Thursday, March 3, 2011

No heels no more

Due to my knee injury I'm not going to be able to wear heels for the foreseeable future, and maybe never again. My knee is at risk of dislocating again and again due to my ligaments being damaged on top of being hyper flexible, yes folks, my leg below the knee can move to the left and to the right as well as to the front and to the back. As I never ever want to go through the pain of dislocation again I'm doing everything I can to prevent it from happening, and this means putting a stop to wearing my favourite shoes. So now I'm searching for some interesting flats to make the transition to fashion purgatory that little bit less torturous.

01: Wittner Fabienne $139.95 A classic men's oxford style pointy flat, a style I turn to every winter. I like the twist with the patent toe, but I think I want a full patent pair which I am yet to find.
02: Denna & Ozzy Lucite Oxford $49.00 I love the see through element, it gives the shoe a fun and unique edge which should make up for them not being heels at a fashion event. I'm just not sure how comfortable the plastic will be.
03: Mollini Bolter $69.95 I planned on buying the wedge version of these shoes as I love the fabric, but seeing as I cant this flat pair could suffice. The embroided fabric reminds me of Christopher Kane's last collection, or Mary Katrantzou's recently shown AW 11-12 collection.
04: Wittner Zane $129.95 Seemingly super comfortable loafers in my fave patent leather. I just don't know if I'm a loafer type of girl.
05: Sportsgirl Audrey Loafer $69.95 Another pair of loafers, this time with the full grandma style fringing and toggles. Am I prepared to Nana up?
06: Beau Coups Flicker Tmoro Shimmer I love Beau Coups wedges, but alas can no longer walk in them if I were to buy a pair, so this is the next best thing. An awesome pair of silver shimmery boots which are sure to make a statement.

Do you know a good brand or designer for statement flats?


  1. Heels might give us the extra height (and goodness knows I need THAT!) and some sort of regality, but, you can run pass a great pair of flats. Especially those superb ballet flats that come in a myriad of designs!! LOVE my flats! :) P.S love your no.6 choice - especially for a really grungey look.

  2. Awww Hayley, you poor thing :( It was such a bummer to not be able to meet you at the Blog Meet on Saturday evening, but I hope you're feeling better soon!

    I'm a die-hard flats girl! I can't STAND to be uncomfortable so I never wear heels. Boots are my favourite and Solestruck have some excellent ones, but Wittner also have some super cute Summer friendly styles :)

  3. i only wear flats and recently bought a pair of TOMS glitters (in pink) and i'm totally loving them.

  4. If the major issue it with over-extending your foot you might try kitten heels or platforms/wedges without much "heel." The latter are usually flat(ish) and decently comfy and safe once to get used to them. If you want only flats, I'd suggest Steve Madden. DSW Shoes has great sales. :)

  5. with flats i sometimes get a plain black pair and go crazy with it, i glue sew and do some weird stuff, its a goodway to get the dream shows with out having a massive pricetag and they're shoes no-one else has.
    i made myself some red glitter flats like from wizard of oz! (:

    yeah.. if you wanna donate your heels to a good home ;)


  6. Oh dang - I feel you. I had the same problem with both of my knees and the other is operated because of that. But I have to say that the situation _can_ improve, for me it has. What helps... ...well, aging, the ligaments tend to tighten and resistance training. The latter has been a huge help for my knees.

    I think I saw some rad flats from Nicholas Kirkwood in Style Bubble.

  7. Oh you poor thing :( that must be aweful :( and for such a shoe lover ! the world can be lame sometimes!

    Im not really sure about where to get statement flats from.. but I just bought some gorgeous wittner loafer style (much like the ones above also from wittner) but with a bow on the front and I LOVE THEM. they are so comfortable and brilliant quality!
    All I can say is I wouldnt get the sportsgirl ones.. I was contemplating it until I realised that they were entirely man made materials which I think means theyre a total rip-off and crappy quality!

    Go Wittner, theyre the best by far for any shoes in that budget range ! xx

    ps, hope your poor knee feels better asap!

  8. Foot problems ... they make styling so hard!! I had a bunion operation a few years ago and was confined so sneakers for ages, and that was AFTER getting out of the sexy surgical sandals...
    I'd tend to agree with Hannah that Wittner are not bad for inexpensive footwear - have you tried their clearance stores? They are SO cheap! Not sure if you have them in Sydney but try DFO or somewhere like that, otherwise Zomp always have sale stock so it always pays to look there.

  9. I'm also trying to decide if I am a loafer kind of girl...but I just don't know.
    I'm trying to get over the fact my grandma wears loafers, but then again, she is pretty groovy.
    I think the patent leather modernises the style.

  10. I was hit by a car a few years ago and my ankle is very sore so I can't really wear heels. I wear boos sometimes for ankle support maybe some long boots would be good?!

  11. I can definitely see you in those Beau Coops boots.

    Melissa have some great flats! I've always found them to be super comfy.

  12. wow i feel for you!! but theres so many beaut flats out there im sure youll be fine and fashionable!


  13. babe i missed seeing you in sydney.... it was all a bit too messed up being there with the show and everything.

    i wanted to hang out with you so much!
    xx k

  14. hope your knee feels better!

    i have never broken or dislocated anything, but im pretty sure the pain sucks .

    im not much help in the flats category, im a heel girl.

    if you dont mind me asking, where did you get the wedges (the third pair) on the top row? I remember when you first got them, but I cant remember the brand for the life of me.

  15. You poor thing, it must be so incredibly frustrating.

    I don't think I could wear loafers but I have been eyeing off the daggy shoes the schoolgirls wear in Tokyo. They look so comfortable and could really work with the right stockings.

  16. Our family is nearly out of plaster, it's been a long few weeks, caring for a toddler who is in his two's and grumpy as all hell, no good. I may indeed do myself an injury running after him in stiletto heels as he bolts at full pelt onto the oncoming traffic. I am a short arse and generally need my heels for height but I reckon you could pull flats off nae bother and I'm totally loving all the oxford styles that are around at the mo. Check Urban Outfitters for sale, I got a pair for $15.

    yours Sleekit x

  17. Oh girly, I feel ya, me too! But for me its my back. I never wear heels anymore :(
    I'll definitely be stalking your shoe trends now :)

    jessica from

  18. I hear you on this one! My knee had only just healed this year after I tore the cartilage in my knee a long while back. I only just got back into heels when I slipped on ice outside my apartment and broke my ankle. My feet will never see pumps again.

    I hope you heal well and fast!

  19. If you get Wittner loafers get a sole put on them- I wore mine (all day every day, mind you) for a month and now I've worn the sole down that much that the stitching has come undone and the entire bottom is falling off. They are sooo cute, but need a sole boost :)

  20. Hey, I happened to be online-window-shopping and saw these.The full patent kind of shoe you were looking for maybe? they come in orange or black as far as I can see :),+product.marketingPriority


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