Monday, January 2, 2012

How the leopard got its spots

This is what I wore to the small New Years Eve rooftop party I attended, where we got to see the Sydney fireworks without having to deal with the crowds around the harbour. Conveniently the party was on my very own roof so I didn't have to go too far. I did however forget to bring my camera upstairs to capture the fireworks, but hey guess what, they looked just like fireworks!

My polka dot obsession is still in full swing, as is my love of sheer and maxi skirts. So imagine my delight at seeing this skirt in both sheer and polkadot on in a maxi length, it was the full trifecta, the holy grail of skirts if you will, and as so many bloggers have written before me and will continue to write till someone invents a better way of writing about shopping, "it had to be mine". Well mine it is and wear it I will, all summer I imagine and well into winter too by adding some printed tights or leggings. This is another piece I expect to get a lot of wear out of in Tokyo come May.

Outfit Details
Hat Xmas gift from Henry, it has the widest brim I've ever seen
Leopard top Another recent Savers find from the Savers in Footscray, about $4
Sheer polka dot skirt ASOS $50
Crystal necklace Xmas gift from my sister
Platform Sneakers ASOS $60
Black lace frill socks $5 from a sock shop at Westfield Doncaster
Bangles Elke Kramer black resin studded bangle & Estelle Dévé Asperatis Bangle in gold $30 from her recent sample sale
Rings MOMA NYC and Corky Saint Clair

This photo shows the platform off a little better than in my last post. Its all about getting the right angle guys!

I'm not sure where my sister got this necklace from but I love it. Thanks sis for the great pressies this year xxx


  1. How did Hachiko cope with the fireworks? Our dog is just getting back to normal!

    I only found out the other day, in my enforced commercial radio listening at work, that some people really hate leopard print. How is that possible?

  2. Happy new Year! What a wonderful way to spend NYE :) Love your skirt - asos has such lovely things :)

  3. Those platform sneakers are ... the bomb!!! And so cute with those socks. You're killing it lady! So good :)

  4. Happy new year Hayley! Loving your spots!
    Come & visit me @ my blog if you like. x
    Suzi x

  5. I want that skirt even more now that I've seen you wear it! I'm completely obsessed with polkadots too and that skirt is everything I could ever want in a garment.


  6. Another excellent outfit, you're killing it! I love the top, very much. Also, the skirt.. I'm just, you know, obsessed with all sheer things right now so, love that too. I think I'm going to go to Sydney for NYE this year, although I love Melbourne far more... the fireworks in Sydney look a lot better.

  7. How cute are your shoes and top!?
    I love the platform on those sneakers - so good to add that extra little bit of height!!


  8. Gorgeous skirt! I love how you paired the polka dot with the leopard print) loving your blog, a great inspiration!


  9. ah no wonder you weren't on abc bloggers feature! I was thinking 'hey wasn't hayley supposed to be on this?'. bummer :(

    anyway happy new year! hope you get lots of work in 2012. i'm going through the archives of fashion hayley hits japan again... you have way too much fun in that country.

  10. I love your style!!!! :D


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