Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Worlds messiest shop?

The outside isn't too bad. I like how the shop is simply called "Gift Shop"

This is the "not messy section"

Ah here you go some mess.

This is when it gets crazy. Who is going to buy a crumpled up notebook? Me that's who! Lol

Ahhh yeah. Crazy messy. This isn't as bad as the kitchen goods area, but that area had shop staff in it so I couldn't take a photo.

This is one of my fave shops in Footscray near my university. Its just so messy. Its an Asian $2 shop . I think the store policy on shelving is just shove the shit it in and hope for the best. There is just no order. But that's what I love about it. You can dig around for ages to find the perfect thing. I took my friend Tony the dj and he found a fold up keyboard under a whole lotta other crap. So lucky it wasn't broken as it wasn't in a box.

The pricing is random too. Lots of things have no price sticker so its up to the cash register staff to come up with the price. Sometimes its very steep for what is essentially dirty crap you found on the floor, sometimes though you can find yourself a bargain.

You really have to love Footscray. Its got everything you need, a Savers (I got heaps of stuff today, I'll show you tomorrow) and a discount department store called Dimmeys, a Not Quite Right style supermarket (things past their use by date end up here, or damaged cans...I got $2 Camembert cheese and it isn't even off for 2 weeks yay!), lots and lots of $2 shops, Great Vietnamese restaurants and bakery's ($1.50 bread stick to eat with my cheese for dinner...I felt a bit frenchy in my outfit), a Kmart (like Walmart), a fresh food market along with Vietnamese grocery's. Ohhh and don't forget the hip hop shops full of recent African immigrants/refugees (They aren't African American so I don't get this, but I guess they look up to them?). There is also heaps of Middle eastern and Indian restaurants. The only bad thing about the area is the Junkies who are there cos its cheap, Centrelink is nearby (government dole agency) and the dealers live here. There is one funny crazy old homeless woman. She has become known to me and my friends as the "Banana lounge lady" because basically she is this huge fat lady in a short mu mu floral dress who leans up against walls and doorways (normally the door of an open bank or under an ATM so you have to climb over her to enter!) lying on her side with her knickers on show, using the pavement as a banana lounge. She has been seen in the city on Elizabeth Street too. Honestly what more can you ask for? Its like another planet compared to the clean tame CBD. I LOVE FOOTSCRAY!!!

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  1. that looks like such an asian shop. they are always selling those kind of toys and their shelves are absolute havoc!


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