Monday, July 1, 2013

Cropped Polka Dot

 photo polkadot02_zps42c39618.jpg
I wore this the other night to a RMIT fashion graduate pop up shop opening in the city. I've been eager to play with the proportion and shape of my new Gorman polka dot raincoat and what better way than with a vintage velvet midi skirt and a polka dot crop top? I'm loving the mix of textures, lengths and shapes in this outfit not to mention the double polka dot. I'm wanting to experiment more with my style now that I'm back in Melbourne, push the boundaries a little more as I'm feeling really inspired.

Outfit details
Polka dot raincoat Gorman
Polka dot crop top Vintage from Kinji in Harajuku for Y800
Velvet midi skirt Vintage from Savers for $9
Iridescent tote Sportsgirl

 photo polkadot03_zps31382048.jpg
I've been loving the exposed midriff look for a while and as a plus size girl I don't see anything wrong with rocking the look. If you've got the confidence then go for it is what I say!

 photo polkadot04_zpsb6271eef.jpg
When I wrapped the jacket around my waist Henry said it looked like I had my period and was hiding a stain...not exactly the vibe I was going for - think 90s hip hop babe mixed with Harajuku hipster.

 photo polkadot01_zpse4c39666.jpg
I got a lovely surprise package in the mail late last week from the team at Bespecd. It was out of the blue and seriously the best surprise as they sent me not one but two new pairs of glasses - the exact ones I had been eyeing off! I now have a whole specs wardrobe - I'm on my way to Lee Lin Chin glasses status - a pair for every outfit. So happy you guys ☺♥♥♥

White glasses Bespecd Treviso in White Marble
Hair bow Hopeless lingerie (old season)

 photo Sprinkles-nail-art01_zps28462d72.jpg
I saw these nail art sprinkles at Sportsgirl and just had to try them out because omgosh chocolate freckles nail art - how cute!!! I followed their instructions (found on their blog) of using a base coat of nail polish, dipping your nail into the sprinkles and then letting dry before applying a topcoat. Well I'm not very happy with how long that method lasted, not even 24 hours without major major major chips. On my instagram Redvelvetrosie suggested using nail glue rather than nail polish and I think I'll try that next time.

Nail sprinkles Sportsgirl

 photo polkadot05_zps343f14d2.jpg
Glitter jelly heels Juju from ASOS

Shop the look!!!


  1. Love it!! You are usually so colorful but I love this monochromatic look! And I totally agree with the midriff - I think it depends on who's sporting it, and also depends on how much skin you're showing! I'm not super comfortable with midriffs, but every now and then I think stuff it I'm gonna bare it!


  2. Love the polka dot on polka dot. Very cute!

    x. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  3. Polkadots are my all time fave! xxx

  4. I'm so happy to found you can we follow each other? to me lovely hats ...

  5. cool outfit! loving the polka dots and big bow!

  6. Looking good for a girl on her rags ;-) I am quite sure if I ever tied something round my waist my husband would come up with that precise comment, they must learn it at Man School.

  7. So awesome! I am glad that beautiful Melbourne is inspiring you. You are already amazing, curious to see what else is sleeping inside of you... Love the combination of dots and you are right: Midriff looks are cool and not just for skinny girls. I was a little bit unsure about them myself too, because I am not 15 anymore (but almost twice that age), but with enough confidence they look great. Have a wonderful day lovely Hayley, xxx

  8. great pics...very inspired outfit with this polka dots and big bow...

  9. Wow`i really like your style & your fantastic blog <3

    Love, Aline

  10. wow your polka dot raincoat is absolutely perfect, such lovely polka dots!!
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming


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