Sunday, December 6, 2009

An open letter re: The Dove Incident

OMG I did not kill the birds myself people. Please stop harassing me! I did everything I could reasonably do. The birds were not wild so freeing them would have caused more problems, and I have since learned that 7 birds were infact freed and will now starve to death in the venue or be shot so as to not have a horrible slow death as they are uncatchable. I've been told their handler is very very upset by what has happened. I was interviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald (OK it seems it was the Daily Telegraph, oops) but I'm not sure if there has been any article in the paper yet but hopefully there is so that more people find out about what happened (There has its in the Daily Telegraph). That was all I was trying to do, get it out there so you all know how ksubi condone cruelty to animals. It was almost like I was these poor creatures voice.
And YES I myself have made a complaint to the RSPCA but am yet to hear back from them. I have no clue what you all think I could have done, its kind of ridiculous the hate mail I am receiving.

I wanted to link to some horrible photos of hipsters getting inside the net and holding the birds like toy guns and frightening them for fun, but the website is down that has those shots, when its up I will link to it.

What upset me the most was everyone else's blase response to what was happening. I was pointing out the birds and trying to get people to try and help but everyone ignored me. (Well not everyone, some friends were concerned too).

Seriously I DID everything I could do in the situation. AND yes I am going to stick by what I said about the night being the best night of my life. Imagine seeing friends you haven't seen in years and having them perform like they have never performed before. It was amazing, exactly like being back in Tokyo in 2006. It had nothing to do with the "celebs" or the "cool factor" and everything to do with my friends being amazing lovely people. I don't buy into that shit at all, I just go along where my friends are.

I am such a strong vegetarian that if Henry has eaten meat I wont kiss him (for like a week at least) so believe me when I say this really upset me!


  1. I think it is good that you brought the incident to people's attention, rather than ignoring or glossing it over.

    It is also very clear in your post that the incident upset you, so I'm surprised to hear people are giving you grief over this.

    I'm pretty sure the RSPCA issue fines for cruelty to animals in the name of entertainment, so there will definitely be some sort of action.

  2. It is such a horrible incident that happend but why are people sending you hate mail? It's not like you, yourself killed them! o.O

    stay strong hayley!


  3. it saddens me that people are sending you hate mail. it's ridiculous how people think that this sort of crap is art. it's not cool or trendy or nice to look at. it's just stupid. i believe you did all you can, and i hope that the rspca investigate it!

    don't let it stop you blogging! i love your site!


  4. If anyone thinks that you care more about hanging out with hipsters and scenesters than animal welfare, then they are pretty misguided. If that's where your priorities lay then you certainly would never ever have blogged about the dove situation in the first place. It's not exactly the way to get yourself on the kissy kissy PR love list to point out the ugly side of fashion.

    Big love to you Hayley for being the open, honest fabulous chick that you are!

  5. ESCANDALO! The bird handler should be held responsible for this, not Ksubi, not Carriage Works and not you Hayley

  6. Wow, I guess when you get more people reading, there will always be weird people who missinterpret what you said. It was very clear to me from reading the other post that you weren't happy with the situation.

    I mean, I'm not even a vegetarian, but cruelty to animals is never ok.

  7. Hayley it sounds like you did everything you could reasonably do for the birds.
    Just ignore the hate mail! People are being ridiculous. You seem like a legend and I love your blog.

  8. I 100% believe that you were upset by the incident and tried to help them. However, I don't think that anybody is blaming you when they are vocalising their shock and concern. It is a blog where people can comment, and you did put up photos of the incident which allowed it to be a topic of discussion. Also, your original post (pre the disclaimer) merely showed the pictures, and a small comment about what had happened to them and that you found it 'cruel and upsetting' . Perhaps it would have been a smart idea to initially illustrate how you attempted to help the birds, and that you did everything you could to save them. As it was, we had no idea that you did anything- you could have just stood there and taken photos and just 'felt bad' for all we know! And at the end of the day, I think if people are exhibiting passion, then it's a good thing. Animals being tortured for 'art' is a pathetic notion, and it's somewhat comforting to know so many people spoke up about it. Standing by and letting something happen is just as bad as being the cause of the cruelty, and I think that had you originally posted that you tried to help them, along with the link to the rspca, then people wouldn't have been so quick to jump to conclusions. Blogs are open to the public, so you just have to be careful how you represent your content.

    That really didn't make much sense! Haha, oh well. I love your blog for it's honesty and integrity, and the fact that you are you and not one of those douchebag hipsters with the contrived movements/words spoken/appearance. Bless!


  9. I don't blame you for the birds being in that net. I do blame you for not caring about it enough in the first instance to have put the RSPCA link in your initial post... Instead of only doing it after people start complaining about your complacency.
    To be honest, all you did after the fact was back peddle and try to make yourself appear like you did all you could in the situation.

    Had you of been so outraged at the cruelty, in your first post you would have made a point of asking people to lodge complaints and also make a point of possibly writing to Ksubi & the band or whoever it was to let them know of your disdain.
    You didn't do this though. And whatever you do from here on is purely because you are trying to save face, as you've been bombarded with people speaking against your actions.

    You ARE a face of the fashion industry. And you and your blog are also a media outlet.
    Perhaps you should consider the power that both hold in the future, before you let things fall to the wayside via inaction & afterthought measures.

  10. Free the fashion Hayley

  11. to be honest, to me it just looks like what seemed a really good idea at the time unfortunately ended horribly. i don't think ksubi actually condones cruelty to animals, or that there was anything you could have done to save them.

  12. Fucking hipsters. Fucking "alexi." Thanks for speaking up about the doves when it would be so much easier to decide to ignore it and not mentioning it.


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