Thursday, December 3, 2009

Big in Japan

So yeah, the whole reason I went to Sydney was for this Ksubi/Kirin "Big in Japan" party where they were bringing out my old friends from Tokyo to play. Boy am I glad I made the trip, it was the best night of my life (well one of the best).

Painted nail buddies meeting before the party.

Carriageworks in Redfern was the venue.

Japanese dance/art troop "Kathy" cruelly cooped up some doves in mesh, later in the evening accidentally killing a bird (maybe more than 1?) as they performed in and around the net! Their performance consisted of flashing lights, loud music/explosions and throwing confetti, all things that would frighten a poor bird. Why this was allowed to go on I have no idea, anyone with some common sense would see how cruel and inhumane it was.

You can see a dead dove covered in the poor frightened birds poop being sat on by other scared to death birds.

Apart from that downside the party was AMAZING. It was so great to see Mademoiselle Yulia, who dj'd at my wedding again. AND she was wearing that fab Bernhard Willhelm dress that my other friend in Tokyo also owns...I actually thought it was his dress, I think I offended her when I asked if it was Gallermic's dress, ha. Yulia would never wear hand me downs, at least not from a stinky boy, ha. She has her own TV show, what was I thinking asking her that?

Ryan wore matching gold, a self fashioned tinsel coat.

Yvan facehunter liked the matchy matchy look.

A full look at Yulia's outfit. Opening Ceremony buckle wedges and jewellery from her own range called Ginza and that blue bob, what a star.

Michael Nolan from Ksubi.

Wannabe Harajuku kids.

Some lovely readers, thanks for saying hi xxx

Jeremy Scott jumper = love

A boy with more rings than me, I like.

Miffy-tastic. My lovely Sydney friends Cass and Adam.

Oh lookee here, its Mark the Cobrasnake and Pip Edwards. My faveourite stupid word in the whole world is "balayage" so it was awesome to see the person who came up with it, or at least made it famous...its just regrowth people!!!

Yulia changed into a Ksubi digital print dress that looked hot on her.

Then the moment that we were all waiting for, Tripple Nipple played. I loved seeing Qrea and Yuka perform in Tokyo, but this time it was even better. Maybe because they were on an actual stage and not just in the audience like in Japan, where venues are smaller, or maybe because its been so long since I last saw them. Let me just say I was moved to tears, tears of joy.

It was Yvan's last night in Australia so it was kinda sad. I'm so glad he did change his flight to stay for this party, it was beyond amazing and I'm sure his photos will be awesome.

This is the moment when Mark took this awful photo of me.

Yulia got to work.

and we got to dancing.

Follow the man in the tinsel jacket, he will lead you to the after party.

She made her jacket 2 years ago.

So happy

Tokyo peeps forever xxx

RE the dove incident: I did try to move the net and help but it didn't work and I didn't stay to watch that performance . I'm a vegetarian/animal lover and have been for 15 years so it really offended me. All I could do was blog about it to bring it to everyone's attention. Animals are not entertainment they are living breathing creatures and deserve better treatment. Feel free to email the RSPCA with your complaints.


  1. Looks like amazing fun, except for the bird getting killed which SERIOUSLY shocking/upsetting. I love love your dress though.

  2. first off,
    hayley you looked stunning at the party.
    the photo of you with yvan is hot.

    the bird thing has really upset me.
    a lot.
    i'm boycotting ksubi for life.
    that is disgusting, and possibly illegal. i think killing animals for entertainment is illegal. not 100% sure.
    but i would of left as soon as it happened.
    its given me this really awful feeling in my stomach.

  3. Awesome photos and it looked like a fun night but the birds being terrified (with one getting killed) is upsetting. I wonder if that's even legal?

    anyway, I love the photo of you and Yvan. You look great :)

  4. oh my god, the people that you called 'Wannabe Harajuku kids' are actually some totally cool clubkids who run a night in Sydney called Carnival Of Electric Illusions. their club is fucking excellent, and they are total babes!! x x xx

  5. Oooh I love that top you're wearing! Zara right?

  6. Awesome photos, I love the Topshop dress on you!
    However, like a few others have said, the bird thing is very upsetting. How a huge room full of people can stand there and let the cruelty happen is impossible for me to fathom. I would have called the RSPCA, then probably got kicked out for trying to set them free! It's disgusting.

  7. hahaha your cobra snake photo is hilarious.

  8. love the gold dress and the fab blue bob!

  9. this looked hectic but fun!
    and pip edwards didnt come up with the word balayage. this is not what a balayage is. it's regrowth. at the best i'd call it ombre hair, but that'd be if i closed my eyes in the dark...

  10. its so great to see photos of locals and happening activities in my home-town!
    i love your blog hayley its always fun & entertaining.
    i will definatly be hitting up the romance was born shop it looks crazy, and seeing as though it is right next door to my 3 other favourites (scanlan & theo, willow & kirrily johnston) how can i resist!

    love chelsea
    ...from street style to couture & everything in between

  11. The party looks amazing, but god, I feel so sorry for those poor doves. :( I'm a Vegetarian and serious animal lover too, so it's really horrible to see what they went through.

  12. I'm not sure how you could call this "one of the best nights" of your life, when animals were killed in the name of entertainment.

    These are the authorities you can contact in NSW about this matter, including the details you need to provide them with:

    As the former owner of a little bird whom I rescued from a car park, and took care of for nearly 3 years before he died several months ago, it's sad (but probably unsurprising) that art/fashion types condone animal cruelty by attending a "party" such as this one.

    The very antithesis of cool.

    PS - But should we really expect anything less from Ksubi? I recall Tsubi's infamous rat-infested catwalk from some years back. Can't remember if any rats were killed, but models had to avoid stabbing them with their heels.

  13. Did no one try to stop the animal cruelty? Was taking pictures and reporting the incident after the fact the only action that was taken?

    I am so upset by this. I could not have stood in the room and watched this without trying to stop it. If that meant tearing that net from the ceiling and making a complete spectacle of myself then so be it. To do nothing is unfathomable.

    Hayley, I feel a little disturbed that you would post that picture of the dead bird on your blog. It seems macabre. Please tell me that you did not just take the photo, but that you were also ACTIVELY trying to free those birds or stop the performance.

    It may be cool in the art/fashion world to treat animals this way, but in reality it's not cool.

    I am sorry that the best night of your life involved a spectacle of animal cruelty.

  14. Hayley I'm going to stick up for you.

    Yes the bird thing is a little disturbing (I don't even like birds but it's still not nice) but I don't think people should be venting their frustration at you!

    I don't think you should have pulled the net down and freed the birds. You would probably get arrested for such an act and as you mentioned, they're not wild birds.

    I think that you posting the photos and an explanation of what happened is good because people can ultimately take their own action if they feel so inclined - if that be by reporting it or just boycotting. There are probably fines or something for venues/organisers and I'm sure if there are still birds there they can be rescued. I don't know, but I'm sure if enough people complain, something will be done.

    It wasn't your show. You're not responsible. You just brought it to everyones attention.

  15. how ironic since doves represent peace and love...can't believe they treated them so cruelly!

    Mademoiselle Yulia is so amazing! always admired her on the japanese street style blogs!

    the tripple nipple girls look so amazing too! were they in the make believe lookbook?

  16. I just thought I would comment a little on the bird situation.

    Firstly I feel sick to my stomach. Whether these are "free" or "wild" birds has nothing to do with the fact that their were tortured (resulting in one or more of their deaths). I'm pretty sure that's illegal.

    Not blaming you at all Hayley, you didn't kill the birds clearly. BUT I would recommend, because you were at the actual party, to be the one to make the complaint to the RSPCA, not your blog readers.
    I (and I'm sure alot of other blog readers also) would feel alot better if you did :)

  17. Gosh Hayley, that dove thing is horrific. Good on you for speaking out about it. Reminds me of when they opened Crown Casino in Melbourne and released all the doves but at the same time those big gas fire things went off and lots of them were burnt and died :(

    You and your friends all look amazing though.

  18. Yeah seriously I am a bit surprised at everyone acting as though Hayley is somehow responsible for this - it technically isn't even Ksubi's fault; it's the dance troupes fault.

    All Hayley can do is report what happened as she saw it. She wasn't there during the performance and I seriously doubt she understood exactly what was going to happen to the doves at the time she took the first picture before the performance. At least she is saying something about it and encouraging everyone else to the same.

  19. OK I stand corrected, I have just learnt that Ksubi are directly responsible for the doves having hired them themselves. Pigs.

  20. wow! that looks amazing!
    such a shame about the doves.

  21. OMFG! Mademoiselle was in sydney. so fricken jealous!! :)


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