Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gala Curios

I got a special present in the mail this week, from my friend Jasmine who is behind the jewellery label Gala Curios here in Sydney. You may remember I wrote about her collaboration with Marine Skillings last year? Well Gala Curios is her new label, which has her trademark all over it as the pieces are all reinterpretations of materials all around us. Like her collaboration with Marine where she used laser cut leather to look like lace, this new collection transforms materials such as bows, rope and lace into pendants, rings and cuffs. Isn't the packaging divine? I couldn't wait to see what was inside.

Inside the parcel was the beautiful Eternal Ties Pendant in lilac, a copy of the collection's lookbook (check it out online to see more of the pieces and the awesome styling) and a cute little note that read
I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy your blog! xx
I couldn't wait to wear it.


Black Hat: actually my brown one from Fun Accessories, photoshopped black because I am DESPERATE for a black hat like it
Dress: Big W $30
Vest: Some cheap store for at a train station in Melbourne $10
Leggings: Kinji in Harajuku $9
Black wedges: Nu+Nan $90
Black velvet bag: Savers $3
Silver claw cuff: Lovisa gift
Black resin spike bangle: Elke Kramer gift
Red plastic "diamond" ring: MOMA store in NYC $20
Necklace: Gala Curios gift from the designer

I wore that out today, sans hat, and got so many compliments on the necklace, with people wanting to touch it and get the designers info. I'm really looking forward to using pieces from the collection in upcoming shoots too. So many ideas!

Jasmine has just launched her online store and has stockists across Australia, including Alphaville boutiques in both Sydney and Melbourne.


  1. Love that necklace, its such a stunning colour. Sadly my boobs would devour it!

    Adore the whole outfit too honey!


  2. If I wasn't so poor, I'd buy one of those necklaces and out-kawaii the Japanese girls :)

  3. Adore the necklace - and your outfit rocks too =)

  4. You look wonderful! The necklace is absolutely lovely and the color! Ah, the color!


  5. This outfit rocks, not even kidding. I've never seen a necklace quite like that but it's really pretty! :)

  6. Love it :) I got a pair of Nu + Nan wedges at General pants at melb central, sooooo comfy and awesome!! That necklace is just gorgeous.

  7. Loving that necklace, and your outfit is just the perfect look for it.

    The rings on that site are amazing, must invest soon.

  8. Country Road have a similar hat in a very very dark gray at the moment.

  9. You look adorable here. I love your new necklace!


  10. Yes, I recall seeing 'Gala' in a magazine and you can also buy Gala from Offtherunway.

  11. awwwww that necklace is to DIE!!!!
    love it
    and i hope to see you over at my blog girl... and maybe even make it to your blogroll!! that would be a great day. LOL
    jessica kane of

  12. Awwwhhh... look how cute the ribbon is! :-D Like the box, too!

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  13. That necklace issss so cute! I've stumbled upon your blog more than once, you have sick style lady! I love all the goth times.


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