Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Gay Boat Party

The Big Gay Boat Party is an annual tradition, but this was my first ride aboard the "grand" (read shitty) Victoria Star.

Walking the walk, talking the talk. My friends arrive in time for the 7pm departure.

We were in for a rocky ride out down past the docklands. Was so sad it didn't go down the Yarra river.

Izabel and Vlad impress with their model good looks. Check out their awesome blogs too.

Jack Mac and Simon dj'd as "Homorobotic".

Vlad let the wind carry him away. Jarrod kept his cool in sunnies at night.

$5 Garage sale Jeremy Scott jeans! Life is unfair.

Fab feathers.

Hot boots

The Gay Gang

Photos of me on nights out are at best terrible. Believe it or not this is the least bad of the bunch. I think my problem is I have really good looking friends, need to get some ugly ones so I can look half decent for once. BTW my dress is a copy of that Topshop one, I bought it at BigW for $30 on the day. Couldn't believe my luck.

Some cute outfits going down the gang plank.


  1. Aw you look cute!

    ah i love big W you can find some good buys there

  2. so funny hayley, i have been on the exact same boat except we had a 'back to school theme'!

    LOVE your BigW dress, was it recently you got this? The bigW near my area is shit....any suggestions for a good one?

  3. That's a whole boat full a hot stuff

    Sleekit x

  4. no no no, you don't look bad. you just look like you've been having a VERY good time!
    It looks like I'll have to head to big W

  5. lol sooo fun. i was so trashed at the moment that picture was taken. hahaha

  6. that's my problem too. stupidly good-looking friends.

    and i love that other people do this! i have big gay boat parties in seattle every year, and they're always my favorite part of summer.

  7. killer party!

    haha, I bought that Big W dress too!!


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