Friday, May 8, 2009

Obsessed with this

A crazy Japanese ad for gum that also has a competition where you can make your own version to win a prize (not sure what the prize is though). I have been watching them all morning. The song is so catchy and the dance is so cute. I especially love the chubby girl in the ad who changes from a mannequin into herself, or from a dog into herself in a dog costume. So unusual to see chubby people on TV over there and I kinda feel that they are seeing chubby as being kawaii and not ugly which is kinda sweet.


  1. AH DANGIT! The computer I'm on right now has no speakers..but I can still tell this is gold. hahaha.

    About the chubby girl..I think she may be a famous comedian in Japan that I have heard of who is famous for imitating Beyonce! I think that same girl was a favorite among Japanese people that they would like to get to know from some survey or something!

  2. Ahhh... You can always trust the Japanese to make weird ads...

    My all time favs still are the Tommy Lee Boss Coffee ads..

  3. I too have been obsessed with this ad. I can't stop showing it to people. Half dig it, the other half don't get my obsession.

  4. The chubby girl is Naomi Watanabe, she imitates Beyonce.


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