Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Closet Party, Ferris Beullers Gay Off

Olivia and Greta dressed up for the 80's theme. Olivia is actually wearing my top, hat, belt and shoes.

Annie Hall?

Greta made Pat's tulle bow tie.

Jarrod knows how to make an entrance!

The lovely door bitch.

Nakkiah and Nick...I haven't seen Nick since like 2003-2004 back in the old art school days.

I had a blast even though I drank way too much punch that had a surprising amount of booze in it, which meant on the way from the house party to the Closet party I had a fight with some Met Police (tram ticket inspectors) Oops! At the end of the night when I got home apparently I sleep walked naked into my housemates bedroom. Major oops! Luckily he didn't wake up, but Henry did and took me back to bed. Never again will I drink punch, you just don't know how much alcohol is in it.


  1. what a fabulous bunch! i wanna come party with you guys - looks like so much fun. u look super cute at the end there in your floral

  2. who's the hot guy with the lip ring?

  3. great story and cute photos and friends

    xx chris

  4. i like how olivia's dressed up. plus .. 80's theme is brilliant!

  5. i love our beautiful melbourne people! and the fact that i can quote the scene from 'pretty in pink' that i spied on the tv in the background!

  6. Haha! Looks like a fabulous night! I always say I wont touch the punch...but I always do and then I get into trouble. I have learned to accept that is just part of life!

  7. Heyyy!!!!! Thanks for the comment...havent been checking my blogs at all, have had no time in Japan. Im going to get the pic of Tavuchi up first I forgot it on accident because it wouldnt rotate..and then, I tried to mess with the HTML and it didnt now I moved to another friends hopuse and maybe it will work..I dunno..if not, it will when I get back home!

    She was good! She just said ARIGATOU a lot! haha. She was really nice..Actually, I kind of stumbled upon the spank Shibuya store and talked to one of the started with E cant remember sorry...and then happened to go to Koenji the next day with my friend, and the girl from the store before talked to Tavuchi and told her I was in town...they kept calling me ILLUSTRATOR...hahaha. I hope Tavuchi didnt think I was a stalker...haha. Im totally not, but I love dropsnap and street fashion, so I wanted to meet her since I was in Koenji anyway. I told her we were blogger friends and she said she knew you and that you stayed with her!! She invited me to some parties too! Anyway..sorry this was so long..haha..gomene..

  8. Great photos. What a shame I was/am in Sydney.

  9. haha, you always know you've had a great night when you end up sleepwalking naked! xxx

  10. I'm digging the new pink hair ;)! Just dropping by to say I adore your style and I'll be featuring you in my blog next week.

    Oh and you look gorgeous in that last photo, too~! Keep up the great work, take care ^_^!

  11. looks like you all had a lot of fun. the pictures remind me of Cobrasnake.
    great blog! x


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