Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bold Shoulder

I have been pretty obsessed with off the shoulder everything this summer so as soon as I saw this dress by Boom Shankar pop up in my instagram feed as in an ad I knew I had to get it. Somehow all my google search history came to bite me on the arse as the dress of my late night searching dreams was right there in my feed with a shopable link. Ahhh the times we live in hey? Anyway I do indeed love this dress and algorithms or whatever computer magic they used aren't all bad as I did find this dress with their help. Thank you computer magic!

Pink off the shoulder dress Boom Shankar
Pink sunglasses Miu Miu from Shadstation
Earrings Kitsu
Pink unicorn brooch Kate Spade
Happy bangle Kate Spade
Pink flower ring Naomi Murrell
Pink angel wings ring Vintage store in Tokyo
Circle bag Chip Chop
Pink heels Camper 'Paradise' heels

A girl can never own too many pairs of sunglasses and my latest addition to my collection are these amazing dark pink Miu Miu's from Shadestation. I will forever love bold and wacky sunnies.

Pink sunglasses Miu Miu from Shadstation

Oh boy this is my newest and most favouritest jewellery EVER. Look at that Happy balloon bangle and unicorn balloon brooch from Kate Spade and don't tell me they don't bring a smile to your face. I lusted after them for about a month before I caved and bought them. They're just so bloody amazing I couldn't resist. The flower ring is another new addition and it's by Adelaide designer Naomi Murrell - and guys it is reversible! Who even knew that was possible? Multi-functional jewellery - I dig it!

Earrings Kitsu
Pink unicorn brooch Kate Spade
Happy bangle Kate Spade
Pink flower ring Naomi Murrell

My housemate did such an amazing job taking these photos, thanks so much Harry ✿♥‿♥✿

Circle bag Chip Chop

These shoes are so effing cool, gah can not deal I love them so much!

Pink heels Camper 'Paradise' heels

Shop the look!!!


  1. Love that dress! I'm obsessed with off the shoulder dresses as well, and the colors are so amazing!

  2. Hi Just wanted to say I really like your blog! Im a similar body shape to you, more conservative with clothes but I really like the way you put things together and you have given me lots of great ideas, thanks :)


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