Friday, July 18, 2008

My own beauty shoot

It seems every beauty shoot in the glossies always has a miniature shopping trolley to hold all the products. For some reason I have 1 of those mini carts at home. So I decided to do my own beauty shoot. Please excuse the bad photography and photoshop, I did it on my kitchen table with paper taped to bowls as the background then I shopped the paper edges out (badly).

Shopping trolley Beauty shoot

Beauty products from left to right:
  • Lady Jane hair brush keeps my fine straight hair nice and straight...mostly. My hair is so fine I need to brush it every 10 minutes or so otherwise it ends up in 1 big knot which kinda resembles a birds nest, not a good look.
  • De Lorenzo volume spritz. You spray it onto the roots of your wet hair than blow dry to have some volume...some. I dream of big hair.
  • Round hair brush for my daily blow dry to give my hair some much needed bounce.
  • Garnier Clean and Fresh face wash. Has a lovely cucumber smell that really invigorates you. I only use it once a week, I can't wash my face too often otherwise I break out in pimples, but if I don't use it once a week I also break out in pimples. A never ending cycle.
  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I love this perfume, it's so sweet.
  • Priceline home brand H20 moisturiser. It's so crazy cheap (only $2.50 or something) but so good. I do wish it had some sunscreen in it so in Summer I might have to switch to a more expensive brand so I am protected from the sun.
  • Priceline Vitamin E make-up remover. I'm loving this cheap as chips product (only $4). I used to use a more expensive brand but when I moved to Japan I couldn't find the brands I liked I realised it is all the same stuff really and have since decided cheaper is better. Plus I live right above Priceline so I am always there.

Make-up Sushi platter

Make up from left to right:
  • Cover Girl compressed powder. I only wear this very occasionally to help cover a pimple.
  • Rimmel black eye-liner pencil. Generally I wear this at night.
  • Maybeline New York blackest black mascara. This is actually brownish brown, I asked Henry to pick me up some at the supermarket a few weeks ago and he came home with this. I didn't realise until I opened the pack and started to use it so there was no chance of exchanging it. Oops. It isn't as good as black but right now it will do.
  • Prestige white/silver eye-shadow. I always wear white eye-shadow, I think it looks like snow on my eyes, lol.
  • Sugar baby gold glitter. I love glitter for a night out. Its so much fun.
  • Chi Chi red lip gloss. A little bit of gloss never goes astray. I used to swear by red lipstick but I've gone back to gloss because its so simple and easy.

Oh and by the way I have been trying to update my links. I know I am missing so many of the blogs I love so if you have any recommendations of blogs to link please tell me. Also what do you guys think of that new blogger link list that lists in order of most recent blog posts? Should I change over to that?

**EDIT*** I have added the new blog list thing just for Aussie blogs for now. I do love its handyness but its kinda ugly. I'll do the rest of my blog list tomorrow, but if the ugliness still bugs me I'll go back to the ye olde style.....Ok it's less ugly without the post titles but now not so interesting. hmmmm its too late to be thinking about this (1am), I'll fix it tomorrow.


  1. Thank you for adding me to your list! I love visiting your blog. It's so interesting to read.

    I've got the list that lists in order of updates and I really like it. It helps me keep on top of my reading. I recommend it.

  2. Ah this is awesome! I love having a stick beak at what products people use! I use the same mascara. It's such a cult product!

  3. oh i adore your blog!

    this is sooooo cute. i love it :D


    And I also have really fine hair, it's really annoying t always have flat hair.
    So i never brush it, the knots add to my...look.
    Haha i wish i could do a fashion blog, but i dress so lazy way too often.

  5. Ugh I have ridiculously fine hair aswell. I have to be careful how I style it because sometimes it looks like I have bald patches. I really should blow dry it more often but I can never be arsed. I have big hair dreams too. Alas, I think they will never come true. *sigh*

    Cute post! I'm always interested in what other people use. I'm constantly on the look out for awesome new products.


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