Monday, December 5, 2016

Dream Dress

If you follow me on Snapchat (fashionhayley) then you would know I tried on my dream dress on Friday and just had to buy it immediately, then wear it two days in a row because I love it that much. The dress in question is the one I'm wearing in this post, a white broderie anglaise lace dress with bell sleeves and a two tiered short skirt from Seed Heritage - to be perfectly honest it is actually my dream wedding dress, exactly what I imagine wearing if I were to ever get married again, like EXACTLY what I always dream of for that occasion. Anyway, as I am not getting married any time soon I thought, you know what, I can damn well wear this dress anyway and in a way marry myself by treating myself to a dress that makes me feel this happy. Everyone on my Snapchat told me to buy it while I was trying it on and even though I didn't need their reassurance it did definitely cement my decision. I wore it to the new collection launch of Twoobs as seen on my instagram on Saturday, then on Sunday I wore it to my Snapchat meet up picnic which is when I took these photos with the amazing help of Natalie who has an awesome comic book she just released. The picnic was really a lot of fun, it was so lovely to meet people who watch my snaps every day.

Outfit details
White lace dress Seed Heritage
Earrings Hokuro from Harcoza in Tokyo
Sunglasses Miu Miu red glitter 'noir'
Pink flower ring Paris Kids Harajuku
Bangle McKean Studio Tokyo City Bangle
Pastel pink manicure Goddess of Nails & Beauty at Emporium, shellac nail colour OPI 'Mod About You'
Pink Lipstick Savvy Ultra Matte in 'Rodeo Drive'
Crossbody bag Sammy Dress
Pink sandals Princess Highway
Pink parasol Ishka many many years ago, similar here and here 

While Natalie and I were taking my blog photos this cute little sausage dog named Audrey waned to join in on the fun.

A little too fast for my pat haha.

What a cutie! My heart still breaks with missing my dog Hachiko as my ex won't let me see him, but chance encounters with cute dogs at the park do perk me up.

I have had my pink parasol for so many years but it never gets old, it always looks so fun and chic.

Earrings Hokuro from Harcoza in Tokyo
Sunglasses Miu Miu red glitter 'noir'
Pink Lipstick Savvy Ultra Matte in 'Rodeo Drive'
Pink parasol Ishka many many years ago, similar here and here

Look how beautiful the lace is up close, I just adore this dress so much!

Pink flower ring Paris Kids Harajuku
Bangle McKean Studio Tokyo City Bangle
Pastel pink manicure Goddess of Nails & Beauty at Emporium, shellac nail colour OPI 'Mod About You'
Crossbody bag Sammy Dress

These shoes are my new favourites, so comfortable and practical yet still quirky and cute.

Pink sandals Princess Highway

Shop the look!!!


  1. Too cute, both the outfit and the lil weee dog :)

  2. Hi Hayley,
    I've had fun reading through your archives.
    I share with you a love of all things rainbow and sparkly, so I've enjoyed seeing you post about those things.
    Hope to see you posting again soon.


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