Sunday, January 29, 2012

Park Life Plushy

Photobucket Do you see the stuffed toy whale in the fountain to the left of me? That plush toy has followed us around Redfern all week. We first saw it last weekend in a lane near our house, just sitting in the street. Then a few days ago it was a few blocks away and we joked that it was slowly trying to get back to the ocean. Then today there it was, sitting in the fountain in Redfern park about ten blocks away from where we first saw it.

Outfit details
Blue lace dress City Chic Lace Dancer Dress $119.95
Brown basket bag Vintage from Savers in Brunswick for $4
Black resin flower necklace Make Believe
Bangles Elke Kramer black resin studded bangle
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair
Sunglasses Karen Walker Super Duper's from Eyegoodies
Black platform mary-janes Wittner on sale for $56.95 down from $189.95
Lace socks Paddys Market $5
Flower headband Sportsgirl on sale for $4.95

Photobucket I blogged this outfit over at the City Chic blog too, check it out for more photos xoxo

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Neon Gold

Photobucket This skirt I got during the recent ASOS sale is a tricky one to wear. Its so bright, and well...neon! Of course that's also what I like about it so today I decided that you know what, I'm gonna try and work out a way to wear this little piece of awesome. I think pairing it back with black works, and whilst adding the gold is a bold choice it just somehow all works. All photos in this post by Claire from Harbour Master, thanks Claire xxx

Outfit Details 
Top Dimepiece sheer hands tee
Skirt ASOS neon yellow skirt $50
Gold socks My Italian Closet
Gold backpack Episode on Sydney Road in Melbourne for only $5
Gold belt From a Girls Night In clothing swap party
Necklace Make Believe resin flower necklace, gift from the designers
Bangles Elke Kramer gift & Estelle Dévé Asperatis Bangle in gold $30 from her recent sample sale
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair
Sandals Melissa Aranha flock jelly sandals $65 from Monk House Design
  PhotobucketSo bold, so gold.
  PhotobucketSparkly socks be so sparkly.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pink is in the hair

Photobucket Local label Mink Pink threw a blogger tea party last week, and boy they went all out with the cute as cakes, cordial, lollies and cut sandwiches.
  Photobucket Not to mention rainbow popcorn!
  Photobucket The tea party was to celebrate the launch of Mink Pink's new global campaign, which will hit stores around May this year. My heart is set on the sunflower dress, much love for that print!

Photobucket The accessories, designed by Annabel from Love More Blog are to die for. The bags are obviously inspired by Annabels love of vintage - with a modern twist.
  Photobucket I also got a really quick sneaky peak behind the scenes of the AW12 Evil Twin lookbook shoot and finally got to meet Jodie Mckenzie the brains behind the brand. I have loved her blog Platinum Evil, her personal style and her brand for so long and she is so so so nice in person, yay!
   PhotobucketEvil Twin AW12, obsessed with the models pink hair which was achieved with a spray in dye which I must investigate further....meaning I forgot to ask the hair stylist the brand #doh

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretty in pink town

Photobucket Yesterday we headed to Chinatown and Paddy's market for lunch and a bit of exploring. Sydney's Chinatown is pretty big, every time I go I discover something new I hadn't noticed before and this trip was no exception. We finally found an asian grocery that stocks some of our favourite foods from Japan and I fell in love with yet another kawaii plastic crap shop. After lunch we headed to the Chinese Gardens for some relaxing times, but mostly for outfit photography times hehe.

Outfit Details
Denim Jacket Vintage from a Salvos store in Doncaster $12
Tee Dimepiece sheer hands t-shirt
Polkadot skirt Gorman $150
White broderie anglaise lace frill socks $5 from Paddys Market Chinatown
Pink jelly sandals Melissa Aranha sandals in pink translucent $65
Purple bow necklace Gala Curios gift from the designer
Pink cat bag $5 from Episode on Sydney road Melbourne
  PhotobucketI was really happy with how I did my eye make up. I'm wearing a combo of three shades of pink through to purple eye shadows from my Sportsgirl Hip To Be Square eye shadow palette with a thick slab of my Mac eye kohl liner to define my eyes under my specs. My lipstick is Sportsgirl Pout About It in fuchsia. I've worked with make-up artists on shoots who love Sportsgirl's make-up range so don't discredit their cheap and cheerful range, I swear by it for on trend beauty products that won't set me back a tonne.
  PhotobucketYou can see the crazy detail on my great opshop score of a denim jacket. I was opshopping at Salvos with my mum just before Christmas when I saw this with a pair of matching jeans going for $24 for the set which was a bit steep in my mind. Then I saw a sign saying everything with white tags was 1/2 price and what do you know this had a white tag so I scored it for a low $12 and donated the jeans back to the store as they were not my thing.
  PhotobucketYep another pair of new shoes. The people at Melissa shoes heard how Hachiko had chewed through the strap of my much loved black Aranha Floc Melissa's and kindly offered to send me a new pair. As my black ones were fixable I decided to try out the pink translucent style for something a bit different and wow I love them, I think I might even collect a few more colours cos seriously these shoes are the best!
  PhotobucketBonus photo of me and the Morning Glory bear in Chinatown.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm a Bambi girl

PhotobucketI saw this limited edition Bambi dress in the Peter Alexander mail out many months ago and immediately fell in love with it. Yes it is technically a nightie but I think it makes a great dress and I'm not one for technicalities. I just freaking love Bambi and this dress was in a limited run (sold out within two days apparently) so I couldn't pass up the opportunity when it landed in my local store. I'm wearing it with my new pink hair (Brilliant Silver Rose toner) not to mention my new platform black patent mary-janes bought on massive sale at Wittner. FYI this isn't the first time I've had pink hair, back in 2009 I used Fudge to get my pink on as seen here and here. I call my current style obsession Spunk - a mixture of Spank style and Sea Punk, my tumblr is slowly filling up with fash-spiration shots currently floating my boat. Lets get SPUNKY!!!

Outfit Details
Bambi dress  Peter Alexander  $100
Leggings Gisela Ramierz during her 50% off sale for $40
Black platform mary-janes  Wittner on sale for $56.95 down from $189.95
White broderie anglaise lace frill socks $5 from Paddys Market Chinatown
Fake nose ring From a packet I bought for a photoshoot on ebay (I've had my nose pierced twice already in my life, not going to do it again but its fun to try it out again)
Pink hair toner Brilliant Silver Rose $14
Pink nailpolish Ulta3 in Fruit Tingle $3 from selected chemists (hunt that shit down, its the BEST!)
Bangle Elke Kramer black resin studded bangle
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair 

PhotobucketI wasn't feeling my face today, but this is all about my hair anyway. The toner went on a little unevenly due to the awkwardness of pouring 1 litre of water mixed with 5 drops of the dye over my head. BUT in person it doesn't look as uneven somehow. I am very happy with the results!!!
  PhotobucketYes I realise these are fake Prada's, but that's not why I like them, infact I would prefer if they didn't have that blue stripe and were just platform mary-janes. But you can't argue with a saving of $133, down from $189.95 to $56.95 just means you have to buy them, it makes economic sense.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The dream of the 90s is alive

Photobucket All the hot girls wear glasses! Yes I am referencing the much acclaimed song from Portlandia right now (by the way they could totally sing the same song about Melbourne, Sydney not so much although there is a "put a bird on it" shop in Paddington called I like birds lolz) Ahhh Melbourne, the place where young people go to retire. I miss being retired, Sydney's workaholic culture is exhausting. Anyway my outfit above was actually worn to torment poor Henry who would prefer a more conventionally dressed wife especially when taking her out for a romantic date at the open air cinema. The fact he then had to photograph said wife in her "ridiculous" get up in front of a bulging crowd was almost too much to bear for him. Lets all feel sorry for Henry for a moment...ok that's enough of that. I actually like this outfit, even if the bindi is "a bit much" and a tad culturally insensitive to boot (although so far when wearing one Indian people have been more excited than anything else, coming up to chat to me about it, which used to happen to me as a teen when I wore bindis the first time round).

Photobucket Ugly cat bag version 2.0. I call this bag my Tumblr bag, I picked it up in the land of the 90s on my last visit home (fyi I'm talking about Melbourne). What could be better than a pink cat with a cross on its face on a bag? Well I can think of something better, a gif bag, but how would you actually make that?
  Photobucket Platform sneakers hidden under polka dot lace, a thing of beauty.

Outfit Details
Denim shirt Vintage Levis denim shirt from Surry Hills Market for $10
Badges The batman is from Henry's brothers 6th birthday party lolly bag that his mum made. The other two are random badges from my extensive collection kept from the last time I was into them circa 2003.
Crystal necklace Xmas gift from my sister
Sheer polka dot skirt ASOS $50
Platform Sneakers ASOS $60
White broderie anglaise lace frill socks $5 from Paddys Market Chinatown
Pink cat bag $5 from Episode on Sydney road Melbourne
Bangle Elke Kramer black resin studded bangle
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Joining the Tumbling

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket I now have a Tumblr where I will be posting snapshots from my day that don't normally get blogged (like the ones above of some recent updates to our apartment), inspiration images and old family photos, basically whatever takes my fancy. Check it out. Oh and like the blog re-design? Let me know of any bugs xxx

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Super Duper

This outfit may seem pretty similar to the one I blogged just last week, what with the leopard print top and black maxi skirt and all. However this outfit actually predates that one and has been my favourite go-to-outfit for the last few months. Why I never blogged it till just now I have no idea, but here it is in all its go-to glory. It's in frequent rotation in my wardrobe because of its wear-ability as its not only comfortable but also it just looks bloody amazing on. There is a new addition to this outfit though which I'm pretty excited about, my new Karen Walker Super Duper Strength sunnies in tortoiseshell from Eyegoodies. To say I'm in love with them is an understatement. Eyegoodies offers them cheaper than I have been able to find anywhere both online and in stores and they came so fast making me a very happy girl.

Outfit Detials
Leopard blouse Vintage from Surry Hills Market for $10
Black maxi dress City Chic
Black floppy hat Xmas gift from Henry
Black sandals Melissa Aranha flock jelly sandals $65 from Monk House Design
White frill socks American Apparel $14
Brown basket bag Vintage from Savers in Brunswick for $4
Black resin flower necklace Make Believe
Bangles Elke Kramer black resin studded bangle & Estelle Dévé Asperatis Bangle in gold $30 from her recent sample sale
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair
Sunglasses Karen Walker Super Duper's from Eyegoodies

A close up of my awesome new Karen Walker Super Duper sunnies in tortoiseshell, they suit me so much don't you think?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 in review

I have a blogging tradition of looking back at the previous year and all the highlights and lowlights that made up the 365 days of the year that was. The look back at 2010 was full of exciting highlights but 2011 has been a hard year for me. Living away from friends and family has been hard, especially as my grandfather got sick and then passed away last month. I am lucky that with the work that I do I was able to take time off and go spend a few weeks with my family to help them through that period, but then I missed my other family, namely my Sydney family of my husband Henry and Hachiko our handsome hound. Professionally I'm in a better place than I was 12 months ago, but I'm still not at the point I would like to be so 2011 almost feels like it was one long pointless struggle. Perhaps I feel like this because there was no overseas travel for me, even if there were lots of trips back to Melbourne and one to Perth it just wasn't the same. I do have plans in place to travel overseas this year already so I guess 2012 is looking up? Oh yeah and I dislocated my knee at the start of 2011, that really sucked balls and screwed up some of my plans (did I ever mention I did it whilst getting ready to be filmed by ABC TV who were unable to reschedule the interview so they cancelled it, yeah that's like adding an extra layer of sucky to the sucky you already knew) Anyway lets take a look back at 2011.

Firstly I want to say I am proud of myself for taking the initiative and launching my SOS Japan fundraiser after Japan's terrible earthquake and tsunami in March. With the help of some amazing local designers, bloggers and creative's who all donated to the charity auction we raised $1784 all of which went to the Red Cross's efforts in the affected area.

Career highlights
Styling the Vice x Westfield advertising campaign

Elle USA magazine street style photography capturing the best of Sydney's streets for their global street chic feature.

Styling, creative direction and copy writing of Westfield x Fashion Journal advertorials. A fun youth based bi-monthly campaign that has been a pleasure to work on all year.
Styling the Sydney band Circle Pit for their feature in Fashion Journal.

Styling the September cover editorial for Fashion Journal.

Fashion Weeks
Wow I attended no less than four fashion weeks this year, all of them in Australia (which in itself is pretty cool, Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi and all that). First up was Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in March, struggling along on my crutches after I dislocated my knee a few weeks before. LMFF was almost the death of me I swear, it was so hard not only physically because of my knee but emotionally too as the Tsunami in Japan happened mid week and I was a wreck worrying about friends back in Tokyo (who were all fine, the radiation and aftershocks were the main worry). The fashion was good though and seeing friends was the perfect medicine after a difficult couple of weeks.

RAFW in May was an epic 24/7 affair for me and the On The Streets of Sydney team but boy it was worth it. Seeing Josh Goot's return to the Aussie runway was a highlight of my year.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week will always be my favourite of all fashion weeks because it was the first I ever attended, way back when I was a teen. Its come a long way since then and every year the RMIT student show blows me away so I will always make time for MSFW.

My first trip to Western Australia for Perth Fashion Festival was super exciting. Perth has such a unique fashion voice that rarely gets heard on the east coast and its about time that changed. I hope to be able to return to PFF this year.

I experienced intense bullying on twitter this year, worse than anything I ever experienced in high school. I don't want to dwell on it or give the bullies any more attention other than to say I was hurt by it as anyone with feelings would be, but I learnt a lot from it...mostly that people given the ability to leave comments or tweet anonymously can by cunts sometimes. Lesson learnt and I'm going to ignore it as much as possible from now on.

So what does 2012 have in store for me?

  • In May I'll be heading to Tokyo for my birthday and I'm terribly excited. Its been way too long.
  • Lots of hard work, my goal is to get published in print at least three times before May.
  • Relaunch On The Streets of Sydney. This does not mean a re-design as I still like the layout, it just means actually working on creating original content again. We all got so terribly burnt out after RAFW that it has just sat there for a while, but I'm ready to jump back in and shake up Sydney's style again.
2011 was a hard year for me and I'm glad to see the back of it. Looking back on it though has proved to me that maybe it wasn't so bad. There were so many good times with friends new and old, great moments in my styling career and my blog took me to the most isolated city in the world so I have to remember to not dwell on the bad stuff so much and look at all the positives. 2012 watch out xxx

Monday, January 2, 2012

How the leopard got its spots

This is what I wore to the small New Years Eve rooftop party I attended, where we got to see the Sydney fireworks without having to deal with the crowds around the harbour. Conveniently the party was on my very own roof so I didn't have to go too far. I did however forget to bring my camera upstairs to capture the fireworks, but hey guess what, they looked just like fireworks!

My polka dot obsession is still in full swing, as is my love of sheer and maxi skirts. So imagine my delight at seeing this skirt in both sheer and polkadot on in a maxi length, it was the full trifecta, the holy grail of skirts if you will, and as so many bloggers have written before me and will continue to write till someone invents a better way of writing about shopping, "it had to be mine". Well mine it is and wear it I will, all summer I imagine and well into winter too by adding some printed tights or leggings. This is another piece I expect to get a lot of wear out of in Tokyo come May.

Outfit Details
Hat Xmas gift from Henry, it has the widest brim I've ever seen
Leopard top Another recent Savers find from the Savers in Footscray, about $4
Sheer polka dot skirt ASOS $50
Crystal necklace Xmas gift from my sister
Platform Sneakers ASOS $60
Black lace frill socks $5 from a sock shop at Westfield Doncaster
Bangles Elke Kramer black resin studded bangle & Estelle Dévé Asperatis Bangle in gold $30 from her recent sample sale
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair

This photo shows the platform off a little better than in my last post. Its all about getting the right angle guys!

I'm not sure where my sister got this necklace from but I love it. Thanks sis for the great pressies this year xxx