Friday, January 13, 2012

The dream of the 90s is alive

Photobucket All the hot girls wear glasses! Yes I am referencing the much acclaimed song from Portlandia right now (by the way they could totally sing the same song about Melbourne, Sydney not so much although there is a "put a bird on it" shop in Paddington called I like birds lolz) Ahhh Melbourne, the place where young people go to retire. I miss being retired, Sydney's workaholic culture is exhausting. Anyway my outfit above was actually worn to torment poor Henry who would prefer a more conventionally dressed wife especially when taking her out for a romantic date at the open air cinema. The fact he then had to photograph said wife in her "ridiculous" get up in front of a bulging crowd was almost too much to bear for him. Lets all feel sorry for Henry for a moment...ok that's enough of that. I actually like this outfit, even if the bindi is "a bit much" and a tad culturally insensitive to boot (although so far when wearing one Indian people have been more excited than anything else, coming up to chat to me about it, which used to happen to me as a teen when I wore bindis the first time round).

Photobucket Ugly cat bag version 2.0. I call this bag my Tumblr bag, I picked it up in the land of the 90s on my last visit home (fyi I'm talking about Melbourne). What could be better than a pink cat with a cross on its face on a bag? Well I can think of something better, a gif bag, but how would you actually make that?
  Photobucket Platform sneakers hidden under polka dot lace, a thing of beauty.

Outfit Details
Denim shirt Vintage Levis denim shirt from Surry Hills Market for $10
Badges The batman is from Henry's brothers 6th birthday party lolly bag that his mum made. The other two are random badges from my extensive collection kept from the last time I was into them circa 2003.
Crystal necklace Xmas gift from my sister
Sheer polka dot skirt ASOS $50
Platform Sneakers ASOS $60
White broderie anglaise lace frill socks $5 from Paddys Market Chinatown
Pink cat bag $5 from Episode on Sydney road Melbourne
Bangle Elke Kramer black resin studded bangle
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair


  1. ahhh this is amazing! i love me some 90s shit!

  2. LOVE your sheer skirt hayley!

    Belated happy new year!

    New post Camel meets fox

  3. Love that you're wearing a bindi, I used to wear them all the time like old school Gwen Stefani :)

  4. Hi Hayley

    I have this ASOS skirt but wasn't sure how I could wear it for daytime. You've just inspired me. Love it with the converse too!

    Amy x

  5. Love your style, is very unusual and inspiring .
    Greets from Barcelona

  6. Aaah, love the badges! :)

    Such a beautiful backdrop for photos too! :)

  7. I love your outfit! Sometimes dressing super 90s is just fun.

    I recently bought this skirt and am super excited about how many different ways you can style it. :)

  8. I love it! Can't wait for the weather to warm up a little here so I can wear my denim jacket (mine is adorned with 90s and inspired peices too - have you ever checked out Heidi Seeker?) and shirt again! :)

    And yayy for the pink kitty bag!

  9. OMFG.. TUMBLR BAG. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. Love it, but no seriously... I LOVE THAT BAG!!! and I am fussy as shit when it comes to bag. Serious bag jealousy right now. Once again, rad get up you have here. I love the batman badge. Oh and I just followed your tumblr :)

  10. hahahah poor your henry, my henry gets like that sometimes too when i make him take photos for me :P

    p.s. loooooooooooooooove that bag!

  11. I was eyeing that bag at Dangerfield the other day, but it had a price tag of $25 and I wasn't paying that much for it! I love the skirt. I used to wear bindis in my teen years too!

  12. Awesome outfit! The pins are so cute


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