Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pastel Punk

I had been on the hunt for a vintage denim dress for ages when I stumbled across the perfect one at Melbourne plus size vintage store Hey Fatty who had market stall a few weeks back. Since then I've practically been living in this acid wash a-line midi length dress. I've styled it so many different ways so far but this look is one of my favourites with it's pastel punky 80s vibes. Generally the only outfits that end up getting shot are what I wear on the weekends as otherwise there's no one around to take photos of me, so it makes it hard to share all my outfits because by the time the weekend rolls around I may be bored of something and more often than not the weather is terrible. But not this past weekend, the weather was great on both days so we were able to shoot two looks in the one weekend - totally unheard of! I wore this out to brunch and a spot of bicycle shopping (guess what colour bike I got?). We snapped the photos at this great new wall of graffiti by Lucas Grogan that popped up in our street recently, watching the piece develop was amazing to witness over the couple of days it took to complete. 

Outfit details
Denim dress Vintage from Hey Fatty's market stall for $45
Sunlgasses Karen Walker Orbit's in crystal pink from Eyegoodies
Necklace Op shop in Adelaide for $2
Badges two are from Fashiondacci and one is an old one from Chinatown when I was a teenager
Pineapple sequin clutch House of Cards from Lady Petrova
Purple chain bracelet House of Baulch
Pastel peach lace frill socks Fashondacci
Holographic see through brogues Fashiondacci

I was sent an array of amazing Lime Crime cosmetics to review from Makeupnet who are the distributors of Lime Crime in Australia & NZ. Above I'm wearing Lime Crime's 'Great Pink Planet' lipstick which is a pastel pink shade with a hint of fluoro. As a big fan of Lime Crime lipsticks I am so happy to have this one in my collection after lusting after it for a long time. The colour is perfect with my skin tone and I do love all things pastel. I'm not a beauty blogger but I'm thinking of doing a post of swatches from my Lime Crime collection and better detail photos of the product on, would that be something you want to see? Let me know in the comments below.

Lipstick Lime Crime 'Great Pink Planet' lipstick from Makeupnet
Sunlgasses Karen Walker Orbit's in crystal pink from Eyegoodies

 Op-shopping in Adelaide RULES. Can't wait to share with you more from that trip soon.

Necklace Op shop in Adelaide for $2

I go through badge wearing stages and have a pretty big collection ranging back from my teen years. Above the Sarcasm and Lame badges are from Fashondacci and the usagi bunny badge is from Chinatown when I was around 15. Will I ever grow up and stop liking the same things I did when I was younger? I sure hope not!

Badges two are from Fashiondacci

 This pineapple clutch is like the best thing to happen to bags since sequins were invented. I love it so much, I have it on display in my room just so I can look at it at all times - that's how much I love it.

Pineapple sequin clutch House of Cards from Lady Petrova
Purple chain bracelet House of Baulch

Say hello to the BEST SHOES to ever exist in the history of shoes. Holographic clear brogues from Fashondacci So much L.O.V.E. for these babies, can't wait to pair them with patterned socks and wear them in Tokyo next month. 

Pastel peach lace frill socks Fashondacci
Holographic see through brogues Fashiondacci

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  1. OMG YOUR SHOES <3 I got transparent creeper shoes just like those when I was in Tokyo in March but they are neon yellow! Ive been looking for a flat pair for so long!! I scoured to fashiondacci site but I cant find the ones you have, only these ones:
    Are they not online yet? Ohhhh I want them so bad!

    Ps. So happy to hear your're going to Japan again. Cant wait to read your blog posts :)

    1. Hey Tanya. Maybe they're not online yet, but they were in the store. Maybe ask on their facebook page? because yeah they ARE awesome x

    2. Thanks for getting back to me! They finally put them online here for anyone else hunting them down : )

  2. I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!! I was umming & ahhing about trying that baby on, NOW I WISH I HAD! looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!


  3. OH MY, that dress looks AMAZING!!! I ummed & ahhhhhhed about that dress, I am now kicking myself that I didn't snap it up!
    This whole look is spectacular, LOVE it.

  4. Love that dress, but really love the shoes :)

  5. That dress is awesome!!! Whole outfit is sick!

  6. That dress is awesome! Whole outfit is sick!!

  7. Looking so cute with the denim dress. Love that you put on the clutch and the brogues together with the dress <3

  8. I do realize I already commented on this on Instagram today, but this is absolutely the cutest. And those seriously are the best shoes to ever exist :)

  9. Those shoes look like a candy ! I love it ! *-*
    And your clutch is amazing !

  10. OMG ! It's not your shoes but your socks . Now I feel confuse , I don't want to dream about eatting your candy socks ! :o
    Oh well , you look lovely ! :P
    (sorry my bad english :c)

  11. this look is banging! i love the it especially the background of your pics accentuates it all!

  12. Everything just wonderful from shoes to dress to clutch to lipstick and location <3 You are probably the only blogger that manages to make me fall in love with their style again and again <3<3<3


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