Thursday, July 17, 2008

The 90's I love thee

I am still in love with the 90's. I seem to want to dress exactly how I did when I was 13/14 when I was a "Grunger" at my high school. A grunger was a mix of grunge plus raver I guess (at least it was at my school). I don't want the raver part (I used to wear jeans that I made into flares by adding a panel of bright red fake fur on each side and then reflector strips and embroidered iron on smiley faces and cherry's all over, ahhh so gross, I teamed the pants with a Stop the Jabiluka Mine T-shirt and a brown flannelette shirt/jacket and some tie dyed scarf I made. I also had half my head shaved and coloured blue and a nose ring and I wore bright blue docs... I was one crazy hot mess) I just want little parts of that style back. I want the docs, I want the floral's I used to wear loads of and I also want that bad girl edge I used to have. I wish we had more photos from that time so I could see how crazy looking I was but sadly there are only a few photos of me at that age and in all of them I'm kinda toned down, I guess for family events (my mum never told me not to wear anything but I got the impression my Nana wasn't too thrilled with my style so I toned it down slightly on visits to her house)

I guess I was an Emo of my day, only not all grungers looked the same and we were more political, always going to protests against the Jabiluka mine, Pauline Hanson and Jeff Kennett. Lol one of my 1st dates with Henry was to a protest. Do you remember when S11 meant something else completely to Australians? My high school was a bit of a hippy school too. The teachers used to join us at these protest rally's, we even had out own school protest sign to hold up at the march.

Maybe I'm feeling a bit nostalgic because I bumped into an old high school friend yesterday. It was great catching up and remembering the good ol' days. It's also fun knowing who out of the "cool" group has actually done something cool outside of high school (basically zero, haha...can you tell I wasn't in the cool group, lol)

Anyway here are some 90's ebay wanna haves.

I totally had a pair just like these. I love them.

This dress is so cool. I'm going to try and find something similar at Savers for me. Also the store makes those awesome gloves, I really want a pair!

I have wanted a leather jacket forever, but they never look good on me. This one is amazing though with all that fringe. I totally need to have it, but it won't fit me :(

All of the above are from the Gracie Vintage ebay store.
Feel free to bid because I can't afford anything even though they are cheap. Why can't I afford anything? Because I'm saving my pennies for these:

Thanks to Spandex Pony who found my dream shoes in my size on ebay. Now I just have to win...please no one else bid.
***EDIT*** I won them for $53.52 USD YAY. I just hope postage isn't more than $20-ish (I sent an email but haven't get a reply yet :S) Yay my dream shoes are mine! Thanks so much Spandex Pony :>

Oh and by the way I did a small re-design of the blog today. I have wanted to do it for a while, hope its all ok :>


  1. Stop the Jabiluka Mine indeed! It is a shame Pauline Hansen is still hanging on. At least she isn't dancing on tv anymore.

    What a wonderfully nostalgic post. I miss cheesy 90s and early 00s music. Especially the Cors and Savage garden.

  2. oh i noticed your small blog revamp. its looking cool. black and white theme is good.
    floral leggings/pants! I wore them so much when i was a kid. I think i had a pair of white capris with blue/yellow flowers printed on them...

  3. I really like your re-design. It's looking really slick.

    I wasn't part of any style group in highschool (I didn't work in hs and I can't imagine my parents contributing to any crazy items of clothing) and I wasn't in the 'cool' group either. I was in the group that studied (not the outcast group though hehe). *I think* most people liked me. Still I wouldn't go back if you paid me! My life is so much better now even though I work all the time.

    You have brought back some memories Hayley!

  4. that floral dress is amazing! the leggings as well. too bad international shipping is so expensive!

    i don't think i've worn leggings since i was a kid, though. i think it reminds me too much of a time where my mother dressed me and i thought those harley davidson leggings were the shizznit (which they obviously were at the time, i just can't stand them now!), but i only got fake ones for some reason. and then i go on to thinking about the time in 4th or 5th grade on school picture day, where i was wearing my favourite (really amazingly cool) suspender pants (isn't there a word for them? i forget), and i fell off the swing and got dirt all over so i had to go home and put on something else and it made me really sad. wow, this is such a weird comment!

    anyway, i never had docs, and i really want some now!

  5. okay your dream shoes have officially become my dream shoes too! that's a great price for such pretty docs.

  6. hehe congrats on ur shoes!
    I do have a 90ies letaherjacket! I do never wear it though. My ma bought it for me at the fleemart for 15 euro so cheap! I should wear it sometime! it's just hangin there. It's minus the fringe though but plus studs! here's a piccu:


  7. I love the shoes. They are the best. Heaps nicer than the new floral docs in stores.

    I've been watching a lot of My So-Called Life recently and therefore am completely in love 90's looks. I was a bit too young the first time around but I remember having the best long shirt, printed legging combos.

  8. Yay, you got the flowery docs- I am so looking forward to seeing what you can do with those babies! PS. Blog re-design looks good too

  9. ugh, I LOVE your posts! My sister was a teen in the 90s, I was maybe in elementary school, I've been looking at old photos of her to get fashion inspiration! Those flower leggings are the best

  10. YES! I'm glad you won them!! I am now stalking a pair in my size... PS I have a little award for you on my blog!

  11. It's so fun to read about your high school style. It's funny how with time, styles we thought we owned and that had no label, have now become such a massive trend with their own specific cultural trends. At high school I was both a Goth and a Raver, now known as Gravers. That would have been a much cooler term had we had it then. And yes, I still yearn after many of those clothes, so I figure 'what the hell?' and work them into something a bit more modern these days.


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