Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Neon Gold

Photobucket This skirt I got during the recent ASOS sale is a tricky one to wear. Its so bright, and well...neon! Of course that's also what I like about it so today I decided that you know what, I'm gonna try and work out a way to wear this little piece of awesome. I think pairing it back with black works, and whilst adding the gold is a bold choice it just somehow all works. All photos in this post by Claire from Harbour Master, thanks Claire xxx

Outfit Details 
Top Dimepiece sheer hands tee
Skirt ASOS neon yellow skirt $50
Gold socks My Italian Closet
Gold backpack Episode on Sydney Road in Melbourne for only $5
Gold belt From a Girls Night In clothing swap party
Necklace Make Believe resin flower necklace, gift from the designers
Bangles Elke Kramer gift & Estelle Dévé Asperatis Bangle in gold $30 from her recent sample sale
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair
Sandals Melissa Aranha flock jelly sandals $65 from Monk House Design
  PhotobucketSo bold, so gold.
  PhotobucketSparkly socks be so sparkly.


  1. Swwon that necklace is pretty darn amazing!

  2. that necklace is stunning a really eye catching piece, the black flowers are like dark glam in a sense


  3. love it! i'm obsessed with neon!
    I love that you mixed it with gold! awesome!

  4. skirt is crazy good!

  5. Neon with gold accessories is my favourite combination for this summer.

  6. I am in love with that neon skirt - you wear it so well! Genius idea to wear it with black and gold, I really like the outfit that resulted :)


  7. This is amazing! fantastic stuff :)
    love the blog.

  8. Fabulous! I bought the same skirt and have been having the same problem, no idea what to pair it with. I was thinking about using the fabric & reinventing (neon lace is IMPOSSIBLE to find) but might give black & gold a whirl first...


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