Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIN $500 thanks to Bonds

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As promised here is a tutorial for how to shred a t-shirt, just like I did to my Bonds Tanker in this previous post.

Step 1.
You need a t-shirt, in this case I'm using a Bonds Tanker.

And a pair of fabric scissors

Step 2:

Cut the hem off the bottom of your t-shirt

Cut it all the way around

Step 3:

Start shredding. To do this you start pulling the threads with your fingers from the cut hem.

Just like I'm doing in the photo

Slowly it will grow

Step 4:

Keep going until you are happy with the way it looks. You can choose to shred just the ends, or the whole t-shirt, it is up to you!

Happy Shredding!!!

Want to know a funny story about this post? Well as you all know I live with my husband Henry, so we share everything, a home, a bed, food, clothes, well basically everything! Now all this sharing leaves to a few fights, mostly because Henry has lost or broken something of mine (it is never the other way around!) Anyway I had bought a fabulous new pair of fabric scissors, you know the type, they cost a bomb and are super sharp but you can not use them on things other than fabric so they retain their brilliant sharpness. Anyway when it came time to make this tutorial I was looking and looking for the scissors, in fact for more than a week I have been looking for them. They were not in my sewing kit where they should be, so I knew as I always return them to their correct spot Henry must have borrowed them. So I ask him, every day, hey have you seen my new fabric scissors? Eventually he owned up to using them to cut open a packet of meegorang noodle sauce (ummmm hello) but can not remember where he put them after that. They have vanished into thin air. We live in a small one bedroom house, have looked everywhere for them and they are no where to be found. The scissors in this post are my old fabric scissors, the ones that are now a bit blunt because of all the times Henry has used them for things other than fabric. The ones that are now the everyday scissors. I just want my new fabric scissors back. I don't think this story is that funny actually, unless you are married and can share my pain. Sometimes sharing just doesn't work!

Well, Bonds are offering you the chance to WIN $500 by describing an experience where you had to share something and it went horribly wrong!

So just comment on this post with your story and the best answer will win $500.
The competition will close on the 24th of November at 5pm. Full Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Good luck xoxo


  1. It is funny cos my mum doesn't like to share her handbags or shoes with me. Why? Because I'm half a size bigger than her in shoe sizes and 'apparently' I stretch out her shoes making them unwearable for her. haha
    Although we do share our jewellery collection together- Motherly love.

    (sorry it's not that interesting or funny, just my two cents) :)

  2. Married 9 years - I feel your pain!

    Did you end up buying anything from the Stella McCartney for Target? Would love to see what you got.

  3. Ok... so it was probably my first ever introduction into the world of sharing:

    When I was 2 my mother got pregnant with my baby brother (who is now twice my height, but still a baby the me). She decided to put away some of the things I had used as a baby, so that I could get into more sophisticated two-year-old-type play things, and the baby stuff could be re-used when baby brother arrived.

    So along he came and not much later, out came a(/my)rug for him to play on and get his icky baby drool all over.

    This would not do.

    When I arrived on the scene to find him slobbering over my beloved rug, stolen from my just months before, I *delicately* picked him up by the head (they always say 'support the head'!!) and moved him off the rug.

    Unfortunately I was caught in the act, and interuppted by distraught maternal screams. It was not a great first attempt at sharing.

  4. Worst experience in sharing? I shared a bedroom with my sister for 18 years but THE WORST experience was when we lived in a really small house in Coburg (right near Sydney Road so you Melbournians will know what I'm talking about). My sister and I had to share a "bedroom' that really was a sowing room! There was just enough room to place our bunk beds in there as well as a chest of drawers and the wardrobe I still have in my new improved bedroom.

    Seriously, Imagine two PMSing teenagers with totally different tastes having to share the space of a walk in closet.

    Needless to say, we fought ALL THE TIME and it used to get so bad that we would actually full on brawl. Once we brawled so bad that I threw Vanessa into the wall and it cracked a massive hole into the plaster! (which we then covered up with a Backstreet Boy poster until my parents were out one day and I and a friend fixed it up on the sly).

  5. This story makes me shudder… as a teenager in school I had to go out and earn my own pocket money which in the country town I grew up in meant it was check out chick for me at the local supermarket.

    I worked after school so usually the start time was 5.00pm. As part of the role I had to wear the old fashioned green work uniform dresses which were done up with press studs down the front – very unflattering around the gaping bust area.

    Here comes the ‘sharing part’ as I was only a casual, sixteen years old and worked a few hours a week I did not get my own uniform, I had to take what was left in the change room and often this meant wearing the same dress that a full timer had just got out of from their day at work. Eeeek!!

    I can’t believe that this was acceptable back then, I know I sure as hell would not be partaking in such ‘sharing’ today!

  6. My best friend and I decided to buy a Marnie Skillings dress from a sale last year, we would each pay half, wear it for as long as we wanted, then sell it on ebay and split the proceeds. I was going to wear it to a fancy party, but she needed it for a 21st the weekend before.
    The dress was beautiful, and my friend said it had been quite a dancey night, and she would wash it before giving it to me. Sadly, my silly friend decided to handwash this perfect silk dress, and the whole thing shrunk - the outer layer was shorter than the lining/slip!
    So I never got to wear it, and it would have been useless to try and sell, as well. What a waste of money! That bonds $500 would really come in handy right about now.

  7. My absolute worst sharing incident was in year 8 when I lent a girl my favorite jacket (it might have been flannel, but hey, it was the 90's). Anyway, I'd been asking her for it back and she finally wore it to school on this cold day and she had a bad cold. When I noticed her wearing it I ran up to ask her to give it back to me i realised she was in the process of wiping her snotty nose on the sleeve!!!
    I let her keep it. :(

  8. My absolute worst sharing incident was in year 8 when I lent a girl my favorite jacket (it might have been flannel, but hey, it was the 90's). Anyway, I'd been asking her for it back and she finally wore it to school on this cold day and she had a bad cold. When I noticed her wearing it I ran up to ask her to give it back to me i realised she was in the process of wiping her snotty nose on the sleeve!!!
    I let her keep it. No more sharing for me.

  9. I was in year 10 and I had this really annoying chemistry teacher, argh i know why would i do chemistry right? Well anyway, one day she needed a pen and everyone in my class was reluctant to lend her a pen because everyone in my class didn't like her. so i was the closest person to her and she borrowed my pen to sign a permission slip. whilst she was signing, she stopped for a while and then she was literally biting the ends off my pen, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. i told her she could keep the pen. the whole class i was disgusted by the incident and my friends couldn't stop laughing at me. i wasn't upset that i lost my pen, i just felt sorry for my pen that it had to go through that :(

  10. Some things should never be shared - that includes heels! But don't worry, I said see-ya later to him quick smart.

  11. Haha! Awesome idea for a competition:)MY worst story involves me inadvertently attacking someone.

    I went to this awesome gym in Melbourne, that had these great kickboxing classes. It was a small gym, so if you were late to the class you usually had to share a boxing bag with someone. I was generally late.

    One day, I was sharing a boxing bag with a girl and we were doing one of those one-person-holds-the-bag-other-person-kicks sort of things, and I got a bit carried away with the kicking and ended up with my foot in the girl's face. Accident, of course, but when there's blood and pain, you generally feel pretty bad. Last time I went to kickboxing. It was not a particularly good sharing experience.

  12. Ergh. Sharing my favorite MAGIC black Kookai dress (you know, ruched black lycra, smoothed out all the bumps, turned me into voluptuous smouldering fifties-girl) with a pregnant friend.

    Well, I say shared.
    Actually, she came over to borrow a dress while I was out and chose the only thing I would have said no to. Yeah. Her preggers belly left an impression on my lycra. So much so that the next time I put it on? It channelled ME into a pregnant shape. NOT happiness.

  13. My Sister had this cream top that I really like and she let me borrow it one day after i begged her for hours. That day, we went to eat dumplings and as i dipped my dumpling into the soy sauce, it splattered all over the white sleeve. The stain won't get out too. Since then she's pretty reluctant to lend me any clothes and brings up the same event . Sigh.

  14. My brother who is two years younger than me was dressing up as a girl for the last day of his final year. I'd started uni in the city and was barely around, so he asked if he could borrow a bra (a weird enough conversation, let me tell you...even though I have a drag queen in the family). Of course, being the totally obliging and loving sister who couldn't wait to see the photos of him parading around in the school's short plaid number, I lent him one to fill with tissues (now he knew the pain of the girls he had made fun of who were hitting puberty). The twist?
    I went through my stuff a few days later and some key pieces were missing: so I asked Mum - back in the days years ago where I didn't do my own washing - if she knew where they were. No idea. I'd been staying at friend's houses in the city so made some awkward phone calls to see if I'd embarrassingly left these lying around.
    My brother, wanting to have his bra matching, had sourced the colour-coding underwear from my collection, and borrow some stockings (my best, thick, never get a ladder types). Of course during the day of being laughed at, my bra, my undies, and my stockings were all taken away from my brother - he probably willingly gave them up - and paraded one stage, my undies were being flicked around a Year 12 classroom.
    To add to this, I'm not a small girl (why I could share with my 6 foot 5 brother) so I imagine this looked like flying sheets.
    My undies came back with holes, my stockings with ladders, my bra with an underwire missing, and my brother with a very red face.
    I can only laugh about this 7 years later.

  15. (Sorry Hayley, I wrote above post - Kat - and my email address is It might not matter as I posted from a gmail account, but in case it does, you have a copy of this. I've come out from lurking!)

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  17. Hey Hayley i met you at the Tangent party last night, was V cool to meet you :D and ur hat was fabulous btw

    My house, I still live at home and my parents haven't had the decency to move out yet!!!! Jokes of course!

    But they don't understand a locked door is there to stop people going in. Many times I've had them barging in when I'm in the shower and need to duck for cover!!!!


  18. My mother and I shared a sewing machine for the longest time. One of the reasons was because I was young and couldn't afford one. We would make all kinds of crafts together: clothes, purses, hats, you name it! Then came the day that my brother had a sudden interest in sewing.

    We were showing him how to cut fabric and sharing my super super SUPER sharp Cutco scissors (which, by the way, are perfect for fabric) and he was cutting a material he liked. He had it perfectly laid out, ready to be sliced and diced, and the first snip came. He went completely still, sheet white, and then jump all of a sudden! He started screaming and we said, "What's wrong?!"

    He replies, "This scissors just electrocuted me!"

    Of course, we had no idea what he was talking about. We lifted up the fabric to see if it was some kind of static electricity.


    It was the power cord for the sewing machine that was plugged into the wall. The scissors cut right through the cord, destroying the sewing machine and my scissors.

    To this day, my brother refuses to learn anything about crafts and he isn't allowed to touch my scissors!


  19. Funny that this is the question, I have definitely had a bad situation with sharing this week.

    My sister and I share a GHD. Well at least we used to until 3 days ago when she decided to drop it into a bathtub...filled with water.

    Needless to say the GHD is ruined and my hair is terrible. As my hair is cut in a bob and isnt long enough to be tied back, it is horrible! Please help me afford a new one.

  20. In my senior year of high school, I was determined to find a prom date (I had only gone with girl friends previously). I had finally gotten the courage and asked a guy that I had been interested in for awhile to go to the prom with me. To my surprise, he said yes. I was ecstatic. A day or two later, my date had to admit to me that he had jokingly discussed going to the prom with another friend, too, and that she was upset that he was now going with me. I'm not a fighter, so I agreed that he would be both of our dates. So yes, I shared my date with another girl. It was quite stupid now that I think back on it, but I'm sure the guy had the worst end of the deal. He had to pose for 2 professional pictures, get drinks twice as often, and he didn't get to sit down and chat once. When it came down to the last dance, I was determined he would dance with me. It was my senior year after all. I spotted him with his other date, kissing on the dance floor. Needless to say, sharing a date is an awful choice to make!

  21. Just realized that it's only for Australian's. My bad! It was fun to share anyways ;)

  22. I never share my diet coke. Oh wait, you asked for a sharing story. Well, I don't have one. I do not play well with others.

    Great post BTW.

  23. Great post! Love that you get in there and creative as well as learning off others!!

  24. I'm used to being an only child for a while, and only had to really share with my cousins. One night we were staying with my grandmother, we were young and I always slept in her be, with her and my two cousins in the other room sharing a bed. It was later into the nigh and one of the comes in and says their scared, so we move over and let her in. The other comes within an hour and says the same thing. So my gradmother ends up sleeping horizontally at the end of the bed, with us vertically sleeping. In the morning my granpa comes in and says to us all, thanks for taking up the bed, I ended up on the couch bhaha. Its lame but cute :)

  25. Accidentally shared a tooth brush a few times errrrgrggggghhhhhhhh :S

  26. I once lent a friend a knit dress to wear to her graduation art exhibition. At the time I was a poor uni student myself so the dress was a rather expensive one that took me a while to save up for.

    Obviously being her graduation and all, much fun was had by all and many free drinks were consumed throughout the course of the evening. After drinking her bodyweight in wine, she ended up throwing up and getting lovely chunks of her pre-party dinner on my dress. Delightful.

    She was very apologetic the next day and offered to get the dress drycleaned. I forgave her of course, but as for the dress.... have you ever tried to get the smell of vomit out of wool? I ended up throwing it away.

  27. This has never worked out for me lol. I really fail at diy. I just buy shredded.

  28. I have TOTALLY wanted to try the DIY shredded thing for a while, and this has nudged me to give it a go :) Re: sharing, I also have an expensive pair of scissors from when I studied Millinery, which my husband tries to nick fort inappropriate uses, so now we have a cheap dodgy pair always in the kitchen drawer.

    My worst sharing experience that went horribly wrong, was also a borrowing tale.

    I was living in India for a few months, having a rented a flat with some friends, and had borrowed a cooking pot from an Indian family nearby (I think they'd actually brought us some food in it).

    Anyway, one day while I was washing my clothes over the toilet (the only drain place in this Indian flat), a pair of undies fell in - OH, THE HORROR!! So I decided I couldn't possibly wear them again until I boiled them for quite some time in boiling water, to disinfect.

    There they were, boiling away on the stove, when "guess who" decided to drop in for a visit? Oh, I can see it all in slow motion, even now, their smile turning to horror as recognition and then realisation dawned on them...

    We never spoke of it again afterwards, and they didn't loan us anything afterwards, either!

  29. While we're supposed to share a story about ourselves, immediately at the sight of this question I thought about what my friend had witnessed whilst heading into town one night.

    There was a stench coming from somewhere in the nightclub. My friends grew curious at what it could be, strange i know - is that something you do when you're out with your girlfriends? Anyways, the smell had become worse. As girls do, they love bathrooms when they go out. My friends popped in there for a quick refresher only to notice a group of girls crowding in a corner of the bathroom with a drunken, crying friend. The smell had become so strong, it was unbearable to them. No, it was vomit. The drunk girl had accidently popped a number 3 in public, but was so drunk, she didn't notice and had done her deed in the club. My friend overheard one of the girls saying "Babe, take my underwear" and analysed as her friend took off her underwear and gave them to her friend. To my friends, they said this was absolutely disguisting, something that had gone horribly wrong. But personally, a friend who can offer that in such times is definitely a keeper!

    Sharing something like so can be horribly wrong. I still don't know how I feel about this situation....

    Ps. thanks for the post about how to shred clothes. I've youtubed it so many times and no luck!

  30. I wore my hubbies white bonds v neck t-shirt and then ate spaghetti bolognese wearing it. Of course, it got a great big red stain on it. Not from the sauce, but actually from red wine that a friend accidentally spilt over it.

    So I took to the dry cleaner to get the stain removed and they handed it back saying they couldn't do anything.

    In despair, I decided to soak it at home and low and behold it came out. Phew!


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