Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift idea: Magazine Subscription


I have always wanted a magazine subscription as a gift, always. Unfortunately no one has ever given me one...yet. Maybe after reading this someone will?

With only 10 days left till Christmas and the madness of the shops right now, I think the perfect gift for the fashion obsessed is a magazine subscription which you can buy online. Want to see a smile wider than the equator? Get someone a sub to their fave mag, seriously, who wouldn't love that? My dream subs to put in my fab new Love and Luck satchel are all Australian/NZ titles as I prefer to support Australian talent and designers when spending my $ on magazines. I also think we have some of the best titles out there as it is anyway! My top 5 are:


Firstly there is No magazine, the NZ based title that is setting the world on fire with their cool editorials, always with a cheeky edge. Next up is Fallen magazine, which, is one of the few titles based in Melbourne, and as such has a place in my heart. Thirdly is the ever popular Aussie mag Russh which I have been a fan of since issue 7 as you can see in the above photo. The only issues I've missed since then are from when I was living overseas and couldn't find it. Yen magazine has been a fave since the very 1st issue (which sits proudly on my shelf). I guess the styling is most similar to my aesthetic, a sorta colourful Japanesey vibe. Lastly we have Oyster, another long time fave, each issue is a visual feast of fashion and art, I never miss an issue.

Magnation have kindly given my readers a 10% off code for all subscriptions until the 25th of December. Just use FSHNHYLY at the checkout.

Good luck beating the crowds this year, I've done 90% of my Christmas shopping online and I can't recommend it enough. Just set and forget, haha. xxx


  1. I just tried to subscribe but I got this msg:

    Sorry! We could not find an active promotion matching the code supplied promotional code. Please check the promotion code and validity period, and try again.

    Has the promotion not started yet?

  2. Hey, Sorry it seems I included a typo in the code, it is meant to be FSHNHYLY and I have now fixed it up in the post. Sorry about that xxx

  3. I did the old 'hint hint' 'nudge nudge' to my sister for a RUSSH subscription.
    They had a great deal up until yesterday where you go free movie tickets and a RUSSH Calico bag. SWEET CHRISTMAS GOODNESS!

  4. Magazine subscription is the perfect gift idea! Great post!

    But i'd also get really tempted to get myself something too when I shop online =P

  5. I've done most of my shopping online as well, it's all good until something gets delayed at customs or similar! GR! Might take you up on the 10% off ;] Ahhh I miss you too!!! And running into you, degraves is full of tourists now, they're marketing it as a touristy spot :/


  6. They're great when someone in your family asks you what you want for christmas, for example a 6 month subscription is very affordable! Especially if it is a smaller weekly magazine such as Grazia.


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