Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day in my life - My Birthday + WIN $500 thanks to Clearasil

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Clearasil want to show Aussie women that they can have the confidence to meet the day head on – no matter what it throws at them so they asked me to share with you a recent busy day in my life and I thought what better day than my birthday which just so happened to be one of my busiest work days of the year? Clearasil sent me over their new Vitamins & Extracts range of skin care products which are made with avocado and pomegranate fruit extract, an anti-oxidant known to help keep skin looking and feeling healthy. Containing less salycilic acid than other Clearasil products, the Vitamins & Extracts formulas are milder - working to help maintain clear skin through a combination of nourishing fruit extracts and effective cleansing properties that help prevent breakouts. Clearasil sent over the products in the cutest box which even had a pomegranate in it, but no avocado? Luckily I had one on hand to shoot the above photo.

 photo Clearasil01_zps2eb1a6a5.jpg
7:30am - Special birthday breakfast of toasted muesli, organic yoghurt and mixed berries with a nice tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice all lovingly prepared by my hubby.

 photo Clearasil02_zps34797456.jpg
Henry popped out early in the morning to surprise me with the fresh flowers and the latest issue of Fashion Journal magazine. I'm very lucky.

 photo Clearasil09_zpse4a45c3d.jpg
8:00am - open my surprise extra birthday pressies from Henry. I already received my main present a few days ago - more on that later.

 photo Clearasil10_zps991a2748.jpg
Henry got me a cute pomegranate top from Lenko's in house label (which was very fitting don't you think?), Lazy Oaf temporary tattoos also from Lenko, My favourite Japanese chocolates and special edition MAC pink glitter from their Baking Beauties line inspired by cake decorating! The perfect little surprise pressies a girl could ask for.

 photo Clearasil03_zpsdead679a.jpg
8:15am - Get ready for the day with Clearasil's new Vitamins & Extracts range of skin care products that smell delicious and cleanse gently not leaving your skin over dried but still pimple and blemish free. The holistic daily wash is fast becoming part of my routine in the mornings, it's not harsh at all and is a new direction for the brand, not just a pimple wash this new range is kind enough on your skin to use everyday.

 photo Clearasil04_zpsab5a02b5.jpg
I feel fresh and ready to tackle the busy day ahead. When my skin is acting up I find it difficult to face the world, just like anyone really I like to look my best. A combination of my recent Clarisonic and this daily wash have done wonders to my skin that was really acting up ever since our recent move.

 photo Clearasil12_zps8c98a36c.jpg
8:30am - Finishing touches at my new dressing table, which was my main pressie from Henry this year. My old dressing table was badly damaged in the move (a leg snapped off) so this was a much needed upgrade. I researched and researched until deciding to get the Ikea Micke as it had the most storage for the price.

 photo Clearasil05_zps3c29d46e.jpg
I got a new make-up palette for my birthday and decided to wear the brightest colours as it's only my birthday once a year so I may as well go all out. Plus as I wear glasses I find it makes my eyes stand out more if I make my make-up bright.

 photo Clearasil06_zps61033bfe.jpg
9:00am - My hectic work day begins with checking and responding to dozens of emails relating to a new project, all as pressing and urgent as each other before starting work on my freelance assignments. Today I was writing my first column for a fashion magazine with only a two day deadline, meaning I essentially was told about it the day before and only had one day to research, write and fact check. Talk about stress, but it all worked out in the end as the editor loved my piece.

 photo Clearasil13_zpse5a2d37b.jpg
12:30pm - Henry and I met up with my mum for brunch at a local cafe, Proud Mary, in Collingwood. The weather sucked all day but I wasn't going to let it stop me from being bright and colourful on my birthday.

 photo Clearasil14_zps6f2f82e3.jpg
Nom! I had the wild mushroom open ravioli, talk about delicious.

 photo Clearasil07_zps2a919206.jpg
2:00pm Return home to finish up some blog and freelance work while my mum and Henry took Hachi for a walk. You can see Hachi's ears pop up in the photo above as he heard his leash being moved, boy does he love his daily walks.

 photo Clearasil15_zps8564c379.jpg
5:30pm - Work never ends, checking my emails as I walk to the tram on my way to an in store event at Lenko. I was kinda reluctant to leave home with so much still left to do, but my family convinced me to enjoy my birthday.

 photo Clearasil28_zps9c5b7b8b.jpg
6:00pm - In the end I'm happy I left the house and my work as at last I got to meet Lara Ivachev, designer of the candy inspired jewellery line Eat Me Do at her new season launch at Lenko.

 photo Clearasil29_zps85581626.jpg

 photo Clearasil31_zps4aae003a.jpg
Can you tell which pieces are real or jewellery?

 photo Clearasil30_zpse4ef2c0b.jpg
Gummy bear broaches.

 photo Clearasil32_zps85b42c83.jpg
Lara has such amazing colourful style. You see I'm not the only one with a jelly heel obsession, they're everywhere in Melbourne.

 photo Clearasil27_zps1e630207.jpg
Doughnut necklaces, snake rings and a sprinkles tee, all so cute!

 photo Clearasil33_zpsd00df6f7.jpg
7:15pm - Wonder through Melbourne's famous laneways trying to find the restaurant we booked for my birthday dinner with my mum, sister and Henry.

 photo Clearasil26_zpsfc83d59f.jpg
7:30pm - Finally found Happy Palace, a hip new(ish) bar/restaurant by the guys behind Saint Jerome's and Ponyfish Island. The fit out is by Moth Design, the people behind Penthouse Mouse and Ponyfish Island's quirky interior . They partially kept the original Happy Palace interior which rivals the Chinese restaurant in the infamous scene in Murial's Wedding for tacky allure, think golden wall dragons and sparkling chandeliers. An updated bar, tables tiled with chopsticks or mahjong pieces and a new open air balcony complete with ferns make it a must visit if your in Melbourne.

 photo Clearasil25_zps33e2f6a6.jpg
8:30pm - My sister took us to a famous desert bar in Chinatown, Passionflower, where she ordered the Harajuku ice dessert with green tea ice cream and azuki red beans.

 photo Clearasil24_zpsc781d33c.jpg
I shared the more traditional chocolate strawberry crepes with Henry and my mum.

 photo Clearasil23_zps0b7df076.jpg
9:15pm - Picked up our pre-booked tickets for the opening night of The Great Gatsby. My mum fell asleep during the film and snored, which was probably the highlight of the night.

 photo Clearasil22_zpsaa3a741b.jpg
12:30am - Birthday cake at home even though we were all too full to eat a single bite. Being back home in Melbourne with my family is the best present I could possibly have.

 photo Clearasil21_zps5e5336ae.jpg
Making a wish as I blew out my candles, wishing for many more days with my husband and family like this, even with the stress of work thrown in. I actually stayed up until 3am finishing my article!

YOU can WIN $500 to spend on whatever you like PLUS a Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts prize pack!!!

To enter Simply comment on this post and tell us a time when you wish you'd had a boost of confidence. Don't forget to leave your email, twitter or blog address so I can get in touch with you if you win.
Competition is open to Australian readers only over the age of 18.
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Competition closes Friday 28th June 5pm AEST

 Good luck xoxo.


  1. A few years ago, I found this gorgeous vintage mini skirt that fit me perfectly! But even though I liked it in the change room, everytime I went to wear it outside, I lost my nerve... It stayed in the back of my wardrobe until I donated it 6 months later. I wish I'd had a shot of confidence every time it caught my eye.


  2. I LOVE that dining room table. On occasions there have been times when men make some sort of remark about 'being a woman' that riles me up and I generally get so cranky I can't clearly articulate any type or witty remark to shut them down. And there are times I really wish I had the confidence to do so.
    A great giveaway - thanks Hayley.

  3. Still trying to find that boost of confidence every time I walk in to the hairdressers. I've been (not naturally) blonde for years and I've always wanted to do something dramatic like go a bold red! Instead I always lack that confidence in thinking I can pull off such a strong look! Maybe soon I'll find the confidence to change it up!!



  4. I wish I had the confidence I needed everytime I walk in to the hairdressers. I've been (not-naturally) blonde for so many years now I wish I could find the confidence to try something completely different (like a bold red!) but I always lack the confidence to think I can pull off such a strong look! Maybe one day soon I'll find that confidence!



  5. I craved a boost of confidence when I had to sing in public, at my sons school fete this year. Somehow amongst the fairy floss and lucky dips, I walked up on stage and twanged it out!

    My name is Mandy

  6. I wish I had the confidence to branch out in my fashion a bit more and stop wearing almost entirely black. I gained a lot of weight due to job stress and I'm finally back in the gym and taking a more positive attitude to my eating and exercise and putting my health first! I wish I had the confidence to celebrate the achievements I'm making with my health (and skin!) by experimenting with my fashion and incorporating a bit more colour and fitted pieces!


  7. Great to see this especial day in your life, Hayley.
    Happy Birthday again and again.

  8. I wish I had a boost of confidence when applying for jobs! It's nerve-wracking to pick up the phone and enquire, and especially when interviewing. Hopefully if I looked immaculate, it would be a bit easier.

  9. I wish I had more confidence to invite people into my home but I'm a little too embarrassed~ the equivalent of a bad skin day but for my house! haha-

  10. I wish i ha more confidence at work to speak out!

  11. I'm long gone from the Clearasil era of my life, so no need to put me in the contest - just wanted to say Happy Birthday!

  12. I wish I had the boost of confidence when meeting new people. I'm so painfully shy and will often whimp out of great opportunities just because I don't have the confidence.
    Looks like you had a wonderful day! Happy (belated) brithday!!


  13. I need a boost of confidence on the 25th June I have a job interview with City Chic and I'm praying I get it!!! I love the shop so much I want to work there so bad!!!

  14. Not entering the competition this time, and I believe this is my first comment on your blog..

    But I really wanted to say how pretty you are in that photo without any makeup! (the 7th pic) You really do look lovely au naturel :) Happy birthday!

    - Sharon

  15. Happy belated birthday :) Love those pressies. The little Japanese candies are super, they are about the 1st thing I buy when I land on Japan :)
    x, Lara

  16. Nice pics!!! All colored <3

  17. Such a gorgeous post! Loved seeing how your day panned out!

  18. Hailey, I'm glad you had an awesome day, you deserve it awesome girl. Epic comp as well, I always wish I had more confidence around friends of friends! It's so god damn hard to meet new people who automatically judge you because your always too loud. I think I'm pretty nice. Maybe. But you met me before babe so you should know. Haha... hope to see you soon at the next fashion event!

    Snap, Snap,
    Jennifer Estrada

  19. Hey Hailey, I'm so glad you had an great day, you deserve it miss after your massive move back to Melbourne!

    Epic competition too! I don't really know about you but every time I meet friends of friends I wish I had more confidence. It's so god damn hard to meet new people when you are introduced as "the loud one" always. I like to think I'm pretty nice. But I don't know.

    I cant wait to see you at the next fashion event. Feels like ages!

    Snap, Snap,
    Jennifer Estrada

  20. happy birthday! loved this post. so fun and colourful.
    your skin really looks amazing.
    so does your new digs!

  21. What a lovely birthday post, mine's on the 17th although I didn't have time to celebrate it as I was rushing off to sydney running an Expo for low income renters in REdfern....I often wish I had more confidence when meeting people at gigs. My husband is a musician and a lot musos can be quite hard to talk to, nice to him, no so interested in chatting to me since I don't play....

  22. What a lovely birthday post, mine's on the 17th although I didn't have time to celebrate it as I was rushing off to sydney running an Expo for low income renters in REdfern....I often wish I had more confidence when meeting people at gigs. My husband is a musician and a lot musos can be quite hard to talk to, nice to him, no so interested in chatting to me since I don't play....

  23. What a lovely birthday! Mine is close, on the 17th but I haven't really had time to celebrate it yet as I've been flat chat organising then with running a Green Renters expo for low income residents in Redfern...I often wish I had more confidence at gigs. My husband's a musician and i find it hard to make small talk with musos....


    Regards, Sandy


  25. Years ago I had an interview to be on TV. When my turn came, I had to be on stage in front of hundreds of people, lights etc and speak abput myself and my interests etc. Usually I could talk for Australia but the right words would not come. I had no confidence, and of course I didn't get the spot on TV.

  26. Years ago I had an interview to appear on TV. I had to be on stage alone before hundreds of people, lights etc and sell myself to the promotors in various ways. I could just speak, tell an amusing/interesting story, dance; whatever I liked. However due to lack of confidence I just mumbled something and wasted my chance at getting a spot on TV.

  27. I have the same Parker sideboard! Love your living room.

    Despite being an opinionated bossy boots at times I'm actually really shy, so I could really use a daily boost of confidence, just to have the inside match the outside confidence.

  28. I wish I had the confidence to tell my manager to stop bullying everyone. I have since left that department and everyone is so unhappy with her and too scared to speak up!

  29. I know that laneway, I walked down there every day on my way to lunch. Did you know there is an onsen in one of those buildings? I've been tempted to go in for a soak on these chilly days!

  30. Loving your cake! Happy belated birthday xxx

    My first day of teaching, I used to be young, blonde and pretty just like you and my first teaching job was in an all boys boarding school! They walked all over me! I wish I had a confidence boost back then he he he times have changed xxx

  31. Your days look crazy hectic but amazing all the same! Working for yourself is amazing, but time management is always tough. Your birthday also looked incredible! Happy belated birthday!

    As for somewhere I wished I had a boost of confidence - it would have to be when I had the world's worst job interview. The old biddy was literally critiquing the outfits I had on my blog, telling me that it should have been my boyfriend that applied for the job (???) and a whole lot of other bullshit. I wish I had the balls to stand up early in the interview, walk out and tell her that even if I did get the job, I couldn't work for such a horrible, cynical person! Needless to say, my confidence was shattered after the interview and I didn't take the job!


  32. Marilyn

    I have always lacked confidence, and probably still do (but it has improved as I got older)
    One of my worst occassions was my engagement party, I didn't want to go, I was too nervous to face so many relatives and friends. However, to cope with my wedding day , I got something from the chemist, the bad weather, walking down the aisle, the reception - NAh - no problems I had a great day

  33. The school drop-offs and pick-ups! I always feel like mutton dressed as lamb next to all the other mums so I really need a dose of extra confidence at those times!

  34. I remember years ago, there was a cooking demonstration in the city. A certain media personality/food personality was cooking on the day. They asked for volunteers, but I was so shy that I didn't put my hand up. I LOVE food. I regret it because I could of been 'famous' and appeared in a magazine :(

  35. not entering the comp. but gosh you look stunning without makeup.
    you live in my hood, love the photos

  36. I wish I'd had a boost of confidence when my baby was born so I could have been confident enough in myself to have family photos done.
    I was so bummed about about my hormone ravaged pimply face and my tired post baby look that I kept putting of having those beautiful first family photos taken. All I have are some blurry photos from our point and shoot camera.
    I had so many beautiful photographers bookmarked on my computer but just couldn't get the confidence to call them. I feel so silly now, because of course now that my little one is off to Kindy and so grown up I wish I'd worried less about my looks and focused on capturing the memories instead.

    only1only7 at gmail dot com

  37. I wish I had a boost of confidience when in a swimsuit. I feel like a giant whale packaged in bubble wrap!

  38. I went on holidays with my daughter recently & while away we attended a show. They got people up on stage to enjoy the fun & asked me, but I'm so self-conscious that I refused. I sat back & looked at the smiles on their faces & felt annoyed with myself for worrying about my looks.... hair, skin, clothes. I could have done with a boost of confidence then & not only would I have lived the moment, but my daughter & I would have been part of the group that then got a special back-stage tour & photos.

  39. I wish I had a boost of confidence when I got taken on stage at Stereosonic music festival a couple of years back. Everyone could see me and I was all sweaty from dancing all day. My eye makeup was on my cheeks x

  40. Happy (belated) birthday Hayley! Looks as though you had a lovely day :)
    I could use a boost of confidence right about now actually. I'm debating putting on a one-woman show for the Bris fringe fest but it's very short notice and it would be a big undertaking... Decisions!

  41. Oh yeah, my email is Ta!

  42. there is never a moment I don't wish I had more confidence really

  43. Getting caught in the hallway in my undies by my new (male) housemate after a shower. He now calls me "Spots" because they had polkadots.

  44. ~Happy (belated) Birthday Hayley!~ You found my weakness - those, they look divine!~

    I wish I had the confidence to find LOVE again. After being hurt and betrayed in the past I have built up a wall to rival the Great Wall of China... now been single for almost a decade because I lack the courage and confidence to TRUST again. It would be awesome to have the confidence to FACE my fears!

    Nicole W

  45. Catherine TuckeyJune 27, 2013 at 6:14 PM

    I wish I had the confidence as a teenager to wear glasses! I was terribly embarrassed that I needed to wear them and spent most of high school not being able to read the whiteboards - was so worried about being bullied about them that it really affected my education. If I'd had more confidence then, I think it would have changed my life for the better!

  46. I suffer with Psoriasis and this winter has been a shocker. It would be nice to be able to wear a hat at work but i cant so i just lock myself in my office until the end of the day, emerging at times for sustenance.

  47. I wish I had the confidence to say no more often. I'd say no to staying back at work, no to nights out at bars with friends when I despise the loud music and can't dance, no to sales people who try and sell me things I don't need, no to watching boring DVDs.....the list goes on.

  48. Happy birthday! You went to my work haha.

    I wish I'd had a boost of confidence on my high school photo days. I refused to go to school every year on photo day because I was so insecure about my skin.


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