Monday, March 11, 2013

Penthouse Mouse 2013

 photo PHM05_zpsb7cd271c.jpg
Every year I look forward to Penthouse Mouse like a kid in the lead up to Christmas Day, counting down the days, planning my outfit and thinking there is no way they can possibly top the previous year. Well every year it somehow does, getting bigger and better with age, like a fine wine. It's an event like no other in Australia, nothing comes close to replicating the diverse mix of artists, designers and performers that show in a new abandoned warehouse space each year. I keep thinking, surely they would have run out of abandoned warehouses in Melbourne's inner city by now? But no, every year a new space is found and altered by the team at Moth Design and then handed over to the artists to do their thing. It was a great homecoming for myself and Henry as if you follow me on social media you should know by now the exciting news, that we are Melbournians once more!!! I have no regrets about living in Sydney and I will miss many aspects of our life there - our new friends, favourite local cafe's and bars and our awesome neighbourhood, but it never felt like home. We needed to have the time away from Melbourne to come home and really appreciate this great city, before we left we were jaded and had lost our passion but we are returning re-energised with love for this vibrant city and Penthouse Mouse was the perfect first outing upon our return.

 photo PHM11_zps34f39e33.jpg
OTT by Lia T who works with kitsch and Australiana in mind creating perfectly OTT and unique pieces.

 photo PHM06_zps37f72894.jpg
The Social Studio's new collection, designed and made in Melbourne by refugees who gain skills and employment in this fabulous enterprise.

 photo PHM08_zpsed5ffe44.jpg
The beautiful Symantha Rose with her eponymous jewellery collection. I was wearing a piece by her on the night which I am yet to blog but will soon when I share what I wore to PHM13.

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Pleast note the cat bag. This is a big trend in Harajuku right now with Osaka based designer Muchacha Ahcahcum first releasing an emook (which is a catalogue magazine with accessories found at all newsagents and book stores for about $20) with a two piece cat face purse and bag collection in 2012. Her bags normally sell for over $200 so the emook sold out fast and this year a second cat face bag emook was released increasing the number of street style shots of girls with cat bags in Harajuku by about 100%. Its that popular. So its interesting to see it catching on here in Melbourne so fast with lots of party goers sporting cat face bags. Also interesting that I haven't seen cat bags in Sydney.

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Symantha's collection of bright resin jewellery, I already own two pieces and after seeing this display I wanted everything.

 photo PHM35_zps67762e37.jpg
Cute and colourful Melbourne girls who invited me to a colour parade. Can't wait for that!!! Colour all the way baby!!!

 photo PHM24_zps12fa6829.jpg
Jia Jia Ji Chen and Sophie Moorhouse Morris's Fairy Floss installation. You could stir up your own stick and chomp away while drinking the free Sapporo beers and checking out the exhibition - bliss.

 photo PHM18_zps9a32ee6c.jpg
Nixi Killick graduated from RMIT fashion last year with one of my favourite collections and its all happening for her right now. Up for the iD International Emerging Designer Awards in New Zealand and a feature in The Age newspaper over the weekend Nixi is a young creative to watch.

 photo PHM07_zps043a0beb.jpg
Keegan's angular structured tailoring.

 photo PHM12_zps16496a2b.jpg
Art Money is collaboration between Melbourne based artists Darcey Bella Arnold and Jake Anthony Collins. They have a great Tumblr you should follow where they pull apart pop culture, consumerism, fashion, technology and digital media. I went to high school then art school with Darcey so its awesome to where her work takes her. That's one of the awesome things about being home that you don't realise you miss until you're back - the history you have with people.

 photo PHM20_zpsc05eb246.jpg
RMIT graduates Ines and Nixi.

 photo PHM43_zps21b1bfc2.jpg
Artist/designer Nixi Killick in her amazingly colourful outfit.

 photo PHM25_zps0ae95e73.jpg
Shoes DIY!!!

 photo PHM22_zps4f27055d.jpg
Witu's minimal bags made out of neoprene.

 photo PHM26_zpsb09c20dd.jpg

 photo PHM17_zps8894b882.jpg
Cat bag alert!!!

 photo PHM38_zps642be289.jpg
Charlotte looking amazing as usual.

 photo PHM15_zps9d15e4fc.jpg
Limedrop designer Clea with her intern.

 photo PHM13_zpseaea9594.jpg
Limedrop's signature digital prints on display.

 photo PHM14_zpse565e431.jpg

 photo PHM16_zpscbf07d00.jpg
RES Denim.

 photo PHM21_zps3f4e7a13.jpg
The Sissies and the Always Crew

 photo PHM23_zpscba65b84.jpg
Neo Dia's AW13 collection is a departure from the structured collections of seasons past and I believe this is the first time they have worked with print.

 photo PHM37_zps5edfcec3.jpg
Such good style!!! The boy on the left made all his accessories.

 photo PHM32_zps72ddc9fd.jpg
He made the harness.

 photo PHM31_zps1ee9b77a.jpg
And the bag.

 photo PHM30_zps646f6ece.jpg
Not the shoes though!

 photo PHM28_zps567419bb.jpg

 photo PHM36_zps39810e13.jpg
Tully being a babe. Look at her hair, how is that even humanly possible, its so long and all her own.

 photo PHM27_zpsf99378db.jpg
Mini backpack looking good.

 photo PHM33_zpsa1036c63.jpg
Artist/designer/stylist/performer James Todrov is Melbourne's next Leigh Bowery...which if you didn't know is where Leigh Bowery is actually from, he dropped out of RMIT fashion and escaped to London and the rest is history.

 photo PHM39_zpscb266df1.jpg
BROTHERS HAND MIRROR & THE SISSIES & THE ALWAYS CREW. Rapper Grant Gronewold has a great tumblr called HTMLflowers where he shares his art, zines, stick poke tattoo designs and insight into life with cystic fibrosis.

 photo PHM44_zps9ed34c21.jpg

 photo PHM45_zpsd7a212e6.jpg

 photo PHM46_zpse2ab110f.jpg
Croissant leggigns and mini backpacks.

 photo PHM40_zps7f565ad8.jpg
Deb 'Spoons' Perry in her Croc Off with jewellery designer OTT by Lia T. Dep was flown in from WA for the event. So much energy!!!

 photo PHM42_zpse67cba16.jpg

 photo PHM29_zps720bc369.jpg

 photo PHM41_zps8653983d.jpg
Hard to capture the energy of the show, there were plenty more high kicks where that come from.

 photo PHM34_zps4d11acf3.jpg

Penthouse Mouse False Economy Store is open NOW until Wednesday 13th March
17 Wills Street, Melbourne open 11am - 5pm daily.

Penthouse Mouse Midmouse Runway tickets are still available!!!
Friday 15th March. Tickets are $20 + bf.
Show 1 7.30pm Autonomy, Leonard Street, The Social Studio, Ameca Calleja, RES Denim and Tightology.
Show 2 9.30pm Raggatt, NEO DIA, Keegan, Christina Exie, Jason Hewitt.

So happy to be home in this creative city. Come experience the magic for yourself at one or both of the runway shoes. See you there xoxo


  1. Good grief! So much style in one place! Amazing. It still seems to me like the fashion culture in Syd and Melbourne is totallllly different. But I'm an outsider and just learn what I learn from your blog, haha. But very cool pics!

  2. Que buenas fotos, se nota que se la han pasado de lujo. Que personas mas especiales. Fascinantes todos. Un inmenso abrazo desde

  3. What a fabulous fun event and people, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I Have to visit Australia one day.

  4. Waah your back in Melbourne, that's great news! Kicking myself for missing this, loving the new social studio collection x

    Sleekit x

  5. Waah your back in Melbourne, that's great news! Kicking myself for missing this, loving the new social studio collection x

    Sleekit x

  6. NOOOOOO hayley come back!!! At least we will know what going on in melbourne... By a talented writer.

  7. Noooo hayley come back! On the upside at least we will at least know what's going on in melbourne by a talented writer.

  8. amazing footage! oh gosh those platforms, i remember almost everyone wanting/having them in the 90s! seems like you had a blast!

  9. wow i wish i went to the launch party! i went to the runway show last friday though, was really great! (considering it was my first ever "fashion" party/event. LOL.)

  10. now i want sparkly spoon necklaces and cat bags


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