Monday, February 15, 2016

Jumping In

 Why hello there blog readers, so sorry to have neglected you for so long. I feel like I say that way too often recently, but in my nearly 10 years of blogging I don't think I have ever gone so long between posts. A lot has gone on in my life recently, a whole lotta changes. If you've been watching my snapchat (fashionhayley) or following my instagram then you'd know what Henry and I split up for good whilst I was in Tokyo. After 14 years together he broke up with my via facebook chat (!) but truthfully as horrible as that was to go through it was a long time coming and for the best. Also the way he did it made it a whole lot easier to move on from because honestly if someone can be that horrible to you after 14 years then are they really worth crying over? I don't want to waste any more of my life or energy on someone like that, and luckily 2016 has already shaped up to be an amazing year for me in terms of growth, my blog and work and also for friends and family and it's only mid Feb! I started the year with a bang at an incredible warehouse party in Fitzroy full of my friends and it's been a non stop party ever since. Single Hayley started dating and having fun. I found an amazing like-minded housemate to move in, I knew she was the right one as when we skype met she was wearing earrings I also own! I also have started an amazing job working for a top brand's online team and I absolutely love it. Seriously, just one month ago all these things seemed impossible, I thought I'd never find a job, would have to move to a sharehouse or maybe stay with family as I was left with no furniture when Henry moved out but somehow it has all come together so perfectly I have to pinch myself. My life is almost as perfect as this amazing Gorman jumpsuit I picked up at their recent sale. How freaking incredible is it? I basically died when I tried it on cos hello how perfectly does it fit me?

Outfit details
Pink jumpsuit Gorman
Pink t-shirt Uniqlo
Iridescent pink bag Maude Studio
Bag tassel Frill and Frank
Red sunnies Miu Miu Glitter Noir's
Earrings Hokuro from Harcoza in Tokyo
Necklace Vintage Comme Des Garcons from RagTag in Tokyo
Pink heels ASOS

 I am currently obsessed with the colour combo of red and pink (。♥‿♥。)

Red sunnies Miu Miu Glitter Noir's
Necklace Vintage Comme Des Garcons from RagTag in Tokyo

Wondering around Daikanyama I stumbled across the most amazing boutique - Harcoza. They sell independent Tokyo jewellery and clothing designers, all of whom are amazing. I fell in love with these earrings by Hokuro and had to go back to buy them because they just wouldn't escape my brain. They get compliments every time I wear them - totally worth it!

 Earrings Hokuro from Harcoza in Tokyo

I was so obsessed with my soft pink Maude Studio bag I just had to get the bolder brighter hot pink too. This bag is just so perfect for my "throw everything in except the kitchen sink" lifestyle of carrying all the things all the time. It's like Mary Poppins carpet bag - it just fits everything in it with room to spare. The cute tassel was a gift from the lovely people at Frill and Frank and I absolutely adore it. The perfect little something to jazz up your bag.

Iridescent pink bag Maude Studio
Bag tassel Frill and Frank

I live in these shoes - so comfy yet stylish. I'm on the hunt for similar shoes of the same height as they're perfect for clumsy can't really wear heels without breaking my neck me. Please let me know if you see anything!

Pink heels ASOS

Shop the look!!!


  1. Hayley, you're seriously the sweetest.

  2. Glad you're back to blogging Hayley and 2016 is sending some amazing opportunities your way xx

  3. are the cutest! Love those shoes!

  4. oh Gosh, when your blog popped up in my reader feed, I was thrilled, I haven't read you in a while. I love the outfit but hate to hear about the breakup, but then, since you seem so happy and everything sounds so amazing and great, so I am happy for you.
    And it gives me hope to hear that sometimes the way stops going downhill and life starts getting brighter again... I seem at the beginning of a little upward spiral myself and am still a little too scared to believe it...

  5. Please keep blogging regularly! Your snap chat also rocks. STRONG!!!

  6. Glad to have you back!
    It seems like life has been rough for you lately but you're rising out of the ashes and you seem so much stronger :D


  7. Welcome back! It's lovely to see your colourful style again - Gorman is such an amazing brand, and that jumpsuit is kooky in the most perfect way! :D Sounds like you're having an amazing time (although, I'm sorry that it started off not so great - I can't believe your partner broke up with you over facebook after 14 years! That's madness)

  8. You are currently sitting in front of me on a bus going towards highpoin

  9. Sorry to read about your breakup, I found your blog researching harajuku weddings. You're looking great though, his loss! Onwards and upwards!


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