Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretty in pink town

Photobucket Yesterday we headed to Chinatown and Paddy's market for lunch and a bit of exploring. Sydney's Chinatown is pretty big, every time I go I discover something new I hadn't noticed before and this trip was no exception. We finally found an asian grocery that stocks some of our favourite foods from Japan and I fell in love with yet another kawaii plastic crap shop. After lunch we headed to the Chinese Gardens for some relaxing times, but mostly for outfit photography times hehe.

Outfit Details
Denim Jacket Vintage from a Salvos store in Doncaster $12
Tee Dimepiece sheer hands t-shirt
Polkadot skirt Gorman $150
White broderie anglaise lace frill socks $5 from Paddys Market Chinatown
Pink jelly sandals Melissa Aranha sandals in pink translucent $65
Purple bow necklace Gala Curios gift from the designer
Pink cat bag $5 from Episode on Sydney road Melbourne
  PhotobucketI was really happy with how I did my eye make up. I'm wearing a combo of three shades of pink through to purple eye shadows from my Sportsgirl Hip To Be Square eye shadow palette with a thick slab of my Mac eye kohl liner to define my eyes under my specs. My lipstick is Sportsgirl Pout About It in fuchsia. I've worked with make-up artists on shoots who love Sportsgirl's make-up range so don't discredit their cheap and cheerful range, I swear by it for on trend beauty products that won't set me back a tonne.
  PhotobucketYou can see the crazy detail on my great opshop score of a denim jacket. I was opshopping at Salvos with my mum just before Christmas when I saw this with a pair of matching jeans going for $24 for the set which was a bit steep in my mind. Then I saw a sign saying everything with white tags was 1/2 price and what do you know this had a white tag so I scored it for a low $12 and donated the jeans back to the store as they were not my thing.
  PhotobucketYep another pair of new shoes. The people at Melissa shoes heard how Hachiko had chewed through the strap of my much loved black Aranha Floc Melissa's and kindly offered to send me a new pair. As my black ones were fixable I decided to try out the pink translucent style for something a bit different and wow I love them, I think I might even collect a few more colours cos seriously these shoes are the best!
  PhotobucketBonus photo of me and the Morning Glory bear in Chinatown.


  1. Your hair looks fabulous! The morning Glory bear is so cute :D

  2. Dude, your outfits just seem to keep getting better and better. Is it just me or have you been more inspired recently? I don't know why but it just seems like your style is really, REALLY good now. Not that it was bad before but it just seems.. extra good haha. I loove pink so, I'm really digging this.

    Btw, I CAN'T BELIEVE someone choked your friend and scratched her, that is so damn dangerous ugh, I'm glad she's ok and as for the guy licking your arm. Remin ded me of when this derro once hugged my sister at Flinders Street station for no reason. She was so freaked out.

  3. That jacket is so cool! What a find. That skirt is also totally amazing.

    I love your make-up too. :)

  4. Haley! I agree, your style looks SO great here! (But I always think your style looks great) You do seem super inspired though..I think you must be subconsciously pumped up about Tokyo! (I would be too, haha, I'm almost pumped up THROUGH you).

    I LOVE the vintage denim, mixed with those "jellies" shoes. AWESOME! And the pink hair flat out rules.

  5. Your eyeshadow is awesome! Don't know if I should be scared or amused by that bear - haha!

    Love your bow necklace so much too - what a lovely gift! I tried to make my own one over the weekend with a scarf but it was too much fabric - seeing this makes me want to buy a little fabric so I can try again, it looks great :)

  6. Cute! Love that skirt, im going through a serious polka dot phase! xx

  7. That skirt is the best!

    I love Sportsgirl makeup, I reckon its the best bang for your buck. Which reminds me, I should pop in for some more nail polish.

  8. cute hair!! love your blog, have you seen this melbourne based site clothes and beauty products for free!

  9. Love it. What are you planning on wearing for Australia Day?

  10. could this outfit be any more perfect! MY GOD! the SHOES! i have SEARCHING for old school jellies for so long! SO jealous! and i love that cat! ahhh yay! amazing. your hair looks fantastic! big love x

  11. Chinatown is highly underrated. I love that I now live so close by.

  12. your hair is amazing. I just discovered your blog and will definitely be following you along. Your lastest post is devine, that blue lace dress is killer.

  13. your hair color is everything! how beautiful!


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