Monday, December 7, 2009

Home again home again jiggity jig

While I had a blast in Sydney, it is so good to be back home in Melbourne. I missed Henry, Ebony, Hachiko and the laneways so much. Thanks so much to everyone in Sydney who showed me around and to all the readers who said hi. My trip was memoriable to say the least and I do have 1 more Sydney trip post to come. Meanwhile I'm loving my new dress, purchased at Incu presents Topshop in Paddington, Sydney. I wore it around Melb town to many compliments yesterday.

What I am wearing:
Dress: Incu presents Topshop $80
Hat: Savers $3
Necklace: Make Believe gift
Bangle: Ishka $10
Sandals: Target $14 on sale
Fringed Bag: Gift from my mum

I know I hardly ever do outfit posts anymore, but that is going to change. You can expect more to come from now on. The reason why there have been so few is because every outfit photo is such a drama to get done, it nearly ends in divorce, ha. The above photo was suprisingly drama free, I think Henry missed me while I was gone and he was less stroppy than normal. Boys are funny things aren't they? I'm going to invest in a tripod so he no longer has to help, its about time isn't it? I look a lot better too when I'm not mid fighting while getting my photo taken, ha.

The winner of the Pete Versus Toby competition will be announced tomorrow at 12 noon, so there is still time to get your entries in xoxo


  1. You look beautiful! The hat is adorable, and I love that Topshop dress-I regret not buying it now!

    And "boys are funny things". UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY!

  2. Haha my boyfriend is exactly the same. Doesnt really enjoy taking my photos, doesnt understand the 'importance' of it all!

  3. hahahaaha thats the same reason i dont have more outfit photos.
    my bf always takes the worst photos of me. and i get so frustrated. im like " take a normal photo!!! AHHHH!!"
    its always a driama.

    i thought about getting a tripod but they are expensive. i might look on ebay.

    i love this hat with the outfit!
    super cute.

    re: dovegate. cant believe u got hate mail! people are psycho. people just like to point the finger.

  4. ohh super cute dress....and i love it with the straw hat too! i'm always seeing great hats at savers but they never fit my big noggin....oh well....i'm glad you had a fun trip :)

  5. you look lovely! love that floral pring with the necklace.
    have a lovely day, xoxo

  6. Awesome! Looking Mecha Fierce! haha. Great style....You rock Fashion Hayley! =D

    Your blogger buddy,

    I really like the colors of this by the way.

  7. Love it, you look amazing. So glad to hear there will be more outfit posts.

  8. Hi Hayley,
    Thought I would finally venture out of Lurksville and say how much I love reading your blog. YAY for more out outfit posts they truley do inspire me (I am currently in a rut).
    Fi - an avid lurker (reader)

  9. sweet outfit hayley... fuck yes to the more outfit's about time lady x

  10. Looking great Hayley. Love the fringe bag, looks like your Mum has great taste too :)

  11. haha its awesome to know other couples fight over blog photo taking. There have been many tears and fights in the past with mine, but I couldnt do it without him.

  12. I love the top shop dress. I visited the harajuku topshop last week and found it to be a bit of a let down, it was a good thing the rest of tokyo and Japan were super amazing to make up for it. I can under stand why you love japan so much.


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