Monday, September 23, 2013

Pink Picnic

Spring is finally here in Melbourne and Henry and I have been soaking up every single bit of sunshine that we can. After three years in always sunny Sydney this past winter in Melbourne has been a bit of a shock to our systems with the bone chilling cold arctic winds which are mostly unheard of in Syders. Taking Hachiko to our local park for a picnic is one of our favourite Sunday rituals that mostly stopped over winter mostly due to Hachi's fear of getting his feet wet (yes our dog is a bit of a princess and refuses to walk if the ground is wet). So this past Sunday when we saw how sunny it was we headed down to the beautiful Carlton Gardens for a cute little picnic. I love visiting Carlton Gardens so much as not only is it beautiful but it's also full of memories as I spent a lot of time in them growing up as I actually went to Carlton Gardens Primary School (well back then it had the less fancy name of Carlton Primary Rathdowne Street). I broke my arm riding my bike just behind where this photo was taken doing bike education with my class and my primary school would go on 'excursions' fishing for yabbies in the pond behind me (which seems really weird and crazy in hindsight - yabbies in a man made pond in a park in the city? I don't remember if we caught any to be honest). Feeding the possums at night and seeing drunk couples skinny dip in the fountain. So many fond memories in this place but what is really nice is making new ones with Henry and Hachiko.

My picnicking essentials. I've had this strawberry picnic mat from Japan for years, I actually bought it for my wedding. My pretty pink parasol is so old I have no idea where I got it but I'm guessing Ishka maybe? Or a $2 shop knowing me.

Pink Flower Headband Lady Petrova | Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses Vision DirectCarousel Lip Gloss in Candy Apple Glitter by Lime Crime Makeupnet

I am in LOVE with this ASOS Curve dress. It was sitting in my saved basket for ages as I was trying to work out if I should get the ASOS Mainline version or the Curve. I am glad I chose the Curve as even though it's a little big around the bust I prefer the smaller keyhole front as it means I can wear a bra without it possibly being on show and smaller cut out back as I get sunburnt so easily I try to minimise exposed areas - especially hard to reach areas for sunscreen. I mean I picnic with a parasol!

Outfit details
Floral Maxi Dress ASOS Curve also available in ASOS Mainline or ASOS Maternity 
Pink Flower Headband Lady Petrova
Pink Jelly Sandals Rubi Shoes $14.95
Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses Vision Direct
Carousel Lip Gloss in Candy Apple Glitter by Lime Crime Makeupnet
Straw Basket Bag My favourite Footscray $2 Shop aka the 'worlds messiest shop'
Pink Chain Bracelet House of Baulch

I love love love this new Carousel Lip Gloss in Candy Apple Glitter by Lime Crime that Makeupnet sent me. It's one of those rare products that looks exactly like the product image - shiny glittery apple red goodness - like you can actually see the glitter which surprised me, although I must say it can get a little messy when applying as it's rather gloopy but with some practice it looks amazing. Makeupnet are the distributors of Lime Crime cosmetics in Australia ans New Zealand and their webshop has all your Lime Crime favourites and latest releases with great shipping rates in Aus/NZ! They sent me lots of Lime Crime goodies, can't wait to share them all with you.

Pink Flower Headband Lady Petrova
Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses Vision Direct
Carousel Lip Gloss in Candy Apple Glitter by Lime Crime Makeupnet
Pink Chain Bracelet House of Baulch

Rubi Shoes are really terrible quality, you'd think I would've learnt by now as nearly every pair I've ever bought I've had to return or exchange as they've broke. Well I wore these jelly sandals out for the first time and what a surprise they broke, luckily they did so outside the Rubi Shoes store so I could easily exchange them (sans receipt) but I don't hold much hope for these lasting much longer either. I should've got a pair of Juju or Jelly Beans instead for a little bit more. Oh well what do you expect for $14.95?

Pink Jelly Sandals Rubi Shoes $14.95

Shop the look!!!


  1. This might be my fave look of yours, so pretty! Love the parasol and even if I'm not a huge fan of florals, that dress does look great! Super cute pics :)

  2. Beautiful dress, and beautiful you, Hayley.

  3. Love love love love the dress, do you mind if I ask what size you purchased? I think we are built very similarly, and I'm debating myself between Curve or Mainline...

    1. I got the size 20 which like I said is a bit bigger round the bust but otherwise fits perfectly. Hope that helps x

  4. I love absolutely everything about this and I feel like I've said that on your blog posts before, but either way, wow. I want all the things!

  5. That dress looks beautiful, Hayles. Miss you all loads! <3 xxxxx

  6. wow your dress is so, so beautiful! I am loving that print so much :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  7. you look awesome! I got a pair of juju. They are so uncomfortable, but I can stop wearing them because they're so cute.

  8. New fav outfit! Love the colours and the umbrella looks so cute. The dress is perfect for you, very romantic.

    I envy you that spring arrives where you are, I am preparing for a long winter with a lot of snow. :-( The jellys look coo, what a shame they don't last! I think the Juju jellys are just impossible to damage. xxx


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