Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bondi Beach Give Away

Today I headed down to Paddington and then on to Bondi to visit a friends store. I woke up kinda late so I only had time to see this store in Paddy

The infamous Incu, where I bought an awesome Topshop dress for $80 for tonight's party (the reason I am in Sydney is for a Ksubi party called "Big in Japan" where they are bringing out my friends from Tokyo to play, including the lovely Mademoiselle Yulia who dj'd at my wedding, so I had to come up to see her)

I caught the bus down to beautiful Bondi Beach

To visit my friends at Pete Versus Toby's Boutique/Studio/Gallery called "Palestine"

It's all about road bikes in Sydney.


The silk screen prints are amazing.

The doll's face is in that jumper.

Pete Versus Toby very kindly gave me 2 amazing pieces to give away to 1 of my readers.

Acid wash t-shirt with holes in size L but kinda small.

"Another Fucking Kate Moss T-Shirt" singlet in a size S but kinda maybe more medium.

To WIN all you have to do is comment bellow and tell me which famous person you would like to fight against and how you would win. For example Hayley VS Lady Gaga, I would win by out doing her in a fash off.

The best comment wins. The comp is open to Aus residents only unless you International peeps want to pay for postage.

Good Luck, xoxo


  1. Ash VS rachel zoe i would win by styling aginst her

  2. Hey how fun!

    I would fight Corey Feldman in an epic break dancing battle of the century. My skills on the floor are pretty epic but I'll really bring my win home with my surprise finale where I do the robot for 13 minutes.

  3. I would take on the Kaiser, that's right Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld. But because he such a heavy weight. Daphne Guinness and I would tag team.
    We would win with 'those' Alexander McQueen alien boots and head-to-to Chanel. We would also out ring Lagerfeld's enormous collection of rings he wears by blinding him with bling rings from Deadly Ponies.
    Shardette + Daphne Guinness vs. Karl Lagerfeld.

  4. I would fight Robert Pattinson and would win by wearing a suit made of mirrors - he would be rendered utterly helpless by his own beauty...

  5. Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl. I would win because the amount of eye make-up she wears would render her blind, so I could jump right in and steal her followers at Constance away from her with the promise of power and parties. Without them or Eric, who is Little J? Seriously, in her Nylon and Teen Vogue interviews she called herself a 'pretty girl' at least 10 times. Please stop talking.

  6. I would want to fight against Wally (from the notorious Where's Wally).
    I would wait for him to hide somewhere, and then tell everyone I defeated him using only a paperclip and half a straw.

  7. Agh you're in Bondi, and now I live in stupid Gold Coast instead. Oh well, at least I'm moving to melbourne in march so maybe one day we'll meet. Still very envious you were there in Curlewis in my natural habitat!

    I'd fight Tony Abbott and I'd totally defeat him by just smelling like a woman and scaring his bony arse right back to canberra.

  8. Great t-shirt!!! I would like to win one but I have no idea with who I would like to fight!!
    Greets from Poland Hayley!

  9. Sunny Sydney looks fun!

    I'd fight Hermes Endarkis from Ship to Shore, chasing down his dune buggy on a fierce horse.

  10. Fun!

    I would take on Kate Moss with my hips and a giant black forest cake. She would beg for cake and I would say 'remember nothing tastes as good as skinny feels ah ha ha ha'

  11. Hey!

    Love the blog, been reading it for a while now since it was recommended by a friend.

    They may not be a person as per saay, but I would take on those killer Alexander McQueen heels. The combat would commence as I wrestled to put them on and continue as I struggled to take a step, however I would triumph mostly due to sheer luck and the complete and utter happiness I would feel at actually owning (or touching) a pair of McQueen heels. haa. : )

  12. I would take on Bruce Lee because I ain't afraid of nobody.

  13. Shardette totally stole my fight! So, Im going to join the fight on Karl's team. A NAKED Baptiste Giabiconi is substituted for Karl because he wants to photograph the fight. Meanwhile im wearing a renaissance ruff and tights along with McQueen Mens A/W 09 Hat and Staff. With my staff i fashion a world of pure seduction, shardette uncontrollably jumps on baptiste. While daphne slowly and sensually falls by myside offering money to create beautiful clothes for not just her but hayley as well!

  14. mad vs MJ. i already won, because i was born on the day he died (albeit 21 years prior)

  15. kirstie vs amy winehouse...... i would spray soap on her then hose her down and then brush her teeth for her. the pain from cleanliness would surely kill her.

  16. coco vs. rihanna! first I'd have snoop dogg seduce her and then I'll jump into the picture and throw the "Ultimate Warrior" on her!
    and booomkapowbooom I WIN!

    heres a pic of the ultimate warrior:

    cheers hun!

    and wow I haven't commented on ur blog in forever... I've become the laziest blogger ever.

  17. why are you giving these away? I need some hipster T-shirts way more than your readers do!

  18. i would go head to head against LOHAN and win because i would snort 2 eight ball in each nostral yayyyyy

    ps: 'DRUGS ARE BAD'

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  20. Tyler would fight chuck norris, except there is no way to win, noone can defeat chuck norris!

  21. OK If I win (and I totally am, come on you guys - Corey Feldman and a 13 minute robot finale of doom) I am donating my hipster T-Shirt to Henry because he needs it more than me!


  22. Richard vs Kanye West
    I would want to fight Kanye because he is a massive douche and doesn't respect others (Taylor Swift).
    I would beat him because as we start he will be trying to have some form of rap battle and I would get in a cheeky punch. Then when I'm just a bout to do the final blow he'll say
    "Yo Richard, I'm really happy for you, ima let you finish, but Mike Tyson had of the best left hooks of all time!!"
    Then I'd finish him with a left hook BOOM!!

  23. Chris vs. Kate Moss

    An easy win armed with nothing but some of James Nesbitt's bad jokes, she'll be running in no time.

  24. me VS axl rose in a snake dancing competition, probably resulting in the abuse of my fellow audience!

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  26. I would fight Rachel Zoe, and I would win because she would DIE. D.I.E.

  27. those guys are such dudes! such a great shop and space to hang can just see the creative juices oozing put from every nook and cranny!

    first time reader but ill be back for more


  28. Elliott vs Andrew G. Andrew G goes down after two minutes because his hair got tussled.


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