Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bow-eautiful things

Outfit Details:
Dress: Topshop from Incu in Sydney
Jacket: City Chic
Boots: Forever New
Bag: Gift from my Mum
Bow: Hopeless Hotel from Dagmar Roussete
Bangle: Ishka

How good is new stuff? Makes an old fave outfit all that much better when you add new things to the mix. The boots are the new ones from Forever New that I blogged about in my last post, and in Melbourne's recent rainy weather they have been a total godsend. $109.95 well spent if you ask me. When I first saw the price I thought gee wiz that's a bit pricey for Forever New, but then I thought "um Hayley the whole of 2009 you spent like no money on anything because you were flat broke and now you have some money you are allowed to go crazy for a while, ha". So yes $109.95 is "going crazy" for me so don't expect to see me in Acne wedges anytime soon (a girl can dream though can't she?).

The other new stuff is the awesome black asymmetrical collared blazer from City Chic. Now as a blogger with a semi large following there are a few perks that come with the territory. I'm talking gifts. So yes, the blazer was a gift from City Chic who have also hired me as their resident blogger and stylist. The blog isn't up yet but should be this week which is really really exciting, its all been in the works since November, with my Sydney trip also being a business trip with a meeting at City Chic's head office. So happy I can finally tell you all, its been so hard to keep it secret for so long.

Another thing that happens when your a "semi famous" blogger is meeting "fans" on the street which is all kinds of embarrassing but fun too. Its so weird when people recognise me because, to me I'm just me if you know what I mean. I really never wanted to be famous or anything, not that I am really, but I really don't think I am all that exciting. As Henry says he just doesn't get why people read my blog (gee thanks Henry, ha). It was never meant to be like this but I am so so so grateful that it is because, well its so much fun. I do love blogging and meeting readers and all the opportunities my blog has offered me. Take for instance the above "fan photo", well it was taken on my new NokiaN97 that I was sent to test out which has meant that I can twitpic from anywhere and constantly check my emails while out on the town which is so so so handy especially when organising shoots like I have been this week. I'm going to do a proper review of the phone in another post though. The point of this was today I met the lovely Anna and Rachael while at the Vic Market with Henry and it made my day. Thanks for saying hi and it gave me an idea, from now on if people do say hi I'm going to take photos and make a monthly collage to share. I've been trying to work out what to do when people say hi, Henry joked that I should carry signed photographs, but um no that's not happening, and a friend suggested giving out lollypops but that could get annoying so yeah a photo to share on here. Is that a good idea?

Today I finally went down to Dagmar Roussete in Brunswick which I've been meaning to visit forever and finally managed to do so. I'm sourcing for a shoot and Julia was so helpful, I picked up some amazing pieces. The store is a treasure trove of fresh fun and cute things, just take a look at my photos. Oh and the giant bow I'm wearing is from there too.

Such a cute window display.

Lots of awesome clothes by designers like Limedrop, Donna Sgro and Hopeless Hotel.

Beautiful Julia in her store wearing a top by Donna Sgro. Oh an look bows in other colours, kawaii.

Love this crafty medical dummy.

My friend Cassie n Sydney would die for this. She has a "burger corner" in her room with kawaii burger sofites and the like proudly displayed. Why are burgers so cute when plush?

Amazing jewellery for sale. I love the resin animal rings, they are so cute its almost painful.

Dagmar Rousset is at 343 Sydney Road in Brunswick. Check out the online store too.
Going to Brunswick made me want to move back there. Growing up in the area it was nothing like it is today. Sure there are still a few remnants of that time, namely the crazies like the guy today who told me my glasses make me look like a kangaroo (was not wearing bow at the time, no idea how my glasses could possibly make me even remotely resemble a kangaroo but I took it as a compliment, ha), but boy yeah there are some cute shops and nice cafe's down that way now, and the crazies just make it all the more fun.


  1. Congrats on your City Chic gig! Great post Hayley, its so nice to see and hear what you're up to. I'm in Melbourne often for work, and if I spot you on the street I'll want a photo ;-)

    Ps The medical dummy would give me plush nightmares...

  2. purdy shoes! they remind me of the chloe susans! and at $109.95 ain't too bad for a gorgeous shoe :)
    i think i recognised you once around degraves and was going to say hey but was worried the whole "i know you from the interwebz!" thing would be creepy :P haha next time i totally will!

    x amie

  3. Love the outfit! The bow really looks so cute on you Hayley ;D! That store must have some delicious sutff !

    kiss kiss,

  4. Aw, congrats on your City Chic collaboration, that's fantastic! :)

    I adore your photos, they give me the biggest urge to visit Melbourne again!


  5. TOO cute! Those ringS! How big are they? Do they come with the box too? What a great gift idea! yummy cute little shop indeed!

  6. I will never be over that necklace of yours! I want it ever so much. Also, I think the bow really works. My hair is too short to pull one off without looking like Tavi at that one show with the huge bow-hat.

  7. where did you get the necklace from!!?

  8. Good on you for embracing your readers, the bow looks mighty fine on you

    Sleekit x

  9. That's great news Hayley! Looking forward to seeing your work for City Chic. Here's hoping I run into you next time I'm in Melbourne x

  10. Wow my bow looks awesome on you!!! So glad you like it!! Would it be ok if I posted the picture on my blog?!

    Gaby of Hopeless/HopelesslyDevoted Bows etc...


  11. i saw your tweet saying this post would involve you wearing hopeless hotel. didn't realise that hopeless hotel also made hair bows so I clicked on the link thinking you were gonna be wearing the lingerie! bahaha!

    i love those shoes! splurging every once is a while is fine!

    Congratulations once again on all your accomplishments!

  12. love the bow, and yr new shoes are hottt <3

  13. that shop is adorable, and you look amazing! love your necklace
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  14. You look lovely - the necklace, boots and bag are truly fabbo additions to the outfit.
    That shop looks really cool, too, I will be sure to put it on my list of things to visit next time I'm in town. It is always really long, I love Melbourne!!

  15. Julia was my French tutor last semester! She has the coolest style.

  16. I love your whole outfit! Especially the florals, the boots and the gigantic bow :D great idea to take pics of people who recognise you! I think I saw you once on Flinders Lane last year, guess i'll say hi if I see you again :)

  17. DARLING! I've just found your blog and I'm in love! Would you ever consider styling a local melbourne plus sized model?

  18. I love your outfit!!
    Especially your necklace! Is that by make believe? Because I bought a smaller version in yellow the other day that looks very similar!
    The shop looks too cute!

  19. Wow, this is incredibly psychic, I was driving down Sydney road today for the first time in ages and noticed this shop instantly and made a mental note to visit it. And here it is on your blog (which i hadn't even seen yet!) great minds hayley ;)

  20. Your dress has the perfect floral :)
    I likey!
    Well done on getting a gig blogging for CityChic. I think that store has pretty nice clothes.
    And someone recognised me yesterday because of my blog. It was strange and exciting.


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