Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Penthouse Mouse

This week is really hectic. As the week before Fashion Week there are heaps of exhibition openings and shop parties to attend, plus I have Uni now too. Fashion Week may in fact be fashion fortnight and I'm already pooped and its just begun! Nearly every night there is something on, but so far all I have managed to do is go to the opening night of Penthouse Mouse last Friday. Basically it's a sort of pop up store/gallery that gets set up every fashion week (well every fashion week in recent memory). There are loads of artists and designers involved and this year it being held in the old "Fun Factory" amusement park in South Yarra. I didn't really get a chance to check it all out as I kept bumping into friends I hadn't seen in a month, but from what I did see it all looks really cool.

Charlotte and Kat (Style Lines). It was my first time to meet Kat. She is beyond lovely, and was wearing the most amazing shoes.

Greta, she is wearing her male housemates dress!



In other news this is what I wore to Uni today:

Going to fashion school means you can never dress down, everyone is always dressed so amazingly that if you did you would feel like a right fool. So this morning I felt inspired to go all out with my look.
Pom Pom: I made it for the Pocketto shoot I styled
Necklace: Arthur Daileys $1
Dress: Dimmeys $3
Vest: 7 Angels: $20
Belt: Zara Japan $40
Leggings: Kinji Harajuku $7
Shoes: Hunter Gatherer $10

Mind you I did come home and change my shoes half way through the day. Those babies are a size too small I'm afraid, but I love them so much, I live in hope that 1 day my feet will shrink.


  1. Oh you, stop being so cute!

    I love your pom-pom love. You're going to have to teach me how to make them. We should make a jumper/cardi/shawl thingy out of heaps of them (kind of like the emma cook one but way radder).


  2. PS L-O-V-E LOVE Greta and Pat! What lovely Melbournians! xx

  3. Hey! I recognize Ricky, Pat, and Greta from a previous blog entry I think...

    And cool style! The pompom is great, I like the assymetry of it. Its something I've never seen done like that before too, which is good.

  4. Those shoes are mighty amazing! Buying them a size too small in a hopes that they would shrink is something I would do, haha.

  5. haylz, luella here. apparently feet shrink post-pregnany! there's hope!!!

  6. I wish I could dress like that for work. It would be so much fun putting together outfits in the morning!

    I love the fringed vest, and the poufy thing in your hair! So cute!

  7. PHM looks great this year. I think it ends the weekend I get back. damn.

  8. oooh i love that pom pom! you're gonna be so busy in the next few weeks. hav efun~

  9. hello fashion goddess hayley! thanks for stopping by my blog. am a big lover of streetstyle and think you defo have your finger firmly on the pulse. also love the pom pom, love the tokyo love, love the fringe, love the humour and the attitude! btw i certainly know about dressing up for uni. i did fine art at st martins with garath pugh et al (the fine art and fashion is together). oh boy was there serious crazy catwalk action happening between classrooms. SO MUCH FUN! have added u to my blogroll so looking 4ward to seeing more classroom catwalk looks etc etc xx

  10. WOW can I say that those shoes are beyond cool!?!! And I love that majority of the items in your outfit are so inexpensive! Takes great style to put such an eye-catching outfit together. XD

    Looks like such an interesting event! Love the photos that you took of the people there...

  11. Love the shoes! Feet do shrink a bit in the morning....

  12. dude, that vest is amazing!




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