Monday, June 22, 2009

Jasmine Noir for Marnie Skillings

It seems 2009 was the year for RAFW jewellery collaborations. First off I loved Make Believe's collab with Antipodium, and now this exciting collab between Jasmine Noir and Marine Skillings ended up in my inbox and I nearly died from excitement. Yes I know RAFW was like 2 months ago but I actually met Jasmine whilst door bitching at Gay Bash 2 weeks ago (she was down from Sydney to dj), and absolutely loved her costume. Who wouldn't love a necklace made from handcuffs?

Jasmine is on the left her dj partner Mariam is on the right. From her costume I knew she was one talented lass, just didn't know the extent of it until the email arrived.

Look at that leather lace neck collar. Beautiful. I really love laser cut leather, it adds another dimension, especially when worn with a clashing colour underneath. Also powder coated chain is my friend as I'm allergic to metals.

Amazing statement earring.

It's her first foray into the fashion world since finishing her degree. She will be following this up with the launch of her own, solo jewellery collection next year which I can't wait to see.
Googling Jasmine Noir comes up with an awesome article about her graduate collection at the Pages Blog which also includes some images of that collection.

Jasmine Noir is a name to watch out for, that's for sure. Can't wait to see the solo collection.

This all reinforces my opinion that Sydney is the place to be to really break into the fashion industry. I'm getting frustrated by the lack of possibilities here in Melbourne and am seriously considering a move to Sydney next year. Luckily I can transfer to the Sydney campus of Whitehouse. I guess though it will probably be a good idea to visit before I make the decision. Haven't been there in 8 years, and when I did go I was 16, with my mum and we spent most of our time in the Blue Mountains.


  1. I love the handcuff necklace and the lace collar!


  2. i agree with you on the laser cut leather, it's really beautiful.

  3. the collars are quite amazing.
    i like the chain/ribbon bracelets too.

    the makeup in the show was really cool as well.

  4. omgosh THANK you for sharing this! I was wondering who did that leather collar for marnie skillings! the accessories were about all i really loved in that MS collection!

  5. Oh Hayley I can't believe you 1) liked Voice lessons and 2) are thinking of a move to sydney!! :-O

    Also... those leather lace things are pretty cool.

  6. aahh, laser cut is my new favourite thing, thanks for the pics!
    my sister actually did a make up & special effects course in sydney and loved it, she's moving back this year to get engaged! if you feel like you've 'done' melbourne perhaps a change of scene would do you good - i'd really love to see what you get up to in a new city!
    kisses x

  7. i love the leather cutout collar.

  8. i like that collar,
    and eyebrows! they make me swoon

  9. Im moving to Sydney in a month for that same reason! Melbourne is getting to frustrating when looking for work in styling!

  10. Thats so funny- those necklaces are in the latest issue of S.T.Y.D but I'm not sure they credit Jasmin Noir, just Marnie Skillings.
    From memory, I could be wrong.

    Anyhow, when I first saw it I though, 'WOW!!!'
    Then I thought I'd make my own, but then it wouldn't be original so I'm still thinking about how to make something similar.

    Nice post Hayley!

  11. chains and ribbons such a nice combination

  12. Hmm...Maybe Sydney is easier, because on an international level...When people think of Australia, they automatically think of Sydney. Some people I talked to didn't even know where Melbourne was, but I don't expect Melbourne people to know where Oklahoma or Oklahoma City is either..

    But to me, it seems a lot more underground and cooler things are coming out of Melbourne right now. But what do I know, I just follow blogs and look online.


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