Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fashion Week means loads of party photos

Emilia and I went to the Madam Virtue VIP fashion show and exhibition. You can read all about it over at Melbourne Street My blog is where I talk about the fun times we had and share my happy snaps. So here goes.

Matt from Imelda, Mel from The Vine and Candice from Super Kawaii Mama

We took our front row seats

Bryan Boy sat with the VIPs

Stylist Philip Boon and Bryan Boy

Maison and Matt

Andrew and Mia

Jack and Leo who is an amazing illustrator blogger

The Make Believe girls, Amber and Ebony are in town. They made an amazing window display at FAT Brunswick Street.

Group shot

Lady Melbourne


He can speak fluent Italian!

Drunken debauchery


  1. Yaaaaa! How cool! I've used that photo of me on my blog with the one I took of you at the same time.

  2. You are way too kind!!! Oh please check out my illustrations featuring the same fancy folk!

  3. tehehehe jack is such a cutie ! (: dayam.

    sending some love across the sea



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