Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Launch

I got into paparazzi mode. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and Jessica Hart. I love how Doyle is posing almost like a superhero.

The Hart sisters.

This one is for Imelda, their shoes!

The fash pack.

Ben from Fat and Alex of Alpha60.

Mario and Peter of Trimapee

Leigh from Project Runway Australia season 1.

Mel from The Vine and Bryan Boy.

Time to rock this party and dance!

Bryan Boy took over the dj booth.

Work it baby.

My wedge sandals became flats! One of them was broken so Bryan Boy broke the other so I didn't have to go barefoot. It was such a funny moment, having BB tearing my shoe apart.

Flats! I got them fixed yesterday and wore them again last night, and they broke AGAIN! The man who fixed them said they would never break again and promised me it was ok to wear them right away. Liar, ha.


  1. Thanks for sharing the great photos!
    Am loving Black Nail polish right now!

  2. HAHAHA Bryan Boy broke your shoes! That's the highlight of that post. I've always wanted to break some heels and see if they work as flats...


  3. I'm surprised you weren't at the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton premier on Saturday! I was hoping to see you there lovely lady xx

  4. Looks like fun! I helped set up the venue, but unfortunately am not 'somebody' enough to actually be invited ;)

    congratulations on the sportsgirl comp! Best of luck in the finals, I'm sure you'll kick arse.

  5. haha, a superhero mayor - nice!

  6. So much fun to meet you last night!!! Thank you for visiting my blog, I just posted some new images from last night. Come visit my studio any time to see CAPE!!!!


    How did the photos of the cape look? And Also MIA is amazing...see drawings on my blog.

  7. F.H's life looks so much fun right now! GREEN! BB looks like a crack up too. hope u continue to have a fab fash week xx

  8. just saw that you are a finalist for the sportsgirl styling comp! good luck! xxx


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