Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sale time at Valleygirl

I just was browsing the Valleygirl online store and found these cool things for super cheap on sale.

I still love dip/tie dye. On sale for only $9.95

Full price $24.95 (currently not on sale but still cheap)

I have wanted some paint splatter in my wardrobe for a while now. On sale for only $9.95.

This is like all the Forever 21 dresses I like, only this is in Australia so I can actually go into the store and try it on. I don't think it will suit me though but I like it anyway. On sale for only $14.95

More interesting fashion/outfits posts soon. Our washing machine is still broken so I still have no clean clothes (well we have been to the Laundromat a few times but its $5 per wash at the one closest to us which is such a rip off, just because we live in the city doesn't mean we are rich!)


  1. I know what you mean about Laundromats - they are kind of quaint but waaay too expensive! $5! I also forgot to tell you how cute those shoes were that you picked up in Hakajuku!! So cute!! And how lucky are you - a size 10 and fitting into LL size! I'm a 10 too and there was no way in hell any jp womans shoe was going to fit. I always had to buy mens sneakers (that's ok - pink La Coq Sportif for $35, yes please!). xx

  2. oh I saw this top on sale similar to the last one at Cotton On today!! It was down to $10 i think.

  3. Ive been eyeing off that last top for far too long.
    Would be my luck I go in there to buy on the weekend and it will be gone!

    Im planning on doing a DIY with tie dye and acid wash soon!

  4. Oh I saw that black top on the Valleygirl site too, but alas they do not ship internationally (I live in Scotland, but have checked Valleygirl out since my dad lives in Queensland...) Bit cheeky to ask my family to send it to me!

  5. That last top is one of the two that I accidentally bought off the site the other day lol.
    It really cute and soft, I probably could have gone a size 10 (might see if I can exchange it on monday), but other than that its gorgeous.
    Haven't thought about how to wear it yet though.. might have to have a bit of a play


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