Tuesday, March 12, 2013

That's a bit bright love

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I've been wearing this dress a lot since it arrived in the mail last week as evidenced in my instagram feed. When it was released in ASOS Curve I ummed and ahhed about getting it as ASOS Curve is often too big for me. In the end I decided to give it a whirl as the style was an oversized cut and I could always send it back if it didn't work. Of course the next day after I ordered it a dress in the same print was released in ASOS's main collection but I actually wasn't too bummed as I prefer the cut of this one, its more square. When it finally arrived I was beyond happy with my choice, it fit perfectly. It just goes to show you the size on the label doesn't matter, its about making the piece work for you! In my last outfit post I wore a size 12 pencil skirt and in this post I'm wearing a size 20 dress. The dress is just so bright and happy it makes me feel good the whole day I wear it. I did have a tradie come up to me wearing his neon yellow high vis vest to tell me 'that's a bit bright love', which was rather ironic considering. High visibility aside this is what I wore to Penthouse Mouse's launch last Friday night.

Outfit details
Neon pink floral t-shirt dress ASOS Curve (similar in the main ASOS collection)
Flower headband Lady Petrova
White round sunglasses Nasty Gal
Candy Clutch H&M x Martin Maison Margiela
Pink watch Lacoste
Resin necklace Symantha Rose
Pink jelly heels Juju Babes from MrShoes UK
Lipstick Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn from Lady Petrova

 photo PHM02_zps0abdf32c.jpg
This is my new Symantha Rose necklace that I mentioned in my last post. Someone said her pieces look like those killer python gummy lollies you find at 7-11 and I agree. They have an almost child like sense to them, the colours are so vibrant and fun and I love that the jewellery changes colours in different lighting.

 photo PHM03_zpsc4f858d6.jpg
I am onto my second faux fur pink tail, this one was found on ebay. My first one tore into three pieces thanks to some overzealous airport security guards, and sadly this one only lasted the night before tearing away from its hook. Hopefully I can repair it because I love the ridiculousness of wearing a giant faux fur pink tail.

 photo PHM04_zpsbce65a01.jpg
Another sob story, these shoes are completely ruined now thanks to packing them in my suitcase right next to a black belt which somehow stained the plastic. I've tried everything to clean them.

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  1. Do not worry about the shoes. You have the perfect excuse to buy a new pair, LOl
    looking glorious, my dear Hayley.

  2. Love this outfit! The colors are awesome, and those shoes! So unfortunate that they were damaged. You look amazing!

  3. I LOVE everything about this outfit!


  4. So lovely! I saw this dress too and I'm still thinking about buying it. I didn't yet because I couldn't decide about the right size and sending it back is no real option from my country. I love it on you so much. Hope you find a way to clean your Jelly's, otherwise you have an excuse to get the new UV ones.
    Lots of Love, Sara xx

  5. amazing outfit! i love how you are all about bright colors! it just brightens up my blog list! youre such an inspiration when it comes to that and print!

  6. Such a lovely vibrant dress, and everything just goes perfect together- like the flowers on the dress with your headband!

  7. Looking fabulous! Love the pink on pink too

  8. Love the faux fur tail. I have one in brown and it always freaks people out as they think there's a fox living in my bag. AS IF!

    x Sharday


  9. Love this dress! Sorry to hear about your shoes & hope you'll be able to purchase another pair similar. You may like to check out my recent post-includes a poem-Masquerade!!
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey

  10. that dress looks so good! you look amazing :)

  11. After s33ing this post I decided to buy this dress ! For the size, the only problem is that it's a big long for me ( under the knees) but that's because I'm quite sm4ll :) Otherwise, it is just so wonderful, the colors are even more fluo than on the pictures


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