Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Drum roll please, and the winner is

Shardette who wrote:
"I would take on the Kaiser, that's right Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld. But because he such a heavy weight, Daphne Guinness and I would tag team.
We would win with 'those' Alexander McQueen alien boots and head-to-to Chanel. We would also out ring Lagerfeld's enormous collection of rings he wears by blinding him with bling rings from Deadly Ponies.
Shardette + Daphne Guinness vs. Karl Lagerfeld"

has won the awesome Pete Versus Toby t-shirt + singlet with her awesome idea of tag teaming with Daphne Guinness in a fight against fashion's ultimate king Karl Lagerfeld.
Shardette if you could please email me your address I will send out the prize pack right away.

Thanks to everyone who entered, choosing a winner was very very very difficult.



  1. Yay, I won! Thanks Hayley :)
    - shardette

  2. Just thought I drop by and say HI! Was off internet for 1 month, came back and saw allll ur fun photos. I especially love that DJ yulia's style! Now I miss Melbourne! =(


  3. Got the tee's today.. thankyou very much Hayley!
    Love the black tee.. amazing!
    - Shardette


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