Sunday, May 17, 2009

A peek into the dark side

A sneaky peek into the shoot I styled on Friday. Behind the scenes photos taken on my crappy happy snap camera hence the grainy dark shots.
Shoot details:
Photographer: Chris Polak
Make-up: Caroline Massola
Hair: Jodie Watts
Models: J J and Jayde Purtell from Viviens Model Management

Thanks to:
Alegorie (Check out the Lola & Bailey necklaces, in this shoot I used "The Cat & The Canary" necklace which I'm seriously considering buying, being a stylist is dangerous for my shopping ban)

Alice Euphemia
Alicia Gramsbergen
Alpha 60
Es Trella
Fat (It was so hard to give back the black Romance Was Born cape that I made Henry buy it for my birthday...I'm not allowed to wear it until then but I am super excited come May 30 I will be wearing it every day!)
Not to mention my lovely "assistant" Oliva, from Uni, who helped me calm down in the mini crisis's and was always one step ahead working on the next thing before I even had to ask!

This has to be the best shoot I have worked on to date, I am beyond happy with how every look worked out and the people I worked with on the day were all so talented, it was so inspiring.

I'm working on yet another shoot, its go go go at the moment, which is exciting.


  1. An absolutely rad day. We all did so well together! :)

  2. ohhhh that rwb cape is AMAZING!! the wait to wear it must be excruciating but it'll be worth the wait!!

  3. this looks great! huge fan of that makeup. i am super excited to see the resulting we get to??

    are these shoots for publications or uni based?

  4. Harbourmaster: Hopefully you will get to see them soon...its not for Uni, its for _______? Soon we will know...currently I'm not sure myself. The photographer used film so its going to take a little while.

  5. OOoooh Hales you are sooooo talented and thankyou for a wonderful day, Mum

  6. wowzerama! sometimes i rekkon u r living out my dream life! looks like your art background is playing a big influence in this shoot - more than just pritty pics going on. the cape is ultra awesome - lucky you - henry rocks!

  7. ohhh it looks like so much fun!!! in a couple of weeks i'm going to be doing my own shoot and i'm a little nervous. i've helped style shoots before but i'm gonna be shooting my own clothes etc, so i'm sliggghhhhtly shaking! i need your talento!

  8. wooow this looks really really cool! i'm betting the final pics will be beyond amazing. ooohoh and can't wait to see you in the rwb cape!!!

  9. OHH I love it already, like everyone else I'm also itching to see the final thing.


  10. Stylists should get discounts. I heard GHOSTS gets you 10% off at Alegorie. Just saying!

    Looks amazing can't wait to see it.

  11. so good you're getting heaps of work! go hayley! also i hate you for getting that rwb cape... lucky woman

  12. this looks Maaard!

    absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous

    i want that cape her shoes and those eyelashes. it sooo crazy!

  13. Looks fabulous! I cannot wait to see the end product! I never would have thought that now I am in Australia I am motivated to get back into styling?!?!?! Guess I finally have the space to think! Maybe we can team up someday soon!

  14. That fourth photo is absolutely amazing! Your posts are always great. However, I miss your outfit posts a lot! You inspire me so much :)

  15. Dark and stormy- I love it!

  16. i love ze cloak thing. anything that looks like a bat is cool with us!!


  18. looks awesome, can't wait till you post the finished thing!
    i imagine styling must be awful for a shopping ban, since getting my new job ive realised that being surrounded by clothes all day might make you happy but it also makes you want to buy them! hm... x

  19. cool....where can we see the pix

    Im adding you on my fav...for damn sure


    bonne nuit

  20. I love the makeup and the styling is amazing.. those shoes, the hair.. beautiful! We met very briefly on Friday, I was wearing the black velvet coat with tails and we spoke in the toilet.. I was gushing about following your blog etc etc. Anyway, you said to comment and now I did. As I said on Friday, MASSIVE fan!


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