Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tristian Blair VS MyPetsQuare

Tristian Blair, Leiza Black $450, available at Lady this week.

MyPetsQuare Plait Buckle Wedge, $320

My PetsQuare is currently in first place for my heart, mainly because the whole shoe is shiny black patent leather. But the Tristian's have an awesome side zip. Which shoe do you guys prefer?

Also my love of wedges is thanks to two very awesome ladies I met this week and photographed for Melbourne Street

Mia who loves Japanese designers, but is yet to go there (she will soon though so I of course talked my head off about Japan. Henry calls this "Japan Japan" when I start) Her Jumpsuit is Issey Miyake, and her wedges are Munoz Vrandecic. Totally in love with those shoes!

Estelle is a new blogger, having started her blog One perfect morning in April of this year it is quickly becoming a favourite, you should all check it out. The wedges she is wearing here are by Minimarket. So amazing.

So which Aussie designers wedges should I buy? The Tristian Blair's or the MyPetsQuares? (please note this is fantasy shopping, I am too poor to spend $320 on shoes, being an unemployed student and all)

Oh yeah and if anyone has a job idea, or a job for me please send it my way.


  1. I think you know I prefer the MPsQ's because I've posted them in my blog before, they're fairly blatant rip offs of my favourite Dries Van Noten wedges so they're in my heart, hardcore.

  2. wow,those girls dress friggin amazingly.
    i liek the tbs more. they are more hardcore.

  3. oooo two favourites! i'm gonna say tristian blair because they look a lot more interesting with the matte and patent material and i like the shape more.

  4. I like the Tristian Blairs better, probably because I like the look of mixing patent and matte together.


  5. I like the Tristan's better, but I think the MyPets ones are much more 'hayley', in a really good way! You are so the little vanilla slice, all japanese and patent leather on the inside! I think it's about time you rocked a bit of a heel too! xx

  6. the second ones are much nicer

  7. oh hello.
    i dont know.
    that question is just too hard i think.

    put a picture of them up in your house. look at it for a week and then see what you think.
    sometimes it works

  8. oooh, i love tristan. that girl in the pic with the bow is very cute.

  9. Great street style shots! I'll have to go check out more of soon now that I'm out of school and get my full scoop of what's going on in Melbourne!

  10. The MyPetsQuare ones are very mich like these dries van noten wedges:

    but without the laces...and much more affordable. The panels are even the same! I really wanted those dries shoes, maybe this could be a good alternative.


  11. I prefer the Tristian Blair, more well proportioned and a nicer overall shape. The MPS look too blocky.

    Probably too boring for you, but David Jones young fashion section needs people. you can email me if you want details, I met your friend Lauren at uni this week, she's lovely.

  12. Ooooh, I have to say, I really liked the Tristian ones. :)

  13. I love those Tristian Blair ones.


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