. Please excuse my blurry photos, I only had my happy snap camera on hand.

The clothes on the rack waiting to be shot.

Ryan, Monkia and Ingrid fuss over Samantha.

The accessories table.

The bag gets poufed to perfection.

Amazing boots used in the shoot from Zomp.

Scott (my old assistant) gets to work ironing.

Sam rocks the fox.

Strikingly beautiful Sam enjoys a cold can of coke.

Decisions, decisions.

Work that floral jumpsuit.

The black dress that I am so going to buy, it has laser cuts in it that can't be seen in my bad photo.

Awesome winter coat which can be worn like this or belted.

Final adjustments.

Loving the boulder shoulder and that pattern.

I had such a great day observing the shoot and helping out when I could. TV is one of my favourite labels and to see what they have created for Winter 10 was amazing, they have really outdone themselves and come up with a beautifully executed winter collection full of must have pieces to lust after.


  1. oh what a cool preview, how lucky you were! i love that jacket SO much. and the green is amazing.


  2. lucky u! tv is one of my favs. the colour palette looks amazing and the jumpsuits, jackets etc so covertable. samantha is adorable sorry i'm gushing but with good reason. nice work, with hot opportunies like this cropping up, imagine where u will be in 5 yrs time? go fashion hayley!

    ps can't believe i missed the VCA private view last night - my v sleep deprived & disorganised brain thought it was nxt week bumma

  3. Samantha Harris is so unbelievably beautiful in these photos, and yet she's one of those girls that you can tell would be even more stunning in real life. Jealous! And jealous of your sneak peek!

  4. so exciting! samantha is the perfect model for TV

  5. Samantha is so utterly stunning. I love all of these looks. The simplicity teamed with the old and the new is jussst perfect! You're so llucky to have been a part of it all!

  6. wow, i love dark orange and fluoro yellow and dark purple... such good accessories!! <3

  7. i dunno if this comment got through the first time...stupid blogger...

    sam is so beautiful! i wanna see her in more local editorials!
    and did you bear hug monica & ingrid? you should have. their work is consistently awesome.

  8. she is GORGEOUS.

    looks like a fantastic shoot.


  9. I LOVE that jacket with the diagonal pattern (and the shoulder!). BTW, I was the chick who ran into you in Little Collins Street last friday and exclaimed "Fashion Hayley!" Sorry if I startled you :)

  10. i am IN LOVE with those Zomp Boots - where can I buy them?

  11. 'the bag gets poufed to perfection', great word haha, i love it!
    i'm always poufing bags at work, people buy them so much easier when they're big and round, perhaps because they can imagine all their stuff in them?
    i love your sneak peeks, keep em coming!

  12. I love your behind the scene pictures, that Sam is a beautiful model!


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