Sunday, May 3, 2009


I am working on making an online portfolio of my styling work, press, photography etc. I decided to just use the blogger platform to do this but am not too sure if I am happy with it as I would prefer it to be less jumbled and more streamlined. This will do for now though as I just want it up so I can refer people to it who want to see my work.

Take a look, most of you would have seen it all before anyway.


  1. I love it. You're so talented, and it's great to see it all in the one spot.

    One thing though, do you think you should disable comments, just to keep it more professional?

    That was my only thought!

  2. u r such a creative dynamo!i think using blogger is a fab idea. disabling comments is prob a good idea too. nice 1 xx

  3. Your work is amazing, its been fun seeing you post these one after another.

    I think blogger will do good for now, and I agree with disabling comments..but I don't know if that's possible if they are connected to your REAL blog and you don't want to disable comments on that post.

    For me, I don't have a professional portfolio either, and just showing my blogspot and especially myspace has helped me with the little that I've done so far.

  4. If you want streamlined use tumblr. It is so lovely to look at and easy to use.


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