Monday, December 13, 2010

When the sister is in town

My sister is up in Sydney visiting me (the real purpose of her trip is she was one of the lucky few who got tickets to Orpah at the Sydney Opera House, lucky bitch!) so we have been taking her to a few of our favourite haunts. Above is Baffi & Mo our local cafe just opposite Redfern Park and it just so happens to be frigging amazing and pretty damn cheap too. My new weekend ritual is brunch at Baffi & Mo so it was nice to share it with my sister. Its pretty hard to get a table, but its so worth the wait.

My favourite dish is the olive tapenade on spelt with feta, basil leaves and tomatoes, so good it isnt funny.

We took a day trip down to Bondi Beach. We know there are other less crowded beaches, but seeing the iconic Bondi is a must, and I still love it.

Ebony wore:
Maxi dress from Genral Pants by Avec Girls $110
Necklace from Shag $70
Gladiator Sandals Tony Bianco outlet store for $20
Assorted rings and bangles from Diva from $5-$20
Hat from a $2 shop, and it was $2!
Sunnies are from Valleygirl $12

I wore:
Khaki blouse from Forever21 Times Square NYC for like $14 (actually a dress but the quality isn't good it gets all wrinkled within 1 minute of wearing it, and I hate wrinkles around the belly and butt so now wear it as a top)
Skirt from Sussan on sale for $40
Leggings from Kinji Tokyo for $9
Jelly sandals from Topshop in NYC for $19.99
Toe nail colour Khaki by Sportsgirl for $7.95 So in love with this colour
Finger nail colour Chrome by Sally Hansen borrowed from my sister.
Bangle by Elke Kramer gift from Henry
White cross necklace, gift from Mimmi and Peppi from More To Love
Hat was a gift from my sister, which I now know was from a $2 shop
Bag: Love and Luck Lawless Satchel bag $320, I am in love with this bag, will blog it in full this week

Also thanks to my previous post, Trixan Body have decided to give my readers a special discount of $10 off on purchases of $100 or more with the muilt use code TBBCJ. The code is valid till the 25th of December. Happy swimwear shopping xxx


  1. I can't believe your skirt is from Sussan! It's so not Sussan. Great hat.

  2. Whoa, you and your sis look really alike! I'm completely in love with your outfit, everything flows.

  3. That cafe is close to where my sister has just moved to! Can't wait to visit her and Sydney.

  4. I am completely in love with your skirt and your very very very awesome studded satchel!

  5. wow..Bondi looks like such a treasure...must see!
    you and your sis looks so fabulous!

  6. Love both outfits. The skirt - AMAZING! Must check out Sussan!

  7. I love how you keep it dark even in the summer, both of you look great!

  8. That place looks amazing! Going there for sure next time I'm in Sydney.
    You should get your sister to do a guest blog about her Oprah experience, I'd love to hear about it :)

  9. I'm not sure if it's just a good outfit, a flattering pic or if you've changed your lifestyle somehow, but I wanted to add that you're looking pretty great in that photo.

  10. Everything about this post is fabulous - the food, the fashion and Bondi!

    Love it :-)


  11. I LOVE the look of your bag!! I can't wait to hear more about it!!

  12. Great skirt! Sometimes gotta check Sussan I guess:)

  13. Your'e so cute!!

    (and Finnish design rocks! ;))


  14. have to get myself to baffi and mo asap... that tapenade looks absolutely perfect, could die looking at it... beautiful!


  15. As soon as I saw the background of your photos I KNEW it was BONDI beach!
    I lived in Australia for a year and I miss every moment of it!
    I can't wait for the day I can return.
    Great blog :)
    LOVE if you'd visit me!


  16. LOVE the studded bag!!!

  17. I love your blog :)


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