Tuesday, November 6, 2012

French Riviera

No I haven't popped over to Europe. I just travelled 15 minutes by Ferry from Sydney's CBD to beautiful Watson's Bay with UK blogger Messy Carla.

The view of the city and the Harbour Bridge from the Gap walk is breathtaking.

As I was playing tourist I didn't dress up too much, it was more of a casual affair.

Outfit Details
Red lace blouse Vintage from Glebe Market for $10
Black maxi skirt My Size 
Black floppy hat Princess Highway
Black jelly flats Melissa Shoes 

Sunglasses Karen Walker Super Duper's from eyegoodies.com
Collar tips ASOS (similar)


  1. Such a beautiful place! You look so classy- like a 50s glamour girl with the red lace and long skirt. Hope you had a fabulous day!

  2. I love when you talk about casual affair wearing lace, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    It could only be you, my dearest Hayley.

  3. So lucky we live in different states, our thrifting/vintage taste is way too similiar lol in other words that shirt is amazeballs and i would have happily stole it off you! Bet you two had a great day! xx

  4. Red looks very feminine and sexy on you dearest! I wish I would be bold enough to wear lace shirts with just a bra beneath, but I'm definitely not. I became a Kate Rohde fan after seeing her jewellery on different blogs, your necklace from her is so fab too! I don't have a piece from her yet, but I hope Santa (or my boyfriend ;-) ) will change this ;-) I avoid ordering expensive things from other countries as much as I can, because custom taxes are so high, but I think I can't resist a Kate Rohde piece. So funny that you have a Topshop and no H&M and for me it's the other way around! I fear I will not be able to cue for Maison Margiela anyway, because I'll be in London at the release date and I don't think I can persuade my boyfriend to go to H&M in the early morning instead of starting the day with an exhibition. We poor girls without pink candy clutches! ;-) Let's look out for something else, something even better! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    By the way: I bought the Kim Kardashian top :-D Love it! Post coming soon and of course I'll mention you as source of inspiration.

  5. Great shots, Lvoe love loveeeee this look! Love running into another Aussie blog! Just followed ya hun!

    <3 Anna Vu


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