Sunday, June 23, 2013

Too Cool for School

 photo Pinafore-dress04_zps095a973c.jpg
I never had a school uniform growing up, my primary school and both my high schools were inner city public schools without uniforms for whatever reason. I remember the only rule at my high school was you had to wear shoes and one day I somehow forgot mine. You see in the early morning rush I would put my shoes on in the car to save time, but on this particular morning I got out of the car at the school gate sans shoes and only realised my mistake as my mum's car was driving round the corner. This was in the time before mobile phones so there was no way to get in touch with my mum so I just had to get on with my day as best I could and hope no one noticed. Of course that didn't work, everyone noticed and pointed until a teacher made me go through the filthy lost property box to find a pair of shoes that could work for the day. Luckily I found some unworn thongs (flip flops) that were a few sizes too small but could do for a day. You can guess I never forgot my shoes after that! Not having a uniform I used to look at the other kids on the tram in their matching school uniforms and feel sorry for them. There I was in my 90s 'grunger' outfit consisting of red flared pants with faux fur triangles, a tie-dye purple slip skirt over the top of the pants and a vintage diy cropped band t-shirt with my midriff exposed. Converse all stars were my sneakers of choice (I had metallic pink ones) and my hair would be full of an assortment of rainbow butterfly clips and hair mascara. A tattoo chocker and an armful of glitter bangles would complete my look. Essentially my outfit was the exact opposite of a boring ol' uniform but part of me thought the uniforms were rather cute, especially the pinafore dresses of a local private school. So when I saw this cute pink love heart print pinafore dress on ASOS I immediately bought it and put together a look which is in part school uniform inspired - a kawaii school uniform if you will.

Outfit details
Pinafore dress River Island from ASOS
T-shirt ASOS (now sold out but similar here)
Killer Pyphon bangle Eat Me Do

 photo Pinafore-dress01_zps8d35ab42.jpg
Specs Bespecd Minsk in Lilac PROMO CODE: FRIENDS25 to get 25% OFF at the checkout on any Bespecd frames. Offer expires the July 1 2013.
Necklace Symantha Rose (available at Lenko)

 photo Strawberry-nail-art_zpsf7ae4ba3.jpg
Nail art Strawberry nails by Critter Claws (who are doing a pop-up shop at the Rose Street Artist market in Fitzroy next weekend)
Snake ring Eat Me Do (I bought it at their recent launch at Lenko)

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This iridescent paper bag clutch was sent to me from Fashiondacci for my birthday and I love it! I wore this bag with my kawaii school uniform look as I love how it reminds my of a paper lunch bag, I thought it was very fitting.

Iridescent paper bag clutch Fashiondacci

 photo Pinafore-dress03_zps990e08f1.jpg
On the weekend I bought my second pair of these colourful school uniform shoes (in purple and for 50% off), this pink pair was my first and I realised I've never blogged them before. In Australia these t-bar style shoes are the shoe of choice for most school uniforms in both primary and secondary school, of course only in brown, black or navy not pink or purple. I fell in love with these colourful ones as soon as I saw them at iShoes on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy over a year ago, I have no idea why it's taken me so long to blog them. I love reworking traditional styles of clothing in unexpected ways.

Pink school shoes iShoes

Shop the look!!!


  1. I went to primary school in melbourne and i was so excited that i would get to wear those kind of t-bars in high school but i ended up moving to brisbane where i've never seen shoes like them again. So excited i can get some now!

  2. amazing outfit! i love it! so perfect for the summer!

  3. So pretty! If school uniforms would be like this, I would be very sad I didn't had one. I love this pinafore and you look very cute in it. The bag is a stunner too, what a wonderful birthday gift! Fashiondacci must be another one of the best shops in your city. Many of my favourite things from your blog, seems to come from there. It reminds me a little bit of the Maison Margiela candy bag, but it's different and fabulous in it's on way. Have fun at Kawaii School you lovely! ;-)

  4. I love this outfit, you look gorgeous!
    I love that snake ring and am looking through the website now :)

  5. that shirt and dress are a killer combo!

  6. Adorable. And the nails! So cute.

  7. Oh my goodness, I wore those shoes as a child in black, lol.

  8. You're as adorable as you are colourful <3
    I think it's great your schools didn't have uniform- maybe it shaped your keen sense of style as an adult we all get to see from your blog? :)


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