Monday, May 4, 2009

Meeting bloggers (including 1 very famous blogger)

Aus Style, Angela see Angela Blog, Sea of Ghosts, Me and Poppet.

Angela see Angela Blog, Vintage Verve Imelda and Super Kawaii Mama

Lady Melbourne and Angela see Angela Blog

Aus Style, Poppet, Smaggle and Angela see Angela Blog

We had a nice bloggers meet up with some new and old faces in the mix. Also in attendance were Circa Vintage and Ink and Leather but I didn't get a photo of them, oops. Its always hard to remember to take photos when your having fun. Angela obviously loves a photo opportunity, lol, she is in every photo.

Afterwards the lovely Sea of Ghosts and I decided to head down to the Sartorialist party, which was interesting to say the least. We got to meet Scott and Garance Dore and talk to them for a while. The venue wasn't really coping with the amount of people there. It was a bit insane as the party was announced on his blog, everyone was just starring at him, trying to get a photo. Oh and I got recognised no less than 6 times. Maybe I will have a Fashion Hayley party, announce it on my blog and see how many people turn up? Lol, my ego isn't that huge.

Scott hates the photos people take of him, he wants to be photographed by himself...I feel the exact same way. Photos of me by untrained to my specifications photographers always end up terrible.

Look at the nice photo I took. Ahhhhh. I guess it helps that Sea of Ghosts is so beautiful!


  1. Ahaha I'm making the most ridiculous face in that first picture!

    I'm so impressed with how tall Scott looks in the shot you took of us! The one taken of You, Scott and Garance is much more accurate.

    So hilarious how many times you got recognised -- if you had a Fashion Hayley party I'd come!

  2. That looks like a blast. You look beautiful, as always.

    What does the piece of paper with Imelda say on it?

  3. You know I'd be there in a was the same in Sydney, people starring at him hoping that he's take their picture - it was weird.

    How beautiful is Sea of Ghost...I DIE!

  4. Once again a triumph on the photo front. I think the rest of us were too busy talking and kept forgetting to snap! So great to see you again, and I meant every word of what I said about your talent! :)

  5. You are a pretty girl but there comes a time where you need to start wearing make up.

  6. what a night! jealous jealous jealous! seems to have been a really epic meet up.

  7. Oh Hayley your photos are fantastic (as always....) You've captured Sea of Ghosts beautiful green eyes so wonderfully!

    It was so nice to catch up with you again and well done on braving the throngs of the Sartorialist's party. I wish I had the energy!

    P.S. The photo we are holding is of Imelda with a sign saying something like:

    Hola Back! The Despotic Queen wishes she could award her taser heels to Melbourne Blogers in person.

  8. rofl at angela...and how i look preggers in the first pic.
    WOW the place looks PACKED! i'll bet the sarts ego had a good night! :D
    i think carbonmade is good for portfolios :D

  9. Hey hayley,
    WOHHHH for me being in like all of the photos! I hunch too much, it sucks. No AUSstyle you do not look preggers, I look preggers!

    PS. Hayley, maybe I should have told everyone what my blog name actually means. You know the saying monkey see, monkey do? Yeah... Like Angela See, Angela Blog? I know it doesn't make sense I was very tired when I made it... But could you please link it as Angela See Angela Blog? Thanks so much XXXXXXX!

  10. Oh I'm sorry I didn't take a great picture! You look great in the photo I just got all the head ratios wrong. It was lovely to meet you and I hope to see you again sometime soon! xxx

  11. Those meet-ups always make me so envious - it looks so lovely.

    Alicia is so gorgeous, pretty, pretty, pretty!

  12. Fabulous!!

    Lovely blog. Do you do link exchanges? Either way, I'm adding you to my blog!

    Love. Gracie.


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