Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bam and the homesickness begins

Since moving to Sydney I get invited to a lot more showroom's than back home in Melbourne. Its the nature of moving to the print publication capital of Australia, all the mags are here so all the showrooms are too. I don't have time to go to them all, but when Melbourne based PR agency Bam Brands invited me to their Sydney showing I knew I had to go. I needed some Melbourne aesthetic for my eyes, as I was feeling homesick for Melbourne, sick of all this colour, I wanted some black! Well Bam Brands certainly delivered. Above you can see Study's range of boat shoes, Henry's current shoe of choice...yes Henry is one of those dreaded

Jokes aside the showing was pretty awesome (*I actually really like boat shoes)
Sosume is a Melbourne label that specialise in the minimal and the drapey, a Melbourne look from head to toe. The brand is actually doing really well, while I was over in NYC they had a launch at one of their stockists (I was meant to go, but I was at ikea for some inexplicable reason).


I was really excited by Mercurialist's range of bags and jewellery. So industrial, edgy...and Melbourne.

Hello dream dress by Asuza, who are now stocked at Fat (Fat, oh how I miss thee!) I love the splattered print on the dress, how it leaves an almost dirty aesthetic on the fabric. That is something that I have noticed, people in Melbourne seem "dirtier", not in a bad way, in a creative way meaning; more op-shop, more hand made and more individual. I'm not putting Sydney down, I'm just homesick for Melbourne, my friends, my family, my old streets and shops to visit.


  1. I must say, watching your career continue to grow since you've moved has been so incredible and inspiring. So happy for you!

    Also, I want ALL OF THESE CLOTHES. Send them to me? Please? I'll rep them over here in NYC and make everyone want aussie fashions :)

  2. My fella is a boat shoe person too! Loving that Asuza dress in the last pic, reminds me of a Stone Roses cover

    Sleekit x

  3. Hello Hayley... I met you yesterday (monday) at Westfield Sydney 100squared... it was absolutely lovely to meet you!

    You are as lovely, gorgeous and gracious as the way you write.
    I did stop to see if I could take that photograph of you I had asked about but you were busy with the shoot and I didn't want to disturb you, plus I had to leave... so I was absolutely chuffed when my colleague told me that you had come around to our stand and she took pics of you!!

    Thank you so much for remembering, you are so SO lovely! I haven't commented before but I am a frequent visitor, was already a fan!

    Hope fabulous and great things continue to happen for and to you!


    ps. just in case you are curious... I know you are adverse to colour so thought I should warn you... my blog is...um... bright...

    For a second I thought, Oh wow! what a great location, all those views. and of course I finally realised they were prints. hahaha silly me.

    still, its pretty amazing :)
    x, kasturi.

  5. Oh my, that Asuza dress is a-maz-ing! I guess the good thing about being homesick for Melb is that you're only a 1hr flight away :)

  6. Oh wow, my partner is working on a short film with Sosume soon so it's nice to see you repping them here! Hope you're not too homesick Hayley! xx


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