Saturday, December 11, 2010

A lesson in Swimwear


Again long time no blog post. Sydney is a busy city this time of year, so many events on in the lead up to Christmas so that's my lame excuse. Oddly they even send actual physical invitations for the events! Have had that happen maybe once in Melbourne ever, but up here I'm getting a few a day. Sydney is showy like that, but I'm starting to like it. Another point of difference is when an event has a dress up theme, people all actually dress to the theme. Melbourne people are "too cool" to conform like that, so now I'm the odd one out not all in denim or whatever the theme is. These are all just my hopefully witty observations as an outsider, slowly getting to know a new city. As someone who strongly identifies with being a "Melbourne girl" its hard to give up the head to toe black layers and grungy laneway bars for a tan and a pool party. But I'm learning. One step in that learning process was to learn more about Swimwear, the trends, designers and cuts for this season. I never really paid much attention to this section of the fashion world before, but with a whole Summer ahead of pool parties and Swimwear shoots when the invitation came to me to attend the Trixan Body Swimwear launch I replied yes right away. What I learnt was nautical is a big trend, as always, but so is the more directional cut out one piece, of which I really loved, maybe that's my Melbourne-ness coming through? always loving the edgy or avant-garde over the safe and predictable? Anyway the event was fun, especially for my year 10 work experience kids who said my life was like being on The City, which I have never watched, but can see myself getting into, so its probably best if I do stay away as I don't need anymore fashion reality TV distractions (how good is the Rachel Zoe Project?).

Answering questions when one is wearing a hat (need my hair dyed), and red in the face due to the heat is never a good idea as you can see by the above video. Lesson learnt, as much as I love the camera, it doesn't love me back.

Check out Trixan Body for swimwear in all cuts, colours and patterns, and the good news is they have a variety of sizes on offer, up to a size 24 in some styles.


  1. Ah, I miss Sydney. I've never really thought much about swimsuits being fashionable, but now I think about it, I always did have trouble finding one I liked in plus sizes. I'm totally in love with this swuimsuit ( )

  2. The Rachel Zoe project is BA-NA-NAS. Love it. So hilarious.

  3. On first glace I thought that second pic was Lady Melbourne, looky likey or what!

    I agree with you on the nautical one piece, I'm already hunting out a 50s style suit for summer.

    ps you looked great in the vid, loving the Drown necklace and big hat

    sleekit x

  4. You've just confirmed why I love Melbourne.. Sydney pool parties!! My worst nightmare!

  5. The first model's swimwear is cute. Love your blog.



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